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Sundance at the Crossing Apartments
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7213 Sundance Dr Indianapolis, IN 46237
7213 Sundance DriveUSIndianaIndianapolis46237
Apartment BuildingToday 9AM–6PM
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Sundance at the Crossings Apartments offers competitive rents on our one bedroom and two bedroom floor plans. Located in Perry Township and part of Southport school district.
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"This apartment complex is a 3.5- 4 star rating from me."
"I have had maintenance issues, but they always seem to be resolved."
"I will NEVER rent another Edward Rose apartment in my life!"
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Mitch Frey
6 months ago
I have only lived at Sundance for about a month now and I love it! The apartment was very clean with no damages when I moved in. I enjoy how spacious our apartment is with the vaulted ceilings. The cost to live here is completely worth the quality of the apartment. I have a great view of the pond from my living room and bathroom. The ladies who work in the office at Sundance are always willing to help and have a great attitude. I even had one lady stay after her normal work hours to make sure we got our cable squared away. I have nothing but good to say about Sundance!! I can't wait to spend the next year at this amazing place!!
• • •
James Kyle's profile photo
James Kyle
9 months ago
Quick Overview: Terrible staff, appliances that hardly work, policies set up to screw you over, bad communication with office, horrible internet connection, goose poop everywhere, over-priced, unexplained charges on bill, don't plan on getting your deposit back. Had 4 different property managers in one year. Detailed Account: It started when I was going through the application process - I received no calls. Literally every call was made by me, even after they told me they'd call. After I was informed I was approved, I figured further instructions would follow. After a week, I called to ask what I needed to do next. They told me I needed to bring them check stubs, and I brought them the same day. A week later, I called and found out that he had not received my check stubs and that I would have to come in again. They told me the price was 759/mo, but by the end of my lease I could count on spending a least 1000 every month. We trusted Sundance, so we told them any old apartment would be fine. I didn't expect that they'd give us an apartment where literally every appliance is messed up in one way or another. The oven doesn't work on one side, the dishwasher requires 3 washes per load, the first water heater kept the water hot for 5 minutes at a time and the sink has obvious water damage that was covered up with paint. Then my modem wasn't delivered. I ended up spending $150 on a new modem and router so that I could work. The guy that showed up with the extremely old modem the next Monday didn't seem to concerned to find out I had already installed my own. Then the washer and dryer - I put a work order in on the first week of March, and they didn't get around to it until mid April. Then they towed my car - My car had a tire that loses air, especially in the cold weather. I noticed it after they put the big annoying "warning" sticker (that doesn't come off) on my window. So I aired up the tire and moved it to a different spot out of the way so they'd think "oh, someone owns this and the tire still holds air, maybe it would be rational to just leave them alone, since they're out of the way and they paid to park here!" I underestimated their ineptitude again. A second "warning" sticker.. (they made sure to put this one in a different spot so that he would have 2 obnoxious sticker marks) So I moved it again, to a spot even further away from anyone. Next to a boat, as a matter of fact. I thought that if a boat could be left here, a paying tenant's car surely can too! Nope. Towed. The next day. $350 later, the car was stored in my parents garage because now it's not allowed on the property. But I'm sure the $700 parking fee is LONG gone. I went to get the information about it from the manager on the Friday it was towed, but the office was closed. At 5pm. No notification about closing early. This part isn't really all that official, just the arrogance and rudeness of the whole staff. They're just inconsiderate. And unapologetic about how arrogant they are. One day when my girlfriend was in the shower, a maintenance man just made his way in. Luckily the chain-lock was attached. After we moved out, and paid a carpet cleaner, vigorously painted, and tried to have a walk-through, they sent me a letter (which I was expecting to come along with a check refunding my deposit) with a BILL for 120 dollars. A bill. On the bill - they charged me for having to re-paint, for my carpet, over a hundred dollars for blinds, and then 75 dollars for a missing MODEM. Which, if you remember, I never even received from them. I also found out I had been charged every month for said modem. They found any little thing that they thought they could charge me for and tried. After a ton of hassling, I finally got to a 0 balance - which I shouldn't be happy with, at all, but I'd rather eat a bowl of broken glass than trudge through another conversation with one of those inept children. So, overall I'd say that I wouldn't move in there again.
• • •
Brently Watson
a year ago
This apartment complex is a 3.5- 4 star rating from me. The Pros: Location. This is an easy commute to downtown. Uber makes their way down. Once the construction is cleared up, it will be even better. It's also so close to Greenwood you don't need to go into the city if you don't want to. The scenery is beautiful around the complex. And having Mucky Duck in your backyard is good. I have had maintenance issues, but they always seem to be resolved. I understand nothing is perfect, but as long as they fix it, I'm happy. If you're looking for a nice area, for cheap rent this is a good place to do it. You can also get 'nicer' more upgraded apartments if you want to pay more. The gym is decent, for an amenity. This isn't your lifting gym, but free weights are available. I would give 5 stars for a better gym :) Cons: This place has got to get better internet. Unfortunately the internet sucks, and this isn't something you can fix unless you HotSpot because there are no other providers that service this complex. It would be nice to have a working hot tub. I've never gotten to use it since I moved in. Also the pool was down, but they did get it up for awhile this summer. I had really great customer service when I initially came to this complex. It has progressively gotten worse since hiring new employees. But I wouldn't go as far as saying they are rude. The current employees just don't possess a very welcoming/let me help you environment. All in all I have a positive experience with Sundance. For the price, I can't complain.
