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I've got a "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and "I Can't Tell You Why", but I'm not gonna let those "Lyin Eyes" give me a "Heartache Tonight". I'll just "Take It To The Limit" at "Hotel Californnia" and drink myself into a "Tequila Sunrise".

Yep, if you guessed there's an Eagles Tribute Band concert coming up, you guessed right!
Join us Sunday August 12 at 4pm PDT as we celebrate with a special welcome to Digiworldz Concert! Orleans

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SingerGirl Live Sanctuary
Friday, August 10th, 2018, (click pic for exact time & details)

I have a couple questions... hope they don't seem stupid or off to you > here goes 1) when I try to walk across to region next door it says I can't. Says it is non-existence... I can do this is other grids so I know it's possible. Is there something I need to tweak? 2) Does one need to do something special to make a 'water' region to go next to a beach region etc ?
Thanks for replies ... Dreaming of Paradise and Peace. Step in Sunshine! HUGGLES

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The Arcadia-Aley Library in Kitely - Library.

This costs about $250 / year to maintain, so any donations (you can make them at the landing site) are welcome.
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Worlds End Summer Sale!

Due to the extraordinary circumstances of the last few weeks, the full range of nearly 230 Worlds End products will be 50% cheaper for the next 14 days!

All Worlds End products are fully exportable and available to any hypergrid connected grid.

I have never done a sale this big before, and likely wont again anytime soon!

You can see a lot of what is on offer first hand at my showroom. There are also plenty of quality mesh freebies also available here:

Hello... I found an odd bug when I tried to bring my GCG avie to my DreamWorld... it landed me on an old region which no longer works (all is greyed out) and the top screen bar said "GCG Communications, Fairyland" ... when I opened the big map I saw two regions that show on map but do not load. How do I get rid of those? Also is there a way to get my 3 regions closer together??? Thanking you in advance for your time and response to my 'bug'... and please remember I am not techy savvy and will need Kindergarten type verbage. LOL Big HUGS, Sun

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Renaissance Festival will be Happening on the 25th and 26th August 2018
A Fun Family Day out for Everyone.

There will be Live Public Entertainments with DeeJays and a Live Performer starting from 10:00AM onwards at the Stage Area.

Throughout the Day the Renaissance Festival will be going on with many Activities such as Real Life Fortune Telling - Archery - Fortune Tellings - Jousting Shows - A Royal Maze - Hand to Hand Combat - Rides - Gauntlet - and Plenty of Market Stores - Dragon Warz and Firework Display

This is a DigiWorldz Event and Something for everyone to enjoy.
Open invites to Hypergrid Friends

HG Address Available Soon..

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