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Some good info on wicking beds - apparently they're great in problematic climates! (aka Melbourne!)

#gardenbeds   #raisedbeds   #wickingbeds  
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More research to be done +Michael Ringland :-)
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This Mother's Day: A message to mums and children in detention.
#thismothersday   #asylumseekers   #mumsindetention  
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Brilliant! Gourmet food which was destined for landfill is on the menu!  I hope we see more of these appearing around the country. 

“We want people to discover by dining at harvested, that there’s nothing wrong with this produce and that high quality, nutritious and wholesome meals can be made from ingredients that would normally be discarded simply by the application of a little imagination and effort.”

#harvested   #mealforameal  

via a private share
Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, OzHarvest, will transform food destined-for-landfill into gourmet, high quality restaurant meals for its latest innovative pop-up café project, harvested, set to open its doors to the public on Tuesday, 12 May from 11.30am in Pyrmont. The organisation collects approximately 340,000 kilograms of surplus food each month from all types of …

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maybe not.

Sounds a bit like filing to me - filing is not one of my strong points.

via +Charles Strebor 
h/t +Ted Ewen 
Or: I can finally collect my posts by topic!
aka: I can finally follow specific topics from a person!
So, I am sure you have probably seen announcement of Collections. I am sure you have some questions or points of confusion, so I thought I would write this to help you out.
TL;DR: If you leave everything to the default settings you will notice no difference in your streams, other than the fact that posts in collections will have a small header showing the collection they are a part of.
What are collections? Collections are a way of organising your posts, both new and old, by topic or content. In a way they are like tags. In a way they are like communities. In a way they are just like the G+ you have always used.

Where you used to share a post publicly or to specific circles, you can now also share them to your collections. They will behave just like private and public posts always have, appearing on your profile and in the stream of those who have you circled. As an added bonus, these posts are collected in one convenient place. Kinda like our own magazines!
How do I create collections?  You create them using the collections interface, available from the top-central menu bar or via the main drop-down menu. Select collections and click on Create a Collection (see image below, top left). Give it a name and choose whether it is private or public. This choice can not be changed and private collections do not behave quite the way one might expect. For example, if I have a post shared between myself and one other user and I have a private collection which only we can see, I can not move that post to that collection, even though the distribution lists match.
Once it is created, your collection will appear as a card in the list next to Create a Collection (again, see image below). Click on it to enter the collection.  You can change the cover image and background colour by clicking on the customise button. Background colours are limited to the palette presented.
The cover image is interactive in collections. The top and bottom are truncated in the default view. By clicking on the image, you can expand it to the crop chosen when the image was initially selected as the cover.  There are no visual guides for the truncation, but a little trial and error will get you there.
You can change the name of a collection by clicking on the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the cover image and selecting edit. Also take note of the setting available here: *People who have you in circles automatically follow this collection*. By default everyone who has you circled will be set to follow your public collections. THIS EXACTLY MIMICS PRE-COLLECTION BEHAVIOUR. 
As mentioned above, if you do nothing to the settings around collections and as long as the collection owner does not change that setting, you will see no real difference from collections.
You mean I can finally stop seeing all those  #tedscousins posts? How do I remove a collection from my stream?
Pout. Yes, yes you can. Just go to a profile, click on collections, and you will see all that user's collections you have access to, public and private.  Just click where it says *FOLLOWING* on the collection you wish to mute. It will change to FOLLOW and you are unsubscribed. Click on *FOLLOW* on any collection of interest to add it to your stream.
How Do I post to a Collection?
If you are posting a new post, just put the collection you want the post in where you would normally put PUBLIC or a circle name. That's it. Post as normal and the post will appear in both your stream and will be available in the collection. Easy, no?
How do I move existing posts to a collection
If the post is yours you can use the dropdown menu (the down pointing carat in the top right of every post) and select move post to collection, select the collection from the list and hit *move to collection*. Done and dusted. Note: posts may only be in *one* collection.   If it is someone else's post, just share it as normal, selecting the target collection.
I put a post in the wrong collection. How do I move it?
Well, you don't. You have to remove it first. Use the same drop down menu as we used to move the post in  (top right corner of the post) and select *remove from collection*. You may then add it to the proper collection as detailed above. *Note:* it can take several seconds for the menu in the post to catch up after removing a post from a collection. If *move to collection* is not in the menu, wait a few seconds and try again.
Is there any way to bulk move my old posts into collections?
Well, no. You will have to move each post individually. For those of us with many thousand posts, this will be tedious and time consuming.
If you are going to try moving a large number of posts to collections from your stream, I strongly suggest creating all the collections first. If you are several pages down in your stream and you want to move a post to a new collection, you will have to open a new tab and create it. Unfortunately, the collection selection list does not update on that change: you have to reload the stream or post, and add it to the new collection. If you are working through your stream this means you will have to scroll down through several pages to find your place again , for every collection you forgot at the start.
There you have it. What I've learned of Collections in the short time I've been able to mess with them. If you see anything I have wrong, have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to let me know below. 
I'm really interested to see how you all make use of this new feature.
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It just sounds like circles. I barely organise my circles, so I think this is not going to be used by myself.
So long as I don't end up missing anything that I would have normally seen before the update, I don't care.
I wonder if there's a way to get rid of the "collection shared to" header on each post. I see it a lot now. 

