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I'm all over the place

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What does extended family mean? Here's my latest #blog-The Reason I'm Lucky: 

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A new pet project that combines dance, photography, history, and photoshop.

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A short story I had written some time ago for a writing challenge - 'Awakening In A Dream' #blog

He touched her with tenderness yet with urgency. On that single bed in a small room, their bodies met each other with heightened excitement. In that darkness, they gave into blindness and placed their entire trust in their sense of touch. With one arm on…

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Migrating to WordPress
Hi folks! Happy new year! Hope you've had a great start to the year. I know I have! On this occasion I have made a significant change w.r.t my blog. When I first entered the world of blogging, I started with Blogger. In all these years I have posted more th...

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Oh So Skinny
There's a song called
"All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor that I initially really
enjoyed. When I heard it for the first time, I didn't quite pay attention to
the lyrics nor had I watched the video. So I enjoyed listening to it for many
weeks after that...

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The Big Indian Talk On Sex Between Me & My Daughter
As you grow and understand the world a little better, I think all of us have those fleeting thoughts about what kind of parents we want to be. The first thought on this subject usually is "I will not do that to my child", and then in your twenties it become...

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Expectations From My Potential Husband
Dear Mom, Dad & Others trying to find a husband for me, First of all, I appreciate that you'll have never forced me to do anything I didn't want to do and even now are not forcing me to marry. Thank you for giving me the choice of when to marry & who to mar...

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