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The team is putting together 10000 lego pieces for a 5 ft version of Chrome logo:) To celebrate chrome's fourth birthday, thanks for all of those who helped us get here
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Amazing! What a Googley way to celebrate. Also, has it really only been four years?? What an epic journey so far!
hello sir , can I ask you a question , please ?
Come on dude.. Build like a MAN! Throw away the directions!
From a huge Lego fan -this is way cool. Happy Birthday to the best browser in the world!
It's great to see the impact on the web and its users by Chrome after only 4 years. Congratulations!
You guys have too much free time
its pretty sweet to hav tht much free time
Cool but ten thousand pieces isn't that many legos
Please come help me write my dissertation instead!!!!!
And you get paid for this? I'm in the wrong job!
Wow! Already +Google Chrome's 4th birthday. That's pretty incredible. I remember thinking Chrome would be "just another browser" when it came out, but it's my most-used computer program today. Thanks for all the work that the Chrome team has done, I can't wait to see where Chrome will go in the future.
Thanks all for the great comments! just posted the finished lego
Another waste of resources. Could've went to kids that can't afford toys. Happy birthinvention though.
Waist of time!!!!
Chrome+Legos= EPIC

. .
Lego being my favorite 'toy' when i was a kid... and thinking i'm gonna buy alot of them when i get my feet on the ground (have money for pleasure that is not beer)... I always wondered.. can you actually buy gazillion of lego pieces in specific colors, or you need to improvise with brick you have from sets you bought? Seriously, can you buy boxes of 'whatever' pieces?
Happy Birthday Chrome!生日快乐!
Thanks for helping build it!  It was a fun mosaic to design. :)
Fantastic! I'd love to do this sort of things at work :-)
When you guys are done playing perhaps you could look into finding a way to make Chromebooks available for sale in Singapore?
I'm really shocked from -+1 from Google plus people. 
This picture fior example has nothing splecial. and he gets for this shit
362 voices. I think you have to educate American people.
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