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#foreveryone  A new addition to the chromebook family, $199. Available in US and UK, we are working to bring this to more countries soon. 
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Why with a 320GB HDD, 18sec boot and only 3.5h runtime?
Looks great, now make them available in Canada.
11.6’’ (1366x768) display
1 inch thin – 3 lbs / 1.4 kg
3.5 hours of battery1
Intel® Core™ processor
100 GB Google Drive Cloud Storage2 with 320 GB Hard Disk Drive
Dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Ethernet
HD Camera
3x USB 2.0
1x HDMI Port, 1x VGA port
Please, please, please bring it to a lot more countries.
Do we have a speed and make for the processor? 
And: A device with better screen resolution would also be great!
Seems to be considerably less awesome than the Samsung. I'd like to see one from asus
+J Johnston And ASUS Chromebook would be awesome  they already make the BEST android tablets, any make quite good windows ultra books  so an Asus Chromebook would defiantly be popular
For crying out loud, I really love Google products but please stop using phrases as 'for everyone' and 'more countries soon'.

Here in Belgium (you know, the country with Brussels, the Capital of Europe) we are still waiting for the very first Chromebook.

Doesn't Google know that there is more than just the U.K. across the Atlantic Ocean? 
Yes, there's a whole world out there, just check Google Maps. ;-)
it's like the slow cousin of the samsung chromebook. 
How much RAM/Memory ? Anyone ?
Yes, please bring Chromebooks to India. We have to wait for someone to come down from the US so that we can beg them to get it for us. Or buy it on eBay and pay huge sums for shipping. The cost doubles by the time it reaches India. But I am happy for Chrome and Google. So, yay!
+Alex Jones all the specs are on the chrombook devices page. similar to samsung, but heavier, thicker, and obviously shitty internal battery in comparison to samsung. spend the extra 50.
Get the ARM, Samsung model. +Chrome OS Fan says this looks disappointing, when compared to that more expensive model. That page is of course mine (:P), but yeah, spend the extra $50. Even $249 is great value and this just looks really bad in comparison.
How is RAM not a noteworthy spec on this? I know ChromeOS is supposed to be lightweight and all, but the 2 GB/12 tab limitation of the Samsung Chromebook is the only thing holding me back.
+Alex Jones there was a specs page there an hour ago when I last looked. now it's gone.
I've already decided since I havent been able to get one of these things (the samsung version), I'm just going to walk up and get the Nexus 10 tomorrow instead.
Short battery life, and a hard drive.  Much prefer no moving parts, and the lighter, and sleeker Samsung.  When will it be available? +Sundar Pichai?
+Brian Polito 1 GB RAM (in the samsung) won't suffice my needs. I'm looking for atleast 2 GB RAM
Big step backwards for the Chromebook brand if you ask me.
+Mark Papworth Could you please point me to the link where this is mentioned ?

JFYI - I'm talking about the $249 samsung chromebook's RAM size
When will we see a desktop Chrome OS? All-in-One or an updated Chromebox?
I don't understand the delay in Chromebooks being available worldwide. Apple went global within months of the US iPad release.
Acer is destined to have the runt of the litter again with an entrant that doesn't really resemble a Chromebook. 
The Acer Chromebook has 3.5+ hours battery life, boots up in 18 seconds and costs $199.  My prototype Cr-48 Chromebook has 9 hours battery life, boots up in 8 seconds and the  I'm not sure why I should invest in an Acer Chromebook.
While I'd agree that it's underwhelming and disappointing, all the current range are more powerful than your CR-48 and will provide a better experience +Michael Comia 
Amith F
+Michael Comia Because when you add a hard drive and an intel processor it drains the battery or you could end up with a $500 chromebook which would be a non starter. 
Amith F
+Sundar Pichai Hard Drive + Chromebox and I can get rid of of my obsolete x86 intel windows machine for good :)
Germany please.... and what about the long awaited Sony Chromebook.?????? Thank you...
everytime in US or UK. All other country people are not eligible or what?
When comes to Europe with national keyboards?
no SSD makes no sense and it should have been ARM not intel . . . . .battery life too low and the os should be merged with android such that chrome os becomes "desktop mode" on Android when plugged in with a mouse and keyboard then you would have a serious product on your hands if this could run android apps and vice versa
+Sundar Pichai    If Google coming out with this hardware for its new Chromebook.. Why not release Chrome OS as a standalone piece of software and let consumers purchase it? Google is sending mix messages with this hardware
Google made blunder mistake making this samsung and acer laptops with 2GB Ram, I tested yesterday at Bestbuy and it was very slow.
its odd that its so slow as its not doing as much as full blown windows what is going on?
I am pretty much sure that chromebooks wont be a successful product as far as "global" business is concerned. The whole principle of cloud computing fails in the countries where internet is still at an infancy stage! unless a full fledged OS is launched, the chromebook wont be appealing. Good luck google really need it.
They need android to have desktop mode
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