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There’s been a lot of I’m excited to officially introduce Google Drive. We have really focused here on letting users create & share with others and this is a natural evolution of Google Docs. It’s not just storage, it’s about helping you live and work in the cloud and making sure your data is seamlessly available everywhere. You can use it across platforms -- Mac, PC, Android, iOS (coming soon) -- and you can use it with many third party applications - we’re working with many developers to expand the Drive ecosystem.

So, between the Loch Ness Monster and Google Drive, looks like you’ll have to keep looking for Nessie.
Just like the Loch Ness Monster, you may have heard the rumors about Google Drive. It turns out, one of the two actually does exist. Today, we're introducing Google Drive—a place where you can cre...
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Excellent. We've been waiting a long time for this.

...but now Google have to find a new name for the driverless cars that they're working on ;-)
Clicking through to the Drive app on Play Store brings me to Google Docs. Is anyone else having this problem?

[Edit] and it's back. It seems the Drive app is a replacement for the Docs app. The update just came up on my phone :)

First impressions are good, but I wish we could view our Picasa images in the same interface
Mitch J
Hey! My car doesn't drive anywhere when I load this app onto it. wtf? :p
Daniel R.
Will you release a Linux app in the future?
Yeah, I am either ending in Google Docs or getting an error message. Am I missing a step?
haha good one! now where can I download the linux client?
So far, "from anywhere" apparently doesn't include all of my Linux systems?
So what is the point of Google Drive? Instead of developing a useful solution that is letting users access all their data from Google at once (Music, Youtube, Docs) we get a synchronized docs folder where we mosh everything together? I guess the main point of it is the SDK, which is just another form of Google outsourcing the work that users want them to do, like a real save game backup system across all devices.
What happens to existing Google Storage customers? Logged in with my account and it offered me to get started with the 5GB account? What happened to the rest of my storage?
Nice job. Please pass congrats to the entire team for me.
"Files in your Google Drive folder are available on all your devices"

Unless you're one of the 50% of Smartphone users on iPhones or the millions upon millions of iPad users.
Rolling this out without a Linux client is downright shameful +Google #googledrive #shame
I can haz Linux Client??? Hehehehe... I know it must be on it's way.... right?? RIGHT???
I totally agree that a #Linux app should come from the beginning. If not why bother with GDrive, Dropbox has one and works excellent in Linux!
+Mohamed El-Shinnawy If you haven't already figured it out, your existing storage will be credited to your account past the '5 Gigs Free' screen. E.g. I have 205 gigs total: 5 free & 200 I already paid for.
Really wish extra storage could be shared with email on domain users like it can on standalone users. I need to upgrade storage for 3 users, can't afford to upgrade all 40.
+Fynali Iladijas That totally depends on ADrive providing access to other products/services... A download/upload is probably the best bet...
From the Web interface, I only see my Google Docs files. Will PicasaWeb and images from Google+ show up here, too? Installing on Android...

...and installed. Huh? Looks like Google Docs.
I am willing to provide the credentials to +Google to go get it...
I similarly moved over to +Gmail all my emails (however little) from Yahoo! & Hotmail years ago!
I suppose launching such a significant service as +Google Drive without Linux & Mac support is quite premature!

Neither of them are second-class in any respect!
+Fynali Iladijas You being willing to provide access is not the same as ADrive allowing that access... They will need to take advantage of the Google Drive SDK and implement the service... but I honestly don't see a benefit to them in doing that...
Seems like a price hike? Currently get 20gb for $5/yr??
I wonder how WINE will treat Google Drive.
Why did you not integrate +Picasa 3 sync? And thinking of it: #musicmanager sync as well.