• • •
Avoid Sundance
a year ago
YOU MUST READ THIS RATING! I hate almost anything about this place. Ive lived here 2 years and cant wait to get out of my lease. Its in 2 months, so needless to say I may throw a small party once I get out. I would advise anyone who even thinks about moving in here to either: 1. Run away and never look back. 2. Come to me before you think about doing something so crazy. or 3. If you, for whatever reason, must move here get 120% of everything that they tell you written down in ink, signed, dated, etc... document everything. They have gone through 6 managers since I've been here. "Corporate" took over at one point. I had to drop off an extra cable box I didn't need and sat inside for 30 minutes waiting on the person who was suppose to help me. The temporary manager at the time sat while I told anyone I saw that was coming to see the apartment to go anywhere but here. After this happened the person came up to me and said they wouldn't move in here either because they treat residence horribly. When I moved in they said they would give me paint to repaint anything I painted (I asked for it they said no), it took 5 times of complaining about my disposal not working for someone to come use a gas machine to pull out a 2 year old rag that had been jammed in the drain by the people before me (it was covered in rancid chicken and anything else you throw down the sink, they shut my AC off in Nov saying my unit was bad but come April when they fixed it they said my unit wasn't bad, that it was my thermostat, my windows are leaking and have been since Nov 2013. I quote "at the current time your windows leaking during the winter is not our concern, we need to shovel snow". Its still leaking to this day. I was told they do a deep carpet clean every 1 year, and replace carpet every 2 years (they now tell me no that's not true). I have a stack of work orders that are about 2 inches thick. The maintenance crew doesn't do what they are suppose to. You may ask, how do I know this? Well, I was home one day asked for someone to come fix the seal in my window, the guy comes up, I don't open the door, I see who it is, he leaves a note saying "I checked your window and fixed the seal". How can you fix the seal when im sitting on the couch and watch you leave without coming in? I called the manager to let him know this is happening, he said "oh well, maybe another person can come look sometime". That never happened. I asked to break my lease a couple months early because of this, they said they will charge me $1,500. Keep note that I have never been late on rent, paid everything I owe, had no complaints about me living here, and continue to get this treatment. Oh, I had to come add this. You have to have dish network, doesn't matter what you want, you must take it from the apartment or go without cable. It is currently blue skies, sunny, and warm out (aka perfect weather). My cable is out. I called DISH who says "sorry we can help try to trouble shoot but anything else the complex has to deal with". For most places this would be a breeze and pretty easy to call your office, not Sundance. You call them and leave them as many messages as you want and they wont call you back. If they do call you they tell you to call dish or they'll get here at "some point". The last person that came here to fix something was lit up like the new day sun. He had no idea what I was talking about, eyes were bloodshot, smelt horrible, and ripped the blinds off my window and said they'll bill me for the blinds. That person still works here.
• • •
Tyler Sunderland's profile photo
Tyler Sunderland
2 months ago
Went here for a tour of a 1 bedroom/bathroom apartment. Apartment manager was very kind and ready to answer any questions we might have had. Great experience overall
Jenola O
a year ago
Poor experience that started off well. I had friends who stay in the apartments and wanted to be closer to them, against their warning. major bug issues and they only spray if you are persistent. staff is dumb and useless group of people. Issues with breakins which I dis not find out until it happened to me, 3 units were broken into in one building in a single day. This is not to mention the car breakins and trailer breakins. The apartments offered no notification to other residents, no increased patrols. As far as amenities, if you ever want to use the hottub, forget about it as it has been out of service for at least 2 years now and staff keep lying about when it will reopen. I would advise anyone considering this place to look elsewhere, that is outsidr of any edward rose community and do your research. consider renting a house or condo as these apartments are way Overpriced for the miniscule value they offer.
• • •
Diana Knauer
a year ago
Not quite half way through my lease and I would not recommend this complex to my friends. Multiple maintenance issues including my apartment smelling like cigarette smoke and having to beg to get maintenance issues addressed. Staff is mostly younger people without sense of urgency or standards. When asking for repairs or attention to detail you get the attitude that it is a complete inconvenience to them. I don't feel like they are interested in securing long term tenants. The kitchen has nice new appliances but my counter top that was suppose to be replaced has been forgotten about and the cabinets are old and in poor shape. Security is loose and the landscape is depleting...if it dies they remove it but there are stumps all over the place from where trees have died and not been replaced. The cable is expensive and goes out multiple times a week. My receiver is at least 10 years old and when I asked about information on how to use the system I was told that they " did not have anything and that maybe I could Google it". The club house is dated and the fitness equipment is in bad condition. This appears to be a complex that is going under quickly! Keep on driving by! Already planning my next move!
• • •
Jennifer Allison
a year ago
Well, The manager wants reviews, So heres a review. An honest review from the inside. As a former employee of this property as of today, I highly recommend seeking a home elsewhere. The office staff do not have it together, nor do they have a competent manager. You will be disappointed from the get-go. They haven't had a positive review in years, all except for one from an Ian Gonzalez who is, You guessed it, The temporary manager. So of course his is a positive post. They have been through more staff and employees than anywhere Ive ever worked and will tell you what you wanna hear all to get you to move in. The Cable and Internet are a joke and you are not allowed any other provider. The location is the only thing going for this property as they are not updated AT ALL and barely have new appliances to offer which is an upcharge. They have several Issues concerning bugs, Ferrell cats, water leaks, and mold. If you have an issue you will be promised a resolution with no result. You will also be told the manager is always "in a meeting" or "out to lunch" and this is because he refuses to talk to people concerning issues. If you get a chance to speak with him, be prepared for an unprofessional screaming match as he does not believe in good customer service. The prices are equal and sometimes greater to surrounding communities with many more upgrades including ENTIRELY upgraded apartments. I can promise you this, if you mention this post, it will surely be knocked down and some excuse will be given to shine them in a better light but I would take my advice and do your homework before choosing this property as you, like many who already live here, will be disappointed.
• • •


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