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Always good to wake up in the morning to news like this:) #chrome
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This time it's for a full week. I want to see this for months and for years...
This is there when Google doesn't have there own desktop OS, imagine what the scene would have been if Google had there own desktop OS, as MS's share is mainly because ie is default browser on windows
Well done (although I still use FF and Opera as well).
IE is a SLUG. Classic Microsoft - each upgrade uses more and more resources for slower and slower performance.
nope- I'd go ahead and #chrome the world.
Frank M
I use IE with no antivirus and I piss against the wind. I am a hero.
I think it's time Google get in the desktop world and create a version of Chrome OS that can be used by all kinds of users.
Chrome is and can be great, lately my tablet does not like Chrom it goes black and my PC a while back didn't do well with Chrome. I believe the future will be better and very shinny.
agree with +Mayank Patel and surprised about news , because i thought no 1 uses IE , but it gave proof that some....ok.
have u used GC or MF? if you have already then you should go to doctor sorry for being strict
It was expected and very welcome :D
Build a better mousetrap........ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶
Wow...I honestly never thought I'd see the day.
Congratulations! It seems computing is really more a single OS (Windows) or a very expensive alternative (Mac OS)...we have Linux, Chrome, Android...and more important, computing is beginning to understand us...Knowledge Graph and Wolfram Alpha!
+Prasil Koirala are you kidding? Everyone knows Firefox and chrome are for Pro Users and IE for those who don't know about greatness of FF and GC or dont want to accept real thing.
Rob C
Since IE only runs on Windows (or Wine) and other Browsers can run on Windows, Linux and other OSes it was only a matter of time.

With GC and Firefox working on many Mobile Phones and IE working on so few Phones that only adds to the Seats lost.

To top it off you need the newest Windows to run the newest IE whereas the other Browsers can be upgraded to the newest version without upgrading your OS; the other OSes are mostly FREE but Windows costs money to upgrade.
Internet Explorer is still the most commonly used browser for those who are going straight to the "Download Chrome" website.
congrats to the Chrome team.. it is truly a great product.
I use a portable chrome app to do that, so I don´t have to use Internet Explorer
I enjoy Google+ more than others.
+Tim Joiner you may be right but do you know the reason? Because it is like you get it installed with windows , think if windows dont provide it directly , then will anybody download it?
Goggle has help my business
And havnt had to pay.just so
Many apps.Thanks
Fanboy nonsense. Is this the best that G+ can offer?
Google Rocks , bye bye bill browser
in my coountry Firefox is the most popular browser for a while now followed by IE. or maybe Chrome already overtook IE....
Great now it's time chrome go mobile
Does Chrome have autoclick?
+Ken Ohrn I don't get you? People lauding an excellent achievement from a superior browser is hardly fanboy nonsense? Remember that Chrome isn't pre-installed on the most popular desktop OS. Overtaking IE is quite a feat.
Years ago Microsoft were so desperate to get IE on your PC that it used to install automatically when you installed other MS products. OK you think, loads of companies do that.... but they they never bothered to check if you already had IE .. so they'd overwrite your recent version with some rotten old one!
Microsoft Internet Explorer is world's best download better browsers !
Wonderful! I wish that Chrome innovations keep coming.
slow and steady wins the race...
+zzapper zzapper Apple try to do the same with iTunes. The updater constantly tries to trick me into installing Safari.
It would delight U when u wil hear Chrome OS has overtaken Windows
+ALLISON WEN listen javascirpt may be disabled not java because java can not be disabled in browser normally , java and javascript are diff.
yes it wont take long once they've started
with one voice of google , billions users will install it
Sweet.i think google chrome is better anyway. 
You can't go wrong with google+! Awesome job to the google chrome dudes!
congratulations!Still remember the day it launched and from last 3 years never ever switched to any other browser!Thanks +Sundar Pichai , you changed the way we browse with so many innovative feature.
Here's to hoping that Chrome stays "clean" and doesn't get polluted with too many cooks in the kitchen like Firefox.
I have been using Google Chrome for a while and I love it. It is the best browser ever
Congratulations to the Chrome team :)
It was a matter of time before IE got the block. Any Google Adsense users out there notice the Adsense doesn't show up all the time on IE9 sites?
Does this mean they are actually going to fix Chrome so it works now?
I only use IE to download Chrome lol
Yeaaaaah!!! And MS will die with that piece of Sh### called Windows 8.... I USE THE BEST OS OF ALL... LINUX....BE FREE, BE LINUX... YEAAAAHHHH
+Prasil Koirala, I'm forced to drudge through a long exposure to Internet Explorer every day I use the network computers. I don't like IE, and HAVE tried it. I breathe a sigh of relief when I can go home and use Firefox, Chrome, or even Opera over IE.
I don't like the interface so much as the other browsers, but that's personal preferance, so you can ignore that. IE doesn't really DO addons - I use Firefox for that. But the main reason I don't like Internet Explorer is that every Windows computer has it (unless you run an uninstaller, but the mainstream public won't). This means that hackers and scammers can use browser and OS-specific exploits. For me, and many others, it's a security thing. This isn't as surprising as it would have been if IE were a good browser (and it has been getting better, don't get me wrong).
Wow, what is this Internet Explorer browser you talk about?
Is it new?
Surprise surprise or maybe NOT .... I use Chrome on my Mac and sometimes Firefox but it locks up so often that I have to force quit it way too often so Chrome is my fave
yup...asaid it from the start...Google is fucking gold...just wait til android destroys the i phone and introduces its own OS for PC (not tablets)
Awesome news Chrome is the clear choice for me!
+Randy Young +Prasil Koirala - exactly - good poit Randy - and Apple is gonna die- or wait thats right they're gonna save the day with Siri! and Apple TV. oh wait ajobs is passed- so their top theif is gone- so they are gonna buy what? AOL? maybe they are gonna sync with Myspace! Apple might as well partner with RIM and Palm(HP) they are all dead.
Sorry - Mac guy. Prefer my Safari, as I also have an older operating system that's solid and bug free. My bros use Chrome on newer machines.
+Prasil Koirala I did this and it's still crap...(not intuitive, ugly, no sync, no users, no Autofill, no normal bookmarking, extensions are crappy,etc,etc,etc....)

