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Fundies really piss me off, and I'm not just talking about Christian ones.

Earlier today, +Jeff Vinson posted a picture from an Iranian born artist named Shirin Neshat. I reposted it. People complained in his post that he should retract the picture and he said that he would not. I commend him on his choice.

However, a little while ago, that picture went blank. It was apparently censored or deleted. I don't know why. I am assuming that Jeff did not retract it on his own. I am assuming that Google retracted it because of flagging.

It's not porn; it is art. And it's powerful art at that. And it's not the only picture that Shirin Neshat has produced as part of her conversation about women in Iran.

I am therefore reposting the picture, and I urge you to do the same. I am also posting a link to a blog with more of her pictures with equal power behind them. I am going to fight censorship like this anytime that I can. Religious people should not be telling us what we can or cannot post according to their blasphemy laws or sensibilities.

I would like to add that so far, I have never, ever, seen a critique of Christianity being deleted or censored. Maybe it has happened, but I haven't seen it. And if that is the case, Google has some explaining to do on this front. I sure hope that Google didn't manually delete or censor this picture - I hope that it was a stupid bug with an algorithm. But I can't be sure. What I can be sure about is that I am going to repeat this post if it does get deleted, and you should do the same.

Here is some information about the artist:

And here is a blog with more of her pictures:

Original censored post:

My repost of the original upon which the image is not showing for me either:

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+Tim Brooks posts lots of pictures that aren't exactly complimentary to Christianity (but oh so hilarious at the same time) - I think quite a few of them get flagged and censored as a result. It's a silly policy to censor art as pornographic, but it does happen across the board, i.e. not restricted to non-Christian religions.
What does it say? Google Translate can't do photos yet.
Censorship is a hideous thing of freedom and truth.
+Buddhini Samarasinghe I've seen +Tim Brooks 's posts (I have him circled since a while) and I haven't ever seen pictures of his censored. As I said: it may have happened but I've never seen it myself. Either way, I'm going to make a point about this. And if I do see a Christian one being censored, I'm going to get just as pissy about it. =)

+Amy Redstone I don't even know! I tried researching it but I came up blank. It might be something from the Koran, but maybe not. I'm guessing it probably is though and now, it makes me want to see her movie.
I have had many pictures censored :(
Hey +Tim Brooks, I didn't even know. Well, next time, point it out to me and I'll flip my lid over it as well. =) I just noticed this one because I reposted it and a while later, it went blank. I don't remember that ever happening to me before so I tracked it down. That's why I got involved, I guess. =)
+Summer Seale Of course. Censorship the way it's handled on G+ is really dumb. I just wanted to bring +Tim Brooks into this discussion because I know that he has specifically had many pictures (critical of Christianity) censored.

From what I understand, the pictures are from the series Women of Allah by Shirin Neshat and the verses are in Persian and is generally of Persian poetry. I saw some comments from people on one of the original posts that said that it's from a religious book and should be taken down. Which is telling, really, because if they're Persian poetry, they obviously are not from the Koran (and those commenters should really have known better).
+U-Ming Lee Thank you! =) That's very appreciated. I was wondering what they said and I'll read that link now. =)
This picture was censored? Wtf.

Perhaps it violates some archaic religious foot-washing rule or some shit. Stupid people.
I have had many muslim related pictures censored. I think muslims are a slight more aggressive than christians about censorship as a whole.
+Jennifer Isaacs Which would be even more ironic since the links I posted appear to suggest this isn't even religious text. It's a shame that I can't get this translated, though. I would ask an Iranian friend but I think given the subject matter, I think they would feel compelled not to respond.
I believe that the language has now itself become a religious symbol to worship. Ah idols seems to be a plenty with religious zealots and hypocrites.
An easy way to test this would be to put up a similar picture but with the words translated to Arabic: "Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." and see how many complaints ensue. :)
Thank you, +Summer Seale. And as a graphics-adept person, you have the power to make it happen! :P
I do but I have some rather pressing deadlines in the next couple of days and I'm traveling against next week for a few days. =/ Maybe somebody else could do that?
I would be honoured if someone considered the idea worthy of some work although I would really not like to be credited as having come up with it... for obvious reasons.
Well, if nobody does it in the next week or two, I might just do it if prodded again. =)
now this is getting just weird. It's almost as if something was pre-emptively suppressing the hashtag
It bears the annotation "Shared from the Google+ #ShirinNeshat stream" clearly added by Google themselves, yet the article doesn't show up in that stream - at least not for me.
Has any one checked out how you tube is being treated of recent as well? +Michael Mozart
There is always false flagging going on and flag bots that delete. There is also vote bots, videos being taken down like for example 'Thunderfoots's', and censorship of sorts on the net we don't even notice.
They have not only been censoring images, but lately google+ has been completely removing entire posts of mine, comments and all... very frustrating.
They seem to be targeting allot of those that are irreligion and any protest movement like ows.
Interesting. I hashtagged it in my post. Now I get nothing when I click on it and it says "There was an error processing your request."
It is odd that it doesn't display shares either.
I see 16 shares and 11 +'s on this post so far. (which is a lot for me. Of course, that's about 1 millisecond of activity for any post from George Takei on Facebook. =) )
There has been this things with hashtags fro some times as I would search. Even with out hash tags fro the past couple months. Google search has finally hit the fan it seems.
I only see two posts from #ShirinNeshat It is like she is forbidden from being post about.
I think the original post was tagged #ShirinNashat. But I looked her up and rewrote her name the way it is spelled in Wikipedia and other places.
Well I expect this post will be censored before you know it. :/
I see all that was censored with that hashtag.
I guess we'll see. And if it is, I'll repost it. =)

