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Boo! Just in time for Halloween, we’re serving up two new treats for Android fans: KitKat (Android 4.4) and Nexus 5 developed with LG. Super excited to take the wraps off KitKat - packed with lots of cool features that deliver a smarter and more engaging user experience. And in Nexus 5, Google Now and Search are always at your fingertips or activated with a simple ‘Ok, Google’. Now is evolving with many new powerful use cases to bring the right information from across the web to you. 

Also really excited that Kitkat will work on 512 MB devices, so that all entry level smartphones can get access to the latest version as well. This will really help us get Android to the next billion users...

Been a busy week for me and I have some catching up to do outside work -- ‘Ok, Google, ideas for last minute Halloween costumes...’
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Thanks for the break, thanks for KitKat :)
So will my Nexus s get KitKat>> I sure hope so!
Finally! Thanks Google!
N4 on the Play Store is showing coming soon.  Hope the $199 and $249 prices hold up and Sprint 4G-LTE bands are supported.
Android 4.4, KitKat, which comes on Nexus 5, will also soon be available on Nexus 4, 7, 10, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play edition devices in the coming weeks.

+Sundar Pichai what about Gnex?
Noel Cleofas
No love for the galaxy nexus? 
atlast an official announcement of the Kitkat 4.4 and Nexus 5, cant wait for it to be released
Waiting for the Nexus 5 to go international !!!! 
Woo hoo - thanks so much for the heads up Sundar!  Just bought mine and can't wait to try it out!
Now the long wait for Verizon to get it to it's subscribers begins........  :/
What about infos for 4.4?
just bought the white one. 
YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! I got the 32GB
optimized for 512 MB of RAM and the Galaxy Nexus will not be updated??
love to order it - live in switzerland tough - bummer
kiu pnj
Thank you members of the Android system development and private Mr. Sundar Beachy,
Took you guys long enough, but a good treat nonetheless. 
I am getting 404 error while try the Kit Kat or Nexus link from that blog.
No galaxy nexus love, not that I'm that concerned because mine well soon be replaced with a nexus 5 but I'm kinda shocked they went through all the trouble to make it work on older devices by aren't updating it
Why Google didn't create a Conference for this? C'mon!
Thanks for Galaxy Nexus....
Thank you, for stopping those annoying rumors :)
Real question is when it will be pushed to the Nexus 4..."in the coming weeks"
How long for the nexus4 though? :/
I don't see a 32gb option? Does that mean it's sold out already?? 
Thank you Google for  diwali treat....
even in India play store its showing...great.. but still coming soon... Hope it will come fast... but where is factory image for nexus 4  of kitkat??
+Bartek Górkowy Even saying that "...will work on 512 MB devices, so that all entry level smartphones can get access to the latest version as well."

Maybe the Galaxy Nexus is not consider a entry level divice!
I wonder if this means that all original Nexus devices will now get 4.4 factory images
Great, checking for updating for Nexus 4 every minutes
"Also really excited that Kitkat will work on 512 MB devices, so that all entry level smartphones can get access to the latest version as well."

So why no Galaxy Nexus update +Sundar Pichai?
I am eager to hear the 24 hour order totals for these tomorrow. I bet it will be unbelievable. 
no money for a nexus 5....but i have a nice usb wire waiting for 4.4
factory images
And of course, I can't even get the page to load. Google's killing it's own reputation for scalability.
Not able to checkout for last 20 min
Heh, the page just will NOT render in chrome. But it comes up fine in Firefox. HAHAHAHA. cry
+Sundar Pichai i hope we can use Ok, Google without having to turn the screen on as the Snapdragon 800 has that feauture and hope google/android team took advantage of that.
When will the old devices get kitkat update?
sorry +Sundar Pichai but this is not googly at all. you are excited that KitKat can run nicely on low-end devices with 512 MB RAm yet you dont update Galaxy Nexus wiith 1 GB of RAM. Sure, that makes sense
So I guess the Galaxy Nexus is below an entry level device?
I'd love to buy a Nexus 5 in play store here in Austria!! +Sundar Pichai why don't we have the possibility to buy devices here
No update for nexus 4 yet, plz update can't wait :-)
+Sundar Pichai It's really surprising that the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus S are not getting the 4.4 update, especially since you are making it a big deal that 4.4 is made to run smoother on even 512 MB devices. Really disappointed... :-(
Rommel H
Very disappointed that you won't be releasing an update for the Galaxy Nexus...
+Radovan Kepák my mom's iPhone 4 got updated to iOS7 (that device is contemporary to the first Galaxy S mind you).

