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It is incredible how inefficient the Indian Government is in processing the OCI Application. The Status of my Wife's OCI is given below. I don't know why it is taking so long - is it because she is Bengali? I understand they are doing background checks in Delhi.
It used to quicker (at least for non-Bengalis before 2014) before Mr. Modi came to power.


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I have lost faith in android phones.  It is a bad OS.  We were investigating how one person could use the Wi-Fi using 47 separate devices.  The MAC addresses looked similar, but not the same.  The answers were in the following: and

Apparently a Fake phone will give you this, or you deliberately change the MAC address as shown in the YouTube video.
Can any law abiding person trust #android   

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My daughter has a book signed by a certain Mr. Trump.  She also spoke to him while she was in the USA.  I wonder how much the book would fetch on e-bay?

A question for +Anil Das perhaps, who knows everything about Indian History.  Why the people from South India, are so good in Mathematics in general?  It does not mean that other states did not produce great mathematicians or physicists, but people in these states are more obsessed with Maths than in any other states.  

A gmail question:
We got fake e-mails where the sender is:
and the sending server hostname is  We got about 500 of these mails after Christmas asking for Money.

Is this kind of thing possible in gmail?


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About time

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi to all my friends of Indian Origin. 
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