Good job Google!
I still remember when I downloaded Google Chrome for the first time in September 2008..I.E. Never felt the same after that, sorry Microsoft! Go Google
Now we just need it in our iPhones to get fully synced up with Google.
it got some coolest features, but most insecure browser i have seen so far...
Leo Sam
have been using it since it was born, still best tab browsing feel.
Prasil Koirala and John Kaperbauer. There are only one OS that is solid and bug free, LINUX. Oh and apple copied Linux os. And who can love MS this days? They are the worst company ever.And People are free, they arent windows, they are LINUX, and if we wanna, we can install IE on LINUX, but why we should do that? As someone her told, windows and IE are for old people.
ok, Sorry... I became nervous when I saw someone LOVING MS.... my fault...
"They are the worst company ever" Apple is closing in on that title. :)
browsing speed of IE can make U active !!
while opening a page up U can complete ur household work specially wen it's slower network !
Now if it would just stop consuming every last available system resource, it'd be fabulous...
That is only because Google sneaks the install in with so many other apps, doesnt mean that people are actually using it.
Internet Explorer is worthless. Microsoft forces you to keep in in their operating systems. Otherwise my computer wouldnt have it. Google Chrome is perfect for regular browsing. Thwn i use firefox for the stuff that needs to be secure
I'm a huge Chrome fan (I'm even writing this on my Chromebook). But as I read the stats (provided by Google Annayltics) on my various and asundry websites, most of the visitors are still on IE. Firefox is #2. Only about 15% of my visitors use Chrome.
Makes sense... Google Chrome is so much faster than Internet Explorer, and has most of the plugins needed to play games and videos already built-in. I heard there were some trouble with viruses getting in too easily though, so... I think Explorer overtakes Chrome there.
Leo T
I love Internet Explorer. The presentation is better and Bing has really improved as a search engine. Google sucks ass for search now. I get tired of having to look at page after page for simple shit. And the simple layout is boring AS FUCK after all these years. I still use an iPhone, but I'm bored out of my mind with the same icon layout for 5 YEARS straight. I covet the look of the Windows phones. Jus sayin', its nice to change things up now and then.
People who use linux generally dislike Microsoft and IE. +Prasil Koirala, were you paid to write that? I mean really.
On our site, over the last 30 days, it goes like this...IE = 44.21%; Safari = 21.50%; Chrome = 15.02%; Firefox = 12.34%; Androis Browser = 4.68%...I love Chrome, especially since the latest update, but I don't know about these reports of its' overwhelming widespread use. I don't see it...Kind of like the unrealistic reports of Iphone vs. Android activations...It is hard to get through all these numbers being thrown around!
Most government agencies and schools are still on IE and to say that such and such company or city government has migrated is not significant enough to make a claim such as this.
I wonder if MS can ever redeem itself. I think it no secret that a lot of people including those that uses it products don't really hold MS in high regard.

For me personally i avoid MS products like a plague not because of popular opinion but because of their business model and second rate products. With all the money they have they could have done far better for consumers but instead they have coasted on their monopoly of the desktop OS for years and abusing it.

I admit. Part of the reason why i have supported Google sofar is because they genuinely see the same problems in MS as i do and try to do better for its users and this is just another proof of that.

Things have gotten worse for MS since Gates left and i really think they need a complete overhaul of their company vision to compete. Sad really.
I did not realize that Chrome has pushed this far... no, I will continue to use Firefox most of the time...
Not gonna happen with me chrome browser hides all the important stuff I use a lot having to go search after it is annoying. Not to mention every time I have given it a shot it screwed up something on my computer that I had to search out and fix like breaking links in my email software.
I still prefer Firefox. Maybe I'm just a stick in the mud.
The best part of waking up is two girls and one cup...on Chrome!
Chrome is getting better and better, love it. Keep up the good work on Chrome and making the web better, you guys rock!
I was having trouble with Chrome under Windows (I'm sure others do too) so I definitely migrated to +Ubuntu
Wish the color management worked on the Mac. Chrome's just about useless on that platform for photographers :(
IE is full of holes, just like Windows
Thanks all for your generous comments and more importantly using Chrome:)
Chrome n FireFox ftw!
I Already Know that...
About Time; I Long Ago Left The Archaic Gates Of IE!
it is just a matter of time google can be great
Could have got to this a lot sooner if we can get Chrome on all the non-ICS Android devices.....
Best browser by far! I use it every day at work. I downloaded it the day it came available and have never looked back. 
"IE most used brower"
- OH its like telling that "word" is most used text tool , come on if you have courage try telling users to download it themselves instead of providing , giving , sticking it to their face.
I knew it was only a matter of time.. B-)
I don't use IE often, but when I do, I use it to download Chrome.
My point to you...what about NETFLIX. Why can you watch
h Netflix movies on a Chrome pc and not on a Linux one using Chrome browser? Why don't you help Linux community by doing this?!!
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