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I'm....Summer Seale.
I'm....Summer Seale.

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Hah =D

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Still classic, and still one of the best live guitar performances ever. =)

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How fitting that +William Shatner​ and James T. Kirk share the same birthday. Please join us in wishing them both a very happy birthday!
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I don't really read cyrillic, or understand any but a few words in Russian, but this picture is just amazing.

And I'm pretty sure the caption sounds something like "Prijznijzky sjnimirol bajznamooyaba", or something along those lines anyway. So you can just pretend. =D
Небольшой домик в Ергаках. Фотограф: Владимир Пойлов.

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This one is for +Zayn Till. Couldn't have been more timely, given our conversation just yesterday. =)

This is going to be a bit of a rant about Gmail's new "Inbox" app and other tech marketing videos/app technology. And there will be slight rude language. You have been warned.

Is it just me or is the style of marketing apps becoming increasingly offensive? Not deliberately so, of course, but every single marketing video I've seen from hot tech companies such as Google and Apple (and I love them both very dearly) is clearly aimed at what appears to be rich hipster fucks who don't seem to have a care in the world and live on at a minimum $150,000/year with trust funds.

Let me clue you guys in for a moment: a lot of people use your apps because they look slick and cool, and I'm one of them. And they're also very useful. But let's face it: a hell of a lot of people with smart phones don't make shopping or travel their priority. In fact, most people with smart phones only travel once a year at most, and many don't constantly shop online enough to validate making a whole section about shopping a priority.

Now, I do shop quite a lot online, and I do travel quite a bit from time to time, but I know that I am not an average person. And I'm certainly not an average person outside of Western Europe and the United States.

If you guys want to cater to the average person, how about putting some useful stuff in for people who don't travel all the time, or don't shop for tons of stuff online? You know, the average person who thinks that $10/day for food is an exorbitant amount. How about putting some useful things in for people to manage their shoestring budgets, or to help them classify their job searches? You know - average people in the world who struggle to make ends meet and still have enough to get a phone or mobile device because they are being sold cheap overseas?

I'm not being facetious here. I'm pointing out that these marketing things, while cool and stylish, really don't address the reality of people's lives. Nor do the apps themselves. I have a feeling that some may like to pretend their have travel plans or lots of online shopping, but for many people such is just not the case.

Google, Apple, and the rest: you guys really demonstrate you live in this super happy hip bubble of extreme privilege at times. And as a person who actually does sometimes use things for travel and the like, I'm telling you: please stop marketing to only those of us who are in that position. You're a global company and perhaps you should address things globally with a bit more wide a view than you currently do. I love your products, I love your technology, and I do sometimes use it for the privileged parts. But I think that it's time you guys start addressing other things as well in the lives of people who don't have the privileged positions you appear to think everyone enjoys on a daily basis.

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Raccoons love water. 

~✿ღ Please Follow: +Wonderful World 

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Mostly for +Paul Stickland  and +Jeri Ryan  =)
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