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Sugar Mill Calculations

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We offer the Design services for Sugar Refinery at reasonable cost. Which will include the following :
The refinery process design documentation will be presented as “Design Manuals” in “Soft” copies of the designs will be provided. The content of the manuals is discussed below:
Defines the process engineering requirements of the refinery which includes:
o   Process data – Process Design Overview,
o   Process Description,
o   Process Performance,
o   Piping and Instrumentation Drawings (P&IDs),
o   Solids & Materials Balances,
o   Reagent consumption,
o   Utility consumption,
o   Mass balance,
o   Steam balance,
o   Colour balance,
o   Water balance.
o   Equipment – Layout Drawings,
o   Equipment Lists,
o   Piping, Insulation & Painting Specifications
o   Instrumentation Lists and Data Sheets
Process Documentation
The Process engineering design will include the following:
o   Equipment specification/ datasheets for tanks and vessels.
o Equipment specifications for all bought-out equipment including pumps, air blowers , centrifugal machines, instruments etc
o   Equipment list, manual valve list, instrument list and ancillary items list for all areas.
o Process & Instrumentation Drawings (P&ID) that detail process flow, manual valve requirement and position, instruments and controls, pipe sizes and pipe schedule data. These drawings will be used by the local piping contractor along with the layout drawings to generate the detailed piping design of the Sugar Refinery.
We will also develop the following balances for the Refinery processes:
o   Materials balance
o   Colour balance
o   Steam balance
o   Process water balance
In addition to the above we will generate the specification and consumptions of the required reagents for the refinery processes. We will provide a consolidated process flow diagram for the refinery and discreet process & instrumentation diagrams for each of these refinery processes.
Layout Drawings
We will provide layout drawings of these processes only. These drawings will typically include equipment layout and elevations The layout drawings will be used by the local civil contractor to develop the detailed civil engineering designs.
Piping Design
Piping design is Client scope of Supply.
Process and mechanical design services
We will define the conceptual design through:
Process Descriptions, Process and Piping and Instrumentation Drawings (P&IDs), Equipment Conceptual Layouts of Equipment, Tank and vessel data sheet
Drawings of Equipment
We can also provide 2D drawings of equipments and associated tanks for fabrication purposes.
Process Descriptions, Process and Piping and Instrumentation Drawings (P&IDs), Equipment Conceptual Layouts of Equipment, Tank and vessel data sheet
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