So yeah, surely they're not obliged to, but as a customer I feel underappreciated. Mainly because it doesn't seem to be a technical limitation.
+Sundar Pichai   Android can run comfortably on the 512MB of RAM devices... then Nexus S will upgrade? 
It's time of a snack..Kitkat for all Android-friend....finally
Really Sundar? "Android can run comfortably on the 512MB of RAM devices that are popular in much of the world, bringing the latest goodies in Android 4.4 within reach for the next billion smartphone users."

And yet you aren't shipping it to the Galaxy Nexus. Really? That's a pretty dumb statement to make when you won't even ship it to your 2 year old device.
+Sundar Pichai  is the Play Store GNEX I bought unable to run Android 4.4, doesn't it meet your spec for low end device? LOL I guess I'll be one of the "not" billion users running 4.4 on my "low-end" gnex.

Lame all around.
+Sundar Pichai Kitkat will work on 512 MB devices and you deliberately dont update the Galaxy Nexus...not fair...unless you did litigate with Samsung ;)
Any idea when the Moto X will get some love?
Got mine! How ironic that a company that makes it's money on advertising has no need to do so. 8) Love it! 
But +Sundar Pichai. Why have you left all us Galaxy Nexus users in the dark when the new Android version should work great on our devices? 
Awesome, thank you +Sundar Pichai and the rest of the Android team for what I'm sure will be another amazing version of Android. Can't wait to I get a chance to play with it some.

One request though... Any chance you (Google/OHA) might be able to convince OEMs to either update or at least unlock old EoL'ed devices so we could update them with +CyanogenMod or whatever ourselves...