Why three applications which sync data when one would do as well?
Use it across platforms (except you Linux folk).
So, what's going to happen with current Google Storage plans? They help files aren't updated yet. It's saying both that my 80 gig plan will renew in December and that it's no longer available. Does this mean that I'll be grandfathered, or will you try to force me onto the new plans (which look to be several times as expensive)?
Yea, I am wondering the same thing. I'm on a plan that seems to be no longer offered anymore.
How can we access the drive? Any protocol like ftp, webdav, rsync supported to use it e.g. with a NAS?
keep updating the app! Great work
Very very good! Now, as many have estated, just gotta wait for the Linux version (I trust there will be one) and I will sign up to upload my stuff :). I wonder how is encryption dealt there tho and the security implications (e.g. Can +Google see/retrieve my data if requested by law enforcement agencies?)
As you are head of the chrome i wonder if chrome is competing in browser everywhere why is it not yet in iOS after all chrome and android is just a delivery portal for google ads!
Hi Sundar, is it rolling slowly to Apps users? I keep getting a message saying that Drive is not available for my Google Apps domain...
And what about Linux client? Encryption support?

I love the posts with "I'm really excited" only to after verify that there is an huge increase in price...
Very good job! But... where's the linux client? It's a shame Google forgot linux users.
Sean S
I don't have Google Drive yet.
Does it have the ability to upload folders containing files? Does it have the ability to link to folders where someone else can download every file in the folder at once rather than individually?
If so, I may switch from +Dropbox to Google Drive.
+James Pakele but dolphin browser, opera browser and many others are already there i don't see how google is restricted in any way or form!
Sean S
$2.49 ($29.88/year) for 25GB isn't that bad. Too bad you can't pay annually. +Dropbox is double the price.
Google Drive is about $0.10/GB per month (for 25GB plan).
Dropbox is $0.20/GB per month (for 50GB plan).
+Savan Vyas With Chrome Google is not just creating Yet Another Browser they are trying to make a portable computing environment, syncing Bookmarks, Apps, Extensions, Passwords and such with your Google account so that you get a similar experience across machines and devices once logged in to your Google account. Apple may take offense to any number of things Google is trying to do, I'm not saying that Google has even tried yet though...

It probably will show up on iOS devices eventually, however, I have to believe that they are concentrating on getting it on the Android devices first... It is still a beta and running only on select (ICS) devices... even ICS mod ROMs don't run Chrome well yet... at least not on CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 2...

Even Dolphin took years to get to iOS...
Dropbox may be more expensive, but still a dramatic price rise when compared to Google's old plans ( changing to the closest offer from the new plans will cost you 500% more (25gb), 200% more (100gb) or 140% more (200gb) more.
The old plans were ridiculously cheap... repeat ridiculously cheap... I never expected those to hold once the service was enhanced, I'm just surprised so many people did...
+Google should've launched it with more than just 5 GB for free to make a big splash.
+Pete Michaelson probably means they have submitted it for review by Apple... Same thing when G+ was launched in believe..

I stand corrected, after reading an interview on AllThingsD Sundar Pichai stated the iOS app is 98% done
#driveforlinux #driveforlinux #driveforlinux
Sean S
I'm still waiting for Google Drive to be available to me.
Is this one of those things that is being rolled out or is it just being given to a limited number of people?
looking forward for Linux client or webdav api.. :-/
Which feature is the most important for saying natural #evolution of #GoogleDocs? Smoothness between #Gmail and Docs? #Google
It could make a much bigger splash if it supported all environments from the first day. c'mon +Google!
The perfect or nothing requests are getting a little tired...
+Florent Pied I hope that Google is not giving away at Linux support as a desktop OS. They gave up to Picasa for Linux, now this...I think that the bitter truth is that Linux as a viable desktop OS is not materializing due to lack of support from big companies like Adobe, MSFT, Apple, Google. The don't offer Linux versions for all of their core products.
I thought Google Drive was going to give me a self-driving car. Now I find out all it does is save my files. :( But I guess that's cool too. ;)
+James Pakele I was thinking at this too, but you can use internally for your own advantage other platforms and build products that force users to use only the platforms you want, driving in the end at the isolation of the lesser supported platforms.
+Sundar Pichai I would like to purchase my drive capacity instead of renting it :-D, like when you purchase a HDD.

