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Great to see the Gmail App on Android just crossed 1Billion installs!! 
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Congrats! Can't wait for Google I/O 2014!
Wait! Did you just install it on the Nexus 6?
Heeeeeey is there any surprises for chrome os
I just wish that I could use it at work rather than having to use Outlook. Same goes for docs. 
Why Google Drive and YouTube takes almost a second to open?
You are such a tease Sundar! But we know what you're up to. We look forward to it!
A billion..Holy crap! Congrats Team Android and Gmail. Can't wait for the refresh
Gmail and gtalk are always sleek but not hangouts, please put hangouts under Gmail instead of Google plus. Hangouts fall into wrong hand.. today is 365 days since last Google IO 
I agree mostly.  What makes you think you can't uninstall Gmail?
what who had a choice??? IT WAS EITHER LOOSE ALL OF MY BLACKBERRY CONTACTS OR POUR THEM INTO GOOGLE, THE VERIZON PEOPLE TRIED TO SET UP A NEW GMAIL ACCOUNT UNTIL I TOLD THEM I HAD ONE. this is a travesty, not a celebration. being forced to use gmail, i went to the dollar store and purchased a phone book. i plan to start writing the numbers down. monarchy=google+droid
Not if the phone is really really old like from two years ago
And its still such a pain in the arse to delete emails
olala.... hust,,hust,,, usir cantik...
+Sundar Pichai glad I could be one of the earlier gmail beta testers but what I am really looking forward to is I/O '14 and ALL you guys have been cooking up for us to indulge our senses upon .... namely the GMAIL RE-VAMP for starterrs !
But the Exchange Active Sync support is badly flawed in Android, so I had to switch to iPad mini
Thanks google for having registered me.
This is email to the sleazy law firm suing Google for some bullshit-
Send them email what you think about trying to milk Google for money, these fucking lawyers.
That's a big number to roll out the new UI too...
Gmail is preinstalled on most android phones. This is not news.
Bloody fix it so i can send a mail to my email groups please!
Idhula enna peruma vendiyadhu kidaku..... its pre installed in all the android phones ????
Doesnt all android devices come with gmail pre-installed?
Fei Yew
And it's still a small number for a great service like that
Congratulations to the Gmail team.  It is great that Google & the team are taking over the world!!!!
I love my Google and Google Plus, Gmail etc.
why don't you guys make gmail app for windows phone.
Topic: The people can develop for Google Translate.
Hello i have a question for google translate.What do you thought about google translate?
I know  google have a lot of personnel genius and genius. Then why google can't solve about many language,slang,wrong grammar Etc. Because many personnel in google can not know all language.the people understand better than personnel of google. then i think user should to edit the best language for google and for future.And how to........ you know you have idea.who have better idea you can i hope to support and share to goole.
We can make the world better for google Translate
Thanks for reading if you don't understand something and my English is bad do not misunderstand am use google translate.

share your idea :D for better
who you talkin to like that I hope that aint me
Lol what you can't get off from my game boss :-)
please Sir I need your help I am a 10 grader and want to become software engineer but don't noe where to start from
+aditya rawat Good is not good when better is expected.! So brother, u start ur carrer as u like.u r 10 grader so u very well in programming..Show your potential to the world by creating some unique apps, or something that people want now.thats enough!
What you doing lol ask me this who is his 
Sundar u know a solution for the windows 8 64 bit the com surrgate issue having my intire pc freez everytime big broblem man
In my opinion I need to set contacts to a tag...such as wife husband manager boss etc.... So I can use it in Google now "OK Google now call my wife"
What a blunder Made by Google in kitkat 4.4.3 update. Today i received update notification on My nexus 4 about update. After updating my phone , Chrome browser was missing from my System. Is this intentional not to include browser in OS? 
What you just say about Google don't like off on you any cazry 
Can you bring back gtalk for android. It was the main reason I switched from other messenger apps. Hangout is not friendly.
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