I kept my old Droid X (512MB) to use as an "Android Touch" when I upgraded to the Galaxy S4. Would love to be able to get 4.4 on it - or at least something a little closer than 2.3.3... Top billing on the changelog for the last OTA the Droid X recieved was to improve stability for future OTAs... Since Moto is a Google company, you should have sone pull I'd imagine... 
+Sundar Pichai stop thanks him he will not respond of any of your comments as he dont care about galaxy nexus etc. I wondering if nexus 4, 7 and 10 will get same version of android 4.4 as nexus 5 have ( just those * on google forums saying currently availiable only on nexus 5 worring me a bit :-/)
Will work on 512 mb devices? And the Galaxy Nexus?! 1gb! 
Have I missed the Android launch event for live streaming, where can I watch it. Please help 
Put my money where my mouth was. Replacing Galaxy Nexus on Verizon with Nexus 5 on T-Mobile.
Now there's just one more agonizing wait - shipping! 
Hey we want 4.4 on galaxy nexus. If you're saying that 4.4 will support the 512Mb ram devices why you have decided to give no support to the gnexus that has 1Gb of ram? I don't understand 
Hola Sudar espero puedas entender este mensaje, quiero decirte que son amante de Android, simplemente me encanta, y por lo tanto quiero tener el nuevo nexus 5 y android 4.4 kitkat, pero lamentablemente los dispositivos aun no están en venta en mi país que es México, espero que en un futuro habiliten su venta en mi país como en américa latina, no solo es mi voz, sino la de toda la comunidad de android en latinoamerica, no se olviden de nosotros. thank you.
Odd question, does the Nexus 5 stand up to water well? I'm not going to take a dip with it, but what about rain, humidity etc.?
Just like that? Apple will crow on about a fraction of these features for weeks but Google is nicely laid back. Gotta love Google. 
I cant find any videos of Launch event, or any other official video of KitKat and nexus 5.. anyway placed my order for 32GB from UK store
Only downside is a Verizon customer, I cant have 4.4. Nexus 5 doesn't work with them, and you are not supporting my Galaxy Nexus. 
need me some 4.4 for my nexus 4!
Will the Nexus 4 get the "ok google" to launch voice search feature in the homescreen like the nexus 5? +Sundar Pichai 
2hours later...was havin' a donner with my family...but i expected it for today, so...checked...welcome KK and nex4+1
Apple will totally make fun of you and your BAD support of devices. You can't even make updates for a phone thats only 18 months old. An Iphone gets an update for several years !! I am really disappointed. So this could also be (one of) the last updates for a Nexus4...pretty bad move..
+Sundar Pichai I wish that Google would have added more countries to the list, where this device could be purchased from Google Play store (when will this be available in Belgium?).
+Sundar Pichai Way too large :( Could you please make a Nexus 5 Mini with the same CPU, GPU, RAM, and Storage, but a 4.0" or 4.3" screen?
Please, please do not forget us "outside-the-US-users" again! I really want to activate Google Now using the voice command no matter which language I have chosen as my user language!
Ans the Kitkat for MotoX comong son ?
+Sundar Pichai ... and not supporting the Galaxy Nexus whilst talking about entry level phones with 512k RAM is really a bad joke!
I bought my galaxy nexus 1.5 years ago on the play store and it is not supported anymore.... Way to be scroogled.....
LOL Already sold out 16gb..... no more treats left :(
Update for 512 MB devices but not for the Galaxy Nexus??!
Kevin Kuo
Extend your hardware support Google! The Galaxy Nexus is less than 2 years old and more than capable of running Android 4.4, and Google is not updating it? 
I am surprised Google is pushing users to buy N5 for 4.4 while Nexus 4 users are left waiting. I chose Nexus 4 to have day 1 updates. This was one of the reason i left HTC devices. Thanks for upsetting N4 users.
Thanks for bringing it to India
Galaxy Nexus owner who would like kitkat as well, please don't leave us behind 
Why not KitKat for the Galaxy Nexus? In this way you create fragmentation! Damn!!!!
Scott C
Don't abandon the galaxy nexus already. Your release date might be over 18 months but I purchased mine only about 14 months ago through the play store. 
Come on Google, don't be evil. 18 months is insufficient!  Nexus devices should benefit from upgrades as long as their specs can manage them!
+Sundar Pichai I told friends to purchase a Nexus device instead of an Iphone because of the price and you can also get updates. Now only the first part is true...and in the long run an iphone would be cheaper since it is supported several years ! Iphone 4 is almost 3 years and still gets updates ! 
Whats the reason for not update the Google nexus?
Thanks for Your attention
Not having images ready for your own devices is not very impressive.
Scott C
Bottom line is just barely over 12 months ago you were still selling the galaxy nexus in the play store. Your 18 months of updates shouldn't apply to release date it applies to the last date you were selling the device. The galaxy nexus should be covered in this update. 
thanks +Sundar Pichai ordered one already.. shud reach chennai India by november 15th. Time to give my Nexus 4 to my sister..
no official 4.4 for galaxy nexus. boo indeed. :-(
Will KitKat be available for existing Moto X phones?
Congratulations! Happy Kitkat 4.4. Happy Nexus 5! Will Samsung Galaxy Nexus get 4.4 update?
Half the wait is over. When will we be seeing the new Nexus 10?
Really lame the N5 doesn't work on the biggest carrier in the US. And even worse, the last Nexus phone that did won't get upgraded to 4.4. Not happy.
Food to know that Nexus 5 is released in India without much waiting!
FAIL! no update for Galaxy Nexus even if KitKat supports 512mb devices.. I'm very very angry!!!
will Samsung galaxy grand get kit kat??
yea will Samsung Galaxy get the grand kit-kat???
+Sundar Pichai Very disappointed that Galaxy Nexus doesn't receive the Kit kat version of Android. Hoping Google would reconsider that decision.
+Sundar Pichai Android for everyone, and a sweet Halloween treat were the punchlines. And gNex getting left behind? That's may some serious holes in the value proposition of Nexus phones!
I'm confused about the LTE options, so is the N5 one LTE device or there are 2 different LTE models?
Congrats to the Android team.
Nice approach to solve the fragmentation problem .
Mr.Pichai, please make purchasing Nexus 5 with Google Play Gift Card possible in the future. That would be really convenient for people outside the U.S.. It is a global market man! Why do we have to be limited by borders? Anyone who can understand English should have a chance to buy fantastic original Google Product. Isn't that a great idea?
I'm not happy unless you include the galaxy nexus with others nexus devices to receive android kitkat 4.4, really I been reading a few articles here and there all of them have to say galaxy nexus is excluded which is really a big blow to my heart. Pls Mr.Sundar Pichai don't disappoint galaxy nexus users :((
Thank u sundar n thank u google for confirming launch here in india ( made my day )
Now Apple can't make fun of Android about "Android's version share"
Kyle K
Can you please buy Verizon and allow your products. Thanks. 
+Sundar Pichai Nexus 5 already on Indian play Store... This is going to be the best Diwali EVER... Thanks a Ton.
+Sundar Pichai you spoiled our Diwali, you claimed 4.4 can run even on the most basic smartphones even with 512 RAM, but doesn't push it to it's own G-Nex. Not cool! Big Disappointment from +Google & +Android , As of Now in Version 4.3 We have file management issue..@least in this case keep your policy aside and give new life to our Galaxy +Nexus  for Last time...
R. Diaz
Sigo sin entender como dejáis fuera a mi galaxy nexus, decepción es poco, reconsiderenlo por favor. +Sundar Pichai, +Larry Page,

