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Grooves in rocks leading from the beach out to the sea. Flinders Victoria. The romantic in me wants them to have been made by glacial activity, but I don't seriously think that's the cause. They don't appear to be manmade and they're not regular - at the widest about maybe 30 - 40 cm, but only about 20cm or so through the rocks in shadow toward the top of the photo.

There are fantastic rock pools right through this area, lots of seaweed washed up on shore and great surf for those hardy souls not worried about sharks (there's a seal colony not far away) or being swept over the rocks.
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As far as I can tell (and my knowledge of Australian geology is pitiful), glaciers were never extensive there and never really touched Victoria. This page - - tends to imply they can't be striations. Sorry! Those grooves look like fractures to me. A look at a few geologic maps of the area shows these are volcanic rocks, probably basalts, and there are faults running through the area. So, semi-educated guess: cooling fractures and/or fault zone fractures, worn by water. Shall we put my guess to the test and put this up on En Tequila Es Verdad for the geoblogosphere to ponder?

And when are you going to make it out here to Seattle so I can show you some definite glacial grooves? ;-)
Sue T
Fractures, ah ha, we have a Fault under here somewhere: I think called Selwyn's Fault. I wonder if it's something to do with that? I thought it was too much to hope for it to be anything to do with glaciation. I love the idea of there being a geoblogosphere! They're most welcome to ponder, and I bet someone, somewhere, takes one look and goes "ah ha, it's a ....."
As for getting over there - dreams only - there's so much to see and do here that I'll need more than one lifetime ;)
Hee. That's about how the Pacific Northwest is. But hoping to travel the world someday. If so, I'll have to swing by, if you'll have me! And if, by chance, you ever end up in the Seattle area, you are welcome to swing by here!
Going to write this up in a bit, so just a few points to clarify: ok to use the photo? How do you want to be identified?
Sue T
Yes, fine to use the photo/s.
identification: S. Travers.
Sue T
euuuuuw, that is so cool, and interesting! I love it! I've never heard my home area described in such a fun way! Little squeals of delight - yip, yip, yip!!

Real identity is fine, no probs at all. I've got a website and blog and whilst it took over a year to be persuaded that I NEEDED a photo and guff about me I finally succumbed and have adapted to not being the person hiding behind the rocks ;)

oh, now I want to send you more photos - to hear what you have to say! One in particular I'm intrigued by - pah, forget the book review :-)

Actually I lied, there's more than one ... and beer, you mentioned beer !!
See what geology does to a person? LOL. Send all you like - I may not be able to do them all, but this is fun, and it's nice to be able to get out of the Pacific Northwest, even if vicariously!

Glad you liked the post! I went ahead and added a link to the original G+ update, and in the future I'll even use pronouns. Whew!
Sue T
+Dana Hunter your post got me inspired to do one of my own that I'd planned for some time on some lovely hills in outback New South Wales. Are you ok with me using your name and link to your blog?