We would like to see DVR option with Google Drive for GTV in order to record TV programs and games :-)
Sean S
I have Google Drive now. Had to clear my cookies and cache to get it.
Sean S
+Dropbox has a better user interface. Although I do like that I can upload folders on Google Drive.
+Sundar Pichai , Any plans to link picasaweb web albums to the gdrive, similar to docs, otherwise we have to duplicate the web albums in both the places...
Thanks for working so hard on the new Google Drive! Something I'd really like to see in the future is a better integration with other "file-heavy" Google Services like:

* Pictures (Picasa) - including instant upload for Android
* Music (Google Music)
* Videos (YouTube)
* PDFs / eBooks (Google Books)
* ...
I could imagine special folders with enabled/disabled options in the Desktop/Laptop applications and/or sync from different locations?

Anyways, I think this is a fantastic first version:) Cheers, Chris!
#Linux users, if you think #Google should build a Linux client for Google Drive, then let's start a new march to get #driveforlinux trending on Google+.
"Files in your Google Drive folder are available on all your devices" - except if you use Linux. (But we won't mention that). - #disappointed #driveforlinux
Google has always supported the open source community so why not release a #driveforlinux (and make it open-source ;) ) ?
Why is there Python code in %TEMP%?
so where's the #driveforlinux client?
could you explain more of the Google TOS
I posted this in response to another post above, but realize this is probably a better place for it...

Hi +Sundar Pichai I love a lot about Google Drive, but do notice two shortcomings that make it difficult to embrace as a Google Docs power user:

1. You can no longer store the same file in multiple places. This was probably my favorite thing about Google Docs, as it totally flipped the traditional file storage model on it's head. Is there anyway to still do this, or is this a lost gem in the transition to drive? If the latter, this marks a large step backwards in my mind.
2. There's no way to share files directly from the desktop. I'm assuming this functionality is coming, so won't belabor the point. Seems like an obvious feature.

Thanks for a great product. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my first concern, as I've been saying for a long time that the centralized storage functionality (allowing for saving the same file in multiple places to avoid duplicate versions) was a revolution in computing waiting to happen. Please tell me this feature isn't gone forever!
congratulations. happy to be off dbox :)
Good on google. But I got me a 25 gb free skydrive from microsoft. C'mon google, offer a FREE 25 gb upgrade
Grazie google, drive é fantastico , mi manca solo un client per linux
THanks for all the comments, I will respond more to some of these soon
Yes it is being rolled out and so some of you will see an invite in your email soon if you asked for it
"Your Google Drive is not ready yet"
ARGH THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please google... just kill me now. It's the humane thing to do...
Will you publish an API for Google Drive? With a decent API, there would be plenty of Linux clients available...
+Surbjit Singh TOS:
"Some of our Services allow you to submit content. You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that content. In short, what belongs to you stays yours."

You are citing a licensing clause, something like that is necessary for Google to be able to provide the services it provides.
Looks great.....any idea when we can expect to get Google Drive in the UK?
I'm not keen on giving my files to Google to monetize. You need to rethink that clause. 
I have downloaded 50 GB of my archives from my online storage service provider (>35 GB remaining...); uploading to #googleDrive via Drive desktop app or via the browser is sure going to be a dreadful thing!

+Google should make this kind of moves really easy; if things remain like they are right now (2012-04-28), this service will fail!

Google Drive needs:
- an easy way to remote-upload files & folders from other storage services or sources (make it easy for users to migrate in)
- a better upload-interface with quite a lot more management features
- an option to pause browser-upload! (to resume later, of course)
- better manage the upload queue
- - upload-queue management: ability to move files up or down in queue
- - upload-queue management: ability to cancel queued files
- an option to specify the direction of sync (to comp, to cloud, or both ways)
- options to configure desktop notifications when upload (and download) is done
- to provide users FTP/SFTP access to their repository
- the concept of Archive (verb) is sorely missed, to move files out of the way filed away from Docs List
- a lot more thought-out keyboard shortcuts in Doc Lists & elsewhere (think from how a user uses the app)
- shortcuts for renaming files & folders
- shortcuts for navigating among Collections
- shortcuts for moving files around among Collections (gmail approach of labelling is great!)
- ...
How about giving bonus space(few Mb) on Google drive to Google+ users for every friend they add and every post they make. This will help Google+ widely used once everyone is on Google+
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