Ordered. +Sundar Pichai when is the +Nexus 10 2013 coming out? I was hoping +Google +Android would have taken advantage of always listening mode of Snapdragon 800 with screen off like Moto X. Hope they can change that still with an OTA Update 
Why Swiss users are still not able to purchase devices on Google Play ??? Seriously, I'm a Nexus person and I would have loved to buy your new phone as soon as you announced it, but I obviously couldn't !!!!
When you going to allow device purchasing in the rep of Ireland ???? 
+Sundar Pichai the nexus 5 looks nice, the lack of 32Go option is one of my main problems with my nexus 4, glad to see this one solved!

But why no kitkat update for the galaxy nexus? It is not that old, it can handle the new version just fine! Apple updates its phone for more than 2 years ;)

On the "political" side, android has a fragmentation problem and google is maintaining only 2 phones and 2 tablets with the latest version of android. How can you push other phone makers to use the latest version when you don't?
+Yuriy Chernyavskyy  i've read somewhere that galaxy nexus wont get 4.4 kitkat update....not due to hardware issues...the reason is that it has completed it 18 months update cycle and thats enough..after when a update cycle is completed then it do not get updates....:)
+Mobeen Ahmad hope you a wrong)) In KitKat anouncement they are saying that they rewrite many things to make it possible to run KitKat on low end phones. So, you can fairly hope that Galaxy Nexus must be included someday
hlo mubeen kya aap mjhy btaow gy k google py images upload kysy krty hain?
Am I just the one who was waiting for a new Nexus 10?
Hopefully, here in Italy the Play Device has arrived, but with no Nexus 10.
So please let us know at least if really exist a 2013 version of nexus 10.... 
Post the 4.4 factory image for the rest of the Nexus devices you fucking losers.
Any chance  Android will update the phones so that they contact Google directly for OS updates and not have to go through the carriers or handset manufactures for updates? I want to use 4.4 but I know Motorola and others will not update their phones out of greed and/or lazyness.
Pie Morre
Update the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.4 "Kitkat" please :(
Saji Ravi
Please update Galaxy Nexus with Kitkat...
My Galaxy Nexus is still a great phone. I am disappointed by Google for not updating to 4.4. Dark clouds over Googleland :-( 
Apple updated its (2010)iPhone 4 with iOS 7, and the 2011 Gnex does not get the 4.4... Thanks for helping people to buy apple products since they have more suport from them
No update for Galaxy Nexus T^T...Look at Apple, The iPhone 4 which was released in 2010 have the update!!Maybe I won't choose any Android device as my next phone.
Con esta nueva idea la adicción se vuelve más atractiva!!
ordered says will dispatch in 1-2 days.but status says 8th nov.can't wait.
Awesome...can't wait to get my hands on the nexus 5. For now, KitKat on the Nexus 4 would have to do for me :) unless you decide to gift me a free Nexus 5 :)) 
I winner when Nexus 5 will be available in Canada?
Its an android device...there are always full back up solutions if you are
willing to tske 15 minutes, and install a custom recovery :)
When it will be available in India?
Ali S.
>Also really excited that Kitkat will work on 512 MB devices, so that all entry level smartphones can get access to the latest version as well. 
Except Galaxy Nexus, it is not an entry level smartphone. Google this is really very weak.
I'm just upset because my galaxy nexus runs great still, and if this is the way they want to push people to upgrade then I'm not that happy.
After this move from google, maybe my next phone will be an Apple, at least they care more about their customer than Google, sad about galaxy nexus
Working in Africa, love the 512mb option! Great work and relavant move!
Why isn't the Galaxy Nexus updated to Android 4.4 KitKat? Either give a good reason or still update it because it otherwise destroys the whole point of the Nexus program...
I AM NO LONGER FAN OF NEXUS LINE. And I will advice my friends to get other phones better than Nexus phones! Useless!! I had no reason to buy another Nexus phone. The end!
to Galaxy Nexus owners
Welcome to the club.
from a Nexus One owner

but at least you can still flash it manually
+Isak Mongan I don't even own an Galaxy Nexus but i wanted to know why it wouldn't get Android 4.4. 
i love Nexus 5 !!!!!!!!!!!

i'm from France and thank you Google !

i've pusrchased  2 nexus 5  one for me and one for my wife black for me and white for her !!

