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BRAND NEW ALBUM from +Suite 709 "Night & Day" Available TODAY!

Happy 7.09! Today we're releasing Suite 709's Brand New Album "Night & Day" EXCLUSIVELY at 

Featuring "I Like it" as featured in the Google+ On Air Campaign and New Single "Life Won't Let You Down."

We want you guys to hear this album!!!  If you've already purchased, heard, or like any of the songs, we would sincerely appreciate you sharing this and helping spread the word!!! :)

Thanks so much for all your support!!!

+Jirod Greene +Dietrich Schmidt +David Butler +Drew Walters +Zachary Boston of +Suite 709  
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Woohoo! Congrats, boys! :-)
Congrats guys :) I know you have the album on Spotify and all, but could you guys get it on too? It's what I mostly use for music.
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