So great to see that Council Bluffs, Leyden and Richmond school disctrict II are going all in on chromebooks and more importantly, cant wait to see the impact it has on the education dynamics in the classroom. It is exciting to see the focus on improving computing access in schools!
During his keynote at #fetc, +Rajen Sheth announced:

Hundreds of schools in 41 states across the U.S. are using one or more classroom sets of Chromebooks today
We welcomed three new school districts in Iowa, Illinois and South Carolina that are going 1-to-1 – that is, one Chromebook each for nearly 27,000 students, including:
-- Council Bluffs Community School District in Iowa is planning a Chromebook 1:1 Initiative for all 2,800 students in their two high schools and will use an additional 1500 Chomebooks in their two middle schools
-- Leyden Community High School District in Illinois will roll out devices to 3,500 students in their two high schools
-- Richland School District Two in South Carolina is going 1-to-1 with a total of 19,000 students

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