Thank You Google i love the Google Play store and Nexus prices and also the Google Play customer service !
Update the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.4 "Kitkat"
+Sundar Pichai When is the new nexus 10 coming out? Please let us know. so we can be ready to buy.. Thanks.
Plead do something for we galaxy nexus holder. ;(
Hi sundar .. a big thank u for the new version of android. However please do something so that devices get this update on time as this one needs a minimum hardware
4.4 for galaxy nexus, freaking ridiculous decision. 18 months?!!! are you f'ing kidding me?!!!!
I know all the leaks got most of the Nexus 5 and Kitkat details out to millions, but a new Nexus phone and a major update of Android DESERVE a party of its own...we all look fwd to that..that is one day of the year all Android fanatics get excited over. Quiet releases are ok but we like to see all those good ppl who bring us these amazing stuff on stage doing their thing. 
Thank you Pichai!!
thanks................nice to see u...................
Most of those features are limited to a few countries. I hate being considered a second class citizen of the world, because there are no second class citizens ! I regret the +Andy Rubin days.
I'd like to ask a question:) when will be android kitkat 4.4 available for nexus 4?:)
+Sundar Pichai, Dear Sir, I have a question here.
What's the official release date of Android 4.4, KitKat? Can every device be upgraded to KitKat already running 4.2? Can you please disclose the names of makers/models so that I can buy one for me? Your reply in this regard is highly appreciated. Thanks. :)
Google short of money??? Google could have conducted an android session... The 4.3 update had almost nothing in it compared to KitKat.. I think the android project teams at google are working much faster than the marketing team.. At least conduct a YouTube live hangout to teach all the new features in android and all the associated Google products... 
Good to see an indian at that level hats off pichai sir
Thanks all for the comments. On Galaxy Nexus, we have a technical limitation around the fact that the chipset in that device is no longer supported as the partner has exited the chipset business. So unfortunately the newer update does not work on the device and updating would lead to a worse experience. We have designed Nexus 4, 5 etc based on those learnings and have components in them that will be supported well and hence can update them. Thanks
+Sundar Pichai waiting time for Google's staged OTA updates is tiring. Please look into options where we can update all devices on the same day like some software like Samsung Kies or iTunes or some chrome browser extension or the update gets downloaded into out Google drive from there we can run the update.. so that I can get the latest update on the same day. I wouldn't mind connecting my phone to my computer than waiting for weeks for the OTA. 
+Sundar Pichai
Therefore, the nexus 4, 5, etc. will have more than 18 months of updates? As the owner of Galaxy Nexus, and future owner of Nexus 5, can I take this information as official? Can I expect at least 30 months of support for my next Nexus 5?
+Sundar Pichai,
It's sad to see Galaxy Nexus not being updated just because the chip maker decided to dump it's mobile business. Sometimes I wish devices like this are totally open, including the drivers and the hardware schematics, so when things like this happen, the community can easily continue the work. But that's just a dream.
+Sundar Pichai Is it true that the Google Now launcher integration is Nexus 5 only? This is highly disappointing if true. I was very much looking forward to this signature feature on my barely old Nexus 7 2013 and HTC One GPe. Could you please clarify the situation? 
"Ok, Google" only works when set to English US so don't use it as a selling point. 
"OK GOOGLE": "Throw to trash the Galaxy Nexus,it just disappointed me". Only one major update? "OK GOOGLE": "Bye-bye Nexus devices"
que basura la publicidad de nexus, el galaxy nexus cumple con todos los requisitos para kitkat, solo lleva una actualizacion importante y la mierda de google no quiere actualizarlo a kitkat, que pena que sean peor que la competencia, se supone que es un nexus y deveria tener por lo menos 2 grandes actualizaciones (ojalá más) 
espera que decidan nuevamente ya que android 4.3 tiene algunos errores 
Please offer 4.4 for Galaxy Nexus as well.... it's quite disappointing that 4.4 is not coming to Galaxy Nexus....please do something regarding this....
So two years ago Google chosen a Soc (produced by TI). It was a Google wrong choice and the customer might not be "responsible" for that! Who did something wrong have to fix the problem...
Dear +Sundar Pichai, let's take a little Recap...
Android is an open source platform, TI OMAP 4460 (the Galaxy Nexus chipset) is as open as possible with a community to support it, some developers have already realize some Roms based on kitkat for the Galaxy Nexus.

