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Udaipur is like a beautiful princess. So elegant, so modest !! During the reign of Maharaja Udai Singh Udaipur was found and declared as the capital of Mewar kingdom. Jodhpur was still there which served more towards business as Jodhpur had well…

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When I landed in the earlier Rajput capital Mewar, I wasn’t expecting to see anything but the remaining prospers of the Rathore clan. I wasn’t disappointed. Instead I became happier to hear some unheard stories on the Rajput’s. Let’s start with a small…

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We are moved !!!
Hi there, Thanks for stopping by. I have moved this blog to WordPress. I am very excited about this new change. Even though I like blogger, I find WordPress a little more attractive. So do check out the new template and design by clicking the below link. Th...

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A heavenly getaway in God’s Own Country
It was a very short summer-monsoon vacation. We decided to stick around Trivandrum itself as it was start of monsoon and our
mode of transportation was my scooter. I didn’t want to get wet and catch cold
and spoil my long awaited days off. So we were search...

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Why do I love and hate my country at the same time ?
I have never disliked my country before. Life was pretty
much comfortable here. Keeping in mind it is still a developing country and one
of the most populous in the world, I believe it did the best. Life was not easy
here but was rather safer. I am a true p...

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Book Review - The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd
I was hoping to read a usual friendship story when I bought
this book. But it is not a ‘read the blurb and get the story’ kind of books. The
novel is more about history and less about the emotion of  characters. I find this novel different from
the usual sl...

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Because I love books...
Hi there, How you guys doing ? I had a great week and weekend. Even
though I look forward to a very productive weekend starting today, I am still
in the hangover of last weekend. I went on a teeny tiny summer vacation. More
like a weekend+2 days getaway. An...

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Travel Diaries - McLeod Ganj – Dharamshala
What can I say about this beautiful place ! It is like a
dream or may be its how heaven looks like. Ya it must be. Because once you rest
your foot in McLeod Ganj the first thing flashing in your mind is - Am canceling
my return tickets. Am not going anywher...

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Quotes day !!!
Hi there, Its been almost a week. I know. I promised a post on my reading list which is still in progress because you know the hunt for best books never ends. So after I told you guys that I am pretty much free last week, I have been the busiest of the week...
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