So far, we know "Eve"— a new convertible Chromebook being worked on— will have a high resolution 2400x1600 (3:2) display, a seventh generation Kaby Lake processor, and a possible fingerprint sensor. Now, thanks to some digging by the fine folks over at Chrome Unboxed, we now know that "Eve" may come equipped with a Google Assistant button.

The Google Assistant, while available on many of Google's products, is not available on Chrome OS devices, but has been rumored to eventually become available—especially with the introduction of the Google Assistant SDK. Here's the text in the commit that hints at the Google Assistant button:

"Special keyboard mapping for Eve project. The keyboard has an extra
“Assistant” key."

It's unclear at the moment whether this will be a dedicated keyboard button, but the commit also hints at the key mapping of some combination of the ”8″ key and other keys for the Google Assistant. Additionally, "Wake on Voice" functionality has been added to "Eve," potentially allowing us to wake our device by calling on the Google Assistant.

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