And I'll keep doing it and pulling in more people each time.
Always post links to pictures too please. Maybe more can easily repost on their own that way too.
I did. It's in the post. It contains a blog page with lots of her pictures. =)
Because their flagging system sucks and needs to be redesigned.
They do it for the reason of religion and nationality. They censor often even on you tube.
Though you know they wont redesign. If they don't do it to yt I don't believe they will do it here on G+.
It's a calculated move, I guess. Fundies will always be quick to report things that they don't like, while not enough non-fundies care.
Wardrobe malfunction of the socks? Pictures of a naked foot! Oh no - think of the children!
+Tim Brooks - curious to know what sort of posts Google removed? If this is the type of stuff that is going to get censored, I think G+ is doomed.
I'm glad the reaction to this ridiculous censoring is another 30+ posts of the same material. What would happen if we could get this onto the Hot List? Probably still censor it
Be my guest. I've never been on the hot list before. =) I am, however, going to sleep. So it's all in your hands, people! =)

(You've already all done me proud. Thank you for your support against censorship).
I have only seen one irrilegious post on the hot list and it was a very short time. I also have only seen one muslim one too.
+Arman Tiede Ha - Mohammed drawn in TURDS! Too funny. I thought at first it was going to be a link to the video from Colorado where an Xtian crazy lady marks up her Quran with bacon, reads from it while tearing it up, then burns the whole thing - some 20 minutes of You tube madness.
+Arman Tiede No,your link was correct, but did you think I would not look at all five pictures in the set? All funny!
+Arman Tiede Your link is CORRECT - takes to the picture you indicated, but it is contained in a scrapbook of 5 pictures and I looked at all of them. I should be able to find the You tube videos - I think it was parts one and two and each were 10 minutes or so. She gives her address and asks for the Muslims to come get her - but I think it is fake address - I google mapped it and got no residence location. I'll look now and post if I find them.
Except she's not really trying to do art, and more promoting hate speech. I mean in John's link, not this photo.
Note:... as per Shirin BIO +Wikipedia "Using Persian poetry and calligraphy she examined concepts such as martyrdom, the space of exile, the issues of identity and femininity"

WTF is wrong w/ Google... One has to respect both rights to have and to express beliefs, but that does not mean that one has to respect beliefs...
That is where block button should be for the individual that doesn't like it. Not block me from seeing my things and sharing to who wants to know.
Shirin Neshat's work is well known ... it's exhibited and sold in galleries and auction houses across the Middle East. If people don't like it, they need not look at it. My guess is that the equivalent of a couple of kids reported it and the great Google algorithm took over. I have also seen one or two posts by people who thought that the image suggested some sort of anti-western terror plot. Whatever the story, I am glad it's sorted out.
+Kent Goertzen Yes, I agree and by no means was endorsing her: she is as nutty of a Tea Party Xtian nutjob as the radical Muslims are on the other side - I just thought of her when I read that Arman was linking something anti-Muslim. Video girl has as much right to her own opinion as KoranFeet artist, even if not so artsy and way too long though, IMHO. 60 shares so far! And the censored Art picture has become uncensored at Jeff's site now. Good job everyone!
Wow, thank you everyone. I wake up and we've got 92 shares. =) That's pretty enormous for me, and all for a good cause. I've been alerted to the fact that the original picture was even reinstated, so I guess this is a "mission accomplished" moment. =) Thank you everyone for supporting this, and you also have my gratitude and appreciation. =)
shared. blessings of peace to all of you
Good. I like hearing about such happy endings.
Late to comment but one of the people I follow posted the "Middle Finger Jesus" picture as their profile pic as an experiment. It was gone in less than 24 hours. So it goes.
+Richard Healy "They" are much more concerned with offensive profile pics at Google.  I don't think anyone even has to report them for them to get pulled down.  I've heard that anything with a Nazi cross will not last long.
The problem is how far does it go to say that it is offensive. There are cultures that view manners and offense not all equally.
Thanks for removing my comment! But... Would ya please tell me why?
Nobody's comment was removed. Why?
Yeah? So... Where is mine? That was something like: I am a Persian... Remember?
No..I stopped looking at this thread a while back after one or two nights from posting it. What did you write? And no, I didn't delete yours at all. In fact, I didn't delete anyone's on here - even those I completely disagreed with and that I thought were over the line.
I was one who re-shared this in protest of censorship.  I also asked several of my Persian friends if it was offensive, out of curiosity.  I was told the writing is just poetry and not related to the Quran at all, and that while the soles of shoes are offensive to them, the soles of feet are not.  Which makes it even weirder that it was censored for awhile.
Yes many cultures that have thought showing feet is a form of nudity as well. Then there are those thought would think their language should not be written but on 'holly' paper. Then tats and body art is a form of making the body unclean in some religious eyes.
In their book, a female showing her feet is not illegal (haram). That language is Persian and there is no prejudice about where it is written. They are not tattoos. Some painting. Even their so-called prophet would use it. 