Interesting link:

So, what kind of technical issues could you find?

Please, be honest.. Say the truth and admin that Google doesn't care anymore about Galaxy Nexus owners! Therefore anyone who be abandoned could decide if he/she wants to remain in the Android world or not. Change may be the best choice.....
Dear mr. +Sundar Pichai , with all of my respect, it is extremely easy for a company like Google to build KitKat binary for galaxy nexus right? in 2010 I bought Nexus One, Nexus S, and tha last was Galaxy Nexus, All I want is the pure taste of google, now it just feels so bad for me.. I hope Google will release official KitKat for Galaxy Nexus user, soon.. thank you
+Sundar Pichai  Please update the Galaxy Nexus. New drivers for the OMAP processor were found by the development community. Before the excuses were too little space which is the case of the Nexus One, then you made more excuses on the Nexus S being under powered. No more excuses Google. You all used to say the Galaxy Nexus was the phone that would end fragmentation. Do what is right and give us the update too. Our phones are more than capable of running Kitkat as once again the development community of XDA have once again proven it by installing Kitkat on both the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus S. These developers with less resources than the Android development team have proven time and time again that it can be done. 
Google really made a good demonstration for OEMs by what you are doing on Galaxy Nexus which had a much better CPU than the lower limit. 
Android 4.4 KitKat a beautiful experience for "everybody" !!! BUT WE, the owners of Galaxy Nexus, we are NOBODY !!!
For all Galaxy Nexus owners: Buy a kitkat, have a BREAK!
+Sundar Pichai  But WHAT IF the CHIPSET from the Nexus 5 WILL NO LONGER BE SUPPORTED by THE PARTNER?
You will stop the updates and Nexus 5 will be forever stuck on android 4.4 Kitkat?

