Chromecast is Time's gadget of the year:) congrats to the team and thanks for all of you who have adopted it and helped spread the word
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Lets wrap up that SDK and make it gadget of the century???
Awesome. Congratulations +Sundar Pichai. I love my Chromecast and I just have one request. Please release the SDK soon and let us play local media. 
Time for it to go mainstream/Worldwide would you think?
I connected this to a older TV that is not one of the newer Internet connected TV's and it's great for cases like mine. Just lay in bed, fire up the Nexus 4 and cast YouTube videos, simple as that.
I wouldn't give it that title until you open Chromecast up to other apps.  Not just the 4 or 5 that are allowed now.
Let's make it useful now, eh mate.
I use it all the time and it is really a gadget well worth its money. I'm sure you're opening it up over time to other content providers and uses, and it will need that to become a truly Great gadget.
Just finished setting up and using mine this evening, what a superb device with so much potential! 
I have 5 Apple TV devices, but I've slowly been replacing them with Chromecast, which now I have 3. If Vudu, Plex, and Android Gallery all integrate with Chromecast I believe I will completely abandon my Apple TVs.
Congratz to the Chrome Team!!!
Taz Hoque
+Sundar Pichai Well it's time to make it available outside the US for example the UK. It's been what 4 months since release. Love Google but there software and devices release schedule outside the US is terrible when compared to other company's. 
Congratulations to the Chrome Team and Google. It is a nice little device, I have it all my TVs in the house, bought it for a few family members.
+Sundar Pichai Apart from SDK and the hackathon organized by Google for new apps, the one thing Chromecast seriously missing is dual band Wi-Fi (AC would be nice)
Also, I'll go a step further and add Ethernet port for those countries/times(think workplaces) where wired connections still rule.

+Sundar Pichai if possible let me use my nexus 4 to "mirror cast"onto my tv through chrome cast. That would be a great feature.
Congrats! But it lacks the Google Philosophy of "Open Ecosystem and Participative Growth" ! 
IPhone and iPad on the same list? Seriously? 
I guess kindle is android. So go android!

BTW, loving my Chromecast.
It's definitely the gadget that's most changed/improved my digital life this year!
Hell yeah!! Idk what I would do without it now
Rich S
+Tobias Fiechter The Moto X and Moto G are far more notable than the Nexus 5.

I think the Chromecast is great, but it's kind of stunning I still can't cast videos I shot on my android phone without uploading them to youtube first.
Conrats! Hope to get this next week. looks like we are missing out. 
Wow.  No PS4 (which is rocking the Xbox One right now) - No HTC One (which won phone of the year)  This list is sad.  The fact that not one but TWO Apple devices made this list (The new Iphone being called a disappointment and an incremental update, by even by the most fervent of apple followers) and the Nest (really now?  A smoke detector for 130$ that looks nicer and speaks to you?) Made this list over these two devices is a real shame.  
+Rich Stone the biggest thing I wish the moto g/x had is the multitude of frequencies and bands my Nexus 5 supports. Would have sold my N5 last week if they did, and the N5 has CDMA in the same device, to boot.
Well disserved. But i need to cast my chrome for android tabs. And i don't understand why i can't see my mobile gallery out Google plus gallery. 
I love my Chromecast so much that I bought 2 more for each of my kids televisions to go along with their new newly purchased Chromebooks. I'm really interested in seeing how they will utilize all this new technology. Will probably mostly be used for watching YouTube and Netflix. 
The best $35 I've spent ever!  My Nexus 4 was also the best $350 I had spent too.  (still waiting for the $0 Google phone)

The +Google team is soon becoming the greatest innovators of modern history.
Now maybe you could even release it outside the us!
That is SUPER COOL !
And well justified !!!

I had no idea you are connected with Sundar Pichai ! :-)
He was on my email with Lenovo last week :-)

Love you !
And love how you are into all this!