Those who commented and made Google omit that post are just a bunch of assholes who have not even read their so-called holy book!
i read no holy book but i also appreciate a good pic""
it is art and art is sometimes symetrical""
+Greg Deane Huh?  The first line of the poem may be similar on both feet, but the other lines are different.  Not that I read Persian, but comparing the symbols they don't match at all.  There are ~19 lines on the right foot and ~21 on the left.  Something I read on a website about the artist also makes me think the writing is on the photo of the feet and not actually on the feet, which is neither here nor there.
Not even the first lines are the same, +Greg Deane ! :P That is just a simple story from her written in henna. :)
:) It is in Persian. It is just a letter to someone who sacrificed their life for other people and their freedom! :)
Sweet! So ya know Persian, +Greg Deane ! :) No. It is just about someone who sacrificed their life for other people and their freedom. Shirin says since ya are dead, I am your poet and I will tell ya the story. 

I don't understand art, but I guess this refers to those who died on streets back in 2009 after the election. Maybe yes, maybe no! :)

"The westerner looking at her pieces will almost certainly not see what an Iranian sees. "Sometimes it's almost as if they're totally opposite," she says. But no one could miss the real point. However abstracted and metaphoric the approach may be, however ravishingly exotic the sights and sounds, the struggle of individuals claiming the right to control their own destiny and identity is what compels the gaze."

"Today, Iranian artists have no real choice to act otherwise. If politics cannot be avoided, then they are forced to seek a balance between political content and artistic form, with its own, usually sensible, content. And the word ‘balance’ already implies that the fusion of politics and art requires good taste, which is something on which we cannot and perhaps should not easily decide a priori"

"Women Without Men, Shirin Neshat's first feature film, explores the 1954 CIA coup in Iran from the perspective of two very diferent women."
Shirin Neshat's Women Without Men
Art is complicated.
The gun barrel is fairly obvious.
But in some cultures, merely exposing the sole of a foot can be insulting.  I don't know if that's meant to be relevant in this work, but it's hard to ignore when there are some people who will take it that way.
+Bob O`Bob I was under the impression that Muslims find the sole of the foot offensive, so I checked on that with some Muslims.  Turns out, the sole of a SHOE is offensive, but not a foot.  If there is some other culture that finds feet soles offensive, I'm not aware of it.  None of the several Muslims I sent that picture to (trying to get it translated) found it in any way offensive.
Though there is some Muslims that find the writing of the koran itself in Arabic to be sacred I do believe. At least that is what I heard from some media sources.
I don't know if all arabic writing may possibly be felt as sacred to some.
And ya keep saying the same thing, again and again. I don't know what does it have to do with muslims or Arabic language or Pakistanis, or Indians or whoever! 

The thing is in Persian. Some idiots came up and started trolling on some stream. So fucking what? Let me tell ya something, again! Those who claimed that is in Arabic or it is some holy text from quran are some stupid people! Don't feed the troll! 
Censorship is dumb I do agree. Why does google do what trolls wish and censor like this Milad? Is google evil or just full of people that don't have any balls to stand up against censorship?
Come on! Google is some company and it works for its own profits. Seems this time we lost the game to trolls. Let's not make the same mistake next time. I got that from +Jeff Vinson , the very same day. But it was already too late and the post was down! :(
So we are controlled in what we are allowed to see. Then we are punished for looking and sharing what we know.
Of course the internets are just one form of media censored in many ways. There is all kinds of things like tv, book, and eduction in schools that is controlled to what we are allowed to know.
It is the same as those that are hungry will eat any way. :)
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