Be aware, because Google will lose a lot of potential clients for Android or for Nexus devices.
Personally, I see no point for buying a Nexus device. I bought Galaxy Nexus in february 2013. Lets say that I can sell this and go for Nexus 4 (I can't afford Nexus 5, in my country this goes from $604 and my salary is $630, but this is my problem :D ). And if I get Nexus 4 in december or january, the support for it will drop in november 2014 (after the 18 months rule). I must take a good decision for future.
Excuse my english.
Thank you !
Considering that the chipset drivers have been updated, then there wouldn't be any problem now to release the update to Android 4.4 for the Galaxy Nexus. 
To announce that our GNex won't receive the update was an Halloween trick, wasn't it? :P
So now it's time for the treat. KitKat on GNex! :D
Hi Sundar, although I copied the below in a few Google Community and send feedback to Google in my desperate bid to gather attention for some kind of resolution I am also passing it here as I understand you were heading the Chrome initiative as well. I am a Google fan and I think this issue is critical. I expected this would get fixed on its own but it never got resolved. Please see below:
What I don't like about Google search and chrome browser!?
The over smart feature is such a pain and it is eating me away and whenever this happens no one will hate Google the worst than me.
When I open the Google from my browser with Google home page it detects my region and localizes the language other than English, this for me is such a dumb feature and not a smart feature:
Please Google modify this feature based on ones language preference not just based on the region. This is not a frustration of one person, I have witnessed this frustration with my colleagues as well. Maybe this issue is not pronounced that much with English speaking nations but with non English speaking region it is a huge headache. THIS ITSELF IS ENOUGH TO DRIVE PEOPLE TOWARDS OTHER ALTERNATE BROWSERS, I have done this many times during urgent requirements - I just simply open Internet Explorer to log into
I live in Dubai but I am not from the region and I am an expatriate therefore I don't speak Arabic, but Chrome painfully displays the home page in Arabic with all tabs in Arabic as well. Remember expats living here are over 70% in the Arabian peninsula.
If I am using from my desktop I set my home page to Google. Com/NCR which is the only workaround. Even now, from my android mobile browser from my nexus phone I am struggling to change the home page to English. I hoped one day Google will fix this issue but it never seems to get noticed by Google and can Google please look into this ASAP or I am going to dump your chrome browser forever.
Shame on you for not updating the galaxy nexus. The nexus program has no value if you forget about your devices after 18 months. The galaxy nexus is perfectly capable of running KitKat so why the f**k you are not updating it. Shame... Shame on you!
Nexus line sucks if it comes to 18 months rule. No care about users! Google you are so mean! So cold inside! You brake peoples heart like a kit kat ! Doesn't care anymore about nexus devices! I can't wait to sell my Galaxy Nexus. 
I don't think they are bringing that into a 18 month rule, as Sundar himself mentions the chip set will be unable to cope up with the update and that the new Nexus' are being made keeping they in mind including Nexus 4. So I hope devices from Nexus 4 will continue with the update and I think the update promise is the main selling point of their lineup and if this is gone I would go for device with advanced hardware from 3rd party company as I can always flash a vanilla custom ROM this keeping in line with Nexus updates.
Surely it's 18 months from End of Sale, not release. I bought mine new only 12 months ago. Even crApple offers OS updates for years after. If Google can't offer updates to their 'old' phones, what other manufacturer will? Makes the whole 'made to support older hardware' nothing but marketing hype!
If this is true then I might have to start looking for another manufacturer with less of their third party junk and near to a pure android say like the new Oppo N1.
Mr. +Sundar Pichai  11 days ago you announced new version. And you didn't give any specific date. And still no update for nexus 4 (which I bought only because of Google's claim that it will get updates directly from Google). Apple somehow manages to announce the date and release it's software at this date (even for the phones that 3 years old). Does google have fewer servers than apple? Or just care less about its users? This is what I call a crappy experience.
I've received Android 4.3 update a week(!!!) after other people started to get OTA. I know some users got it on their nexus 4 even later then me.
Again, this is what I call crappy experience.
No wonder that people switching ( from android to other systems.
Hell, even Microsoft (that is know for not giving a damn about their users) is doing better job now (with WP8) with updates for their system.
+Sanjeev Kumar S yes, there are better phones with advanced hardware and better design and good support from the community, for flashing custom roms. All I'm saying is that this disappointment convinced me to get away from nexus line and the latest updates. This update, to 4.4 will come for those devices that have a great support from the community, sooner or later, for sure. 
The thing with the Omap chip is not an excuse. What happens if Nexus 5 chip will no longer be supported, tomorrow? The os updates will stop?
Google is at its best !!!!! KUDOS to Android team and special cheers to Sundar Pichai
.. and special thanks for NOT UPDATING GALAXY NEXUS!  -_-
+Cesar Pacheco It is useless. In the past I signed a petition for Galaxy S and nothing happened. It is all about market strategy: "You want android 4.4 Kitkat? Buy Nexus 5 for that!". The Apple is more user friendly, with their os updates.
+ADi RFire I agree... why buy a Nexus 5 if they will stop updating it in 18 months? So much for the "don't be evil" motto.
when it will be available in india?
This is a big aisappointment for Galaxy Nexus owners. We bought Nexus devices because we were sure we will receive future OS updates from Google but it seems we have to SAY NO!! to Nexus devices
SOOOOOOOOO not happy about Moto X getting OTA before Nexus 4 owners.  I know Moto is owned by Google but come on guys this is a big slap in the face to your Nexus faithful.
Yeah not fare ..should get it in around 10 days I am guessing 
Mr. Sundar !!! Differences between Nexus devices? Nexus 5 is more special than other nexus devices and it deserves a better app drawer? Really?
Till now for me it was like Nexus devices and others. Nexus line, in which all the devices were treated the same.
This is very bad!!! And I think I'm not the only one with this impression.
And yet, the customers feedback matters for you or for Google? Right?
For me, Google's decisions (with these differences, with Galaxy Nexus), made me to stop wanting to buy a Nexus device. I can't believe how really disappointed I am. :)
I think it's right time to switch to Ubuntu touch OS on Galaxy Nexus
Allan L
Please save the Galaxy Nexus, Kitkat on my Nexus 7 is great but my poor Galaxy Nexus that I have carefully looked after, protected, and accessorised with a genuine car dock I had to import from the UK to Australia has now been horribly violated by it's creators :(
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please am looking forward to get one for free
Rolf B
So, it's been a wonderful year in the world of android, but isn't it about time to announce something new? 😉
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