:-) -------- Original message --------
Very deserving! I have one on each of my 4 TVs and one for travel. Love casting my movies wherever I am.
Awesome. Now get to work on that SDK and worldwide release.
+Taz Hoque There was a UK job posting that was specifically about the Chromecast several weeks ago, the Chromecast Android app is available in the UK and the Chromecast category has appeared in the UK play Store. I'm expecting an announcement anytime now :)
Would be much useful if we can stream directly from mobile .. like miracast( I know they are costly) aaaa you will come up with your own protocol for this anyway :)
Does it work on the Samsung Chromebook?
+Andrew Jones-McGuire yep hopefully your right it makes sense as you said they have made everything apart from the actual device available in the UK and some other countries too. I'm guessing they waiting to maybe get the sdk out properly and have a few more app supports as in the UK it's still only YouTube, Netflix and play movies and music. Just surprised it's taking so long for what essentially probably doesn't even take that long too make. 
+Taz Hoque Also - it's pretty well known that iPlayer is probably the biggest streaming platform in the UK - I'd be extremely surprised if Google aren't working with the BBC team to bring iPlayer to Chromecast so it's ready at launch?
+Andrew Jones-McGuire fingers crossed all the UK demand channels support this will save me a lot of money as then essentially my old bedroom TV will basically be a smart TV.Only reason I want this so bad. Don't watch live tv, most of my TV is on demand so if this happens I will be super stoked. Hope your right. 
+Andrew Jones-McGuire was looking Into one of those but apparently sometimes apps like Netflix, 4od etc don't work on them or you have to some hack. Depending on how long Google take with chromecast I might still get one but just want an official way. 
+Michael Davis I laughed at that...and the iPhone is on the list for having a 2-LED flash, something my EVO 4G had 3 years ago.  :D
HBO-GO was just added to the list so I like that.
but y cant we stream photos & videos from our device.. :-(
Congrats, I'm watching a movie on mine while posting this. I love it for how simple it is.
I ended up cutting my cable because of this little magical device. Now its just Netflix and Hulu+. Its TV when and where I want. Thank you Google!
When is Chromecast available in India?
Bought 3 while in the USA for work. Had some problems setting up back home with a soppy Cisco router (have to use channel 10 for it to work). But it's good now. Badly needs more app support and local media playback. Also cannot cast your own side-loaded music from Play Music which seems a very stupid limitation. 
my country is under political conflits, and it difficult for us to travel and to do business
Congrats, please start selling it in the Netherlands. I can't wait to plug it in my tv.
let cast from Drive App our pirated movies previously uploaded on it .;)
Its a cool stuff. It can be more cool if this device can support offline stuffs as well. 
Congratulations to the Chrome team, but no offense +CNET doesn't know what the hell their taking about. Nest, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Xbone and Pebble? Seriously? Where is the Moto X, the Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Google Glass, Chromebook, etc. All of these would be way higher on my list then the worthless Chromecast which I haven't touched since the day I got it. My old Logitech Revue Google TV does way more than that crap dongle. I'm giving it away for Christmas and won't be replacing it until Nexus TV arrives.
The Chromecast is probably the best $35 I have spent. Bought one at launch and I have purchased several as gifts. If you have any questions or are considering it as a gift, I am offering a free informational Google Helpout: #Helpouts  
Still waiting on the Bluetooth functionality to work. Getting sound through speakers is a pain.
+Vishi Gondi I use an optical audio cable from my TV to receiver and it works great. Surround sound and all.
I love Chromecast, but it shouldn't be the number one gadget until it gets YouTube Live videos streaming.
I think the gadget of the year is definitely Google glass  
Agree. Chroecast is a great simplified solution. It could become a global standard - probably as a built in feature for future TVs. This is perhaps the best implementation of in the Google TV line of products. 
+Babu Sathyanarayana there are a number of TVs with similar functions already built in. Many have Pandora, Netflix, etc pre-installed. Samsung has their own proprietary casting, while LG and others have Miracast. Then there are TV's with Google TV inside. Google TV does everything Chromecast does and more. Chromecast is actually pretty fucking lame and doesn't do anything new, its just a cheap dongle to add smart TV functions to a dumb TV and was implemented very poorly.
Sundar - don't know how to contact you directly.
We operate in the Oil & Gas industry providing precise GPS positioning to the commercial world. By a strange quirk, our latest algorithm can also improve any smartphone's GPS accuracy from 10m+ (30') to <0.3m (1').
Guess this could help you guys? Please feel free to get in touch if interested. Regards.
Let the car out of the garage..  More apps need to come on,  I have one in every room!
I have the chromecast and a Nexus7 and of course other android devices aswel a chromebook. My wife has everything from Apple. To be honest... The chromecast is nice but not mind blowing. I can't play my music, movies, photo's that are stored on my Android devices directly. The google music and cloud-service concept is nice but I am greedy and i take my music/docs/movies with me, i want it to work and play and listen even when internet is down for a few hours.....
When we go out with our kids we take pictures and movies with our phones. Guess who is the first at our home who can show everything on our tv with 2 clicks.... Right not me with my google devices....

so please put the chromecast presentation layer like apple tv or airplay between the app an the screen and sound. So we can choose were we present our stuff..

Dear Mr. Sundar, I have a Galaxy Nexus with 4.3 installed on it. Since last week it is having a sudden battery drain problem. I have done a reset, uninstalled recently installed app, disabled all the radio devices, finally changed the battery but nothing worked. In the battery info setting, it shows that 60% of battery is used by the Android OS. I don't understand how to solve this problem. I searched Google many times but no effective solution to the problem was found. Please guide me what shall I do?
Waiting for your response desperately.

Best Regards!

Rehan Khan
i think a Senior Vice President Android is the right person to get support from..... have you tried Samsung?
Samsung didn't entertain....what to do....??
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