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There's a good explanation in the video on p13 of click farms, paying for FB ads and why it doesn't work. 

h/t +The Venus Project - Global 
When you like a page (supposedly because you are interested in what that page posts), Facebook will not mention its secret to you: that you will rarely see that page’s posts, very rarely.

Read the entire article (Facebook's Business) here -
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I use it because that's where my family and friends are. Theoretically it's also supposed to be good for my local business (hah - what a joke) I object to the algorithm deciding what gets seen. Like you +Tessa Schlesinger I'd prefer to pay for a service that worked as anticipated.

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Does your vote reflect how the party views issues or how you think they do. Have they changed over time? (Short answer - Yes!) But do you know how and where? What about the hippy, tree hugging Greens? Are they really weird, or is that how the murdoch media wants you to view them? (Short answer - the Greens are more in line with the interests, charities and groups his mother, Dame Elisabeth supported: "academia, the arts, children, flora and fauna, heritage, medical research, social welfare ... [she] also devoted herself to less popular causes: prisoners, children in care, those battling mental illness and substance abuse - from Wikipedia). 
via +Kerry Wright 
#auspol   #voting  
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Well, I am US so this doesn't really apply much, and some of the questions were hard to correlate to US issus. Was a good quiz and we'll done results. I got Liberal = 60, Green = 53, Labor = 39. Seems well rounded, something like Independent. 
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I detect some negativity towards both govts ... and the mining industry is in there too ....

"The bigger picture is that the state's finances have been managed so poorly that the biggest boom in our history has resulted in us being back on welfare."

"what we really have is a federal government that doesn't have any money, bailing out a broke WA government who in turn are bailing out iron ore miners and propping up our "bloated" and inefficient government-owned electricity businesses."

h/t +Peter Macfarlane 
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Still lost the AAA credit rating colon. We hate you here, emperor.

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More on collections.

via +Charles Strebor 
What Collections Are (Not)

Google+ now has a new feature, obviously, called Collections. But what are they and what can you do with them? This post is designed to give some inspiration and tips as to how to use Collections.

First off, collections are not the Google+ variation on Pinterest or Flipboard. More on what they are will adequately dispel the idea that these are any similar to Pinterest of Flipboard, so we can leave it at that.


There are two sides to the collections feature, collecting and following. I'll deal with collecting last, as following is briefer. As far as following is concerned, collections will simply open up the door to more nuanced ways to follow/unfollow people. Initially, everyone now starts off following all the collections of everyone else. That's where we have been in the past. We already have:

- Follow everything from someone. 

- Follow nothing from someone. 

- View topic specific communities to get just that kind of content. 

Collections however give us a layer of nuance that is going to change much of how we interact on Google+, as individuals and as brands. What we get (follow wise) with collections:

- Follow everything from someone and get notifications from a specific collection. (Each collection has a notification setting, in case we want to get notified when that person shares into that specific collection. The notification only happens if new content is shared directly to the collection, and not if pre-existing posts are moved to a collection.)

- Follow everything from someone except what they put in a specific collection. (This is especially great if you enjoy most of a person's content, but don't want to see their selfy/cat/gif/food collection. Luckily for you, they put those things in a collection, just in case you wish to unfollow it.)

- Follow only a collection or two of someone, but don't follow them! (Let's say that person doesn't put their cat posts in a collection. But you really love that photography collection they have. Simply unfollow them from your circle but continue to follow that particular collection of their content. The long term result is, if you post mixed content, it pays to use collections for different topics. If you don't nuance how you post, people can't nuance how they follow.)

- The option then is to have notifications on or off for some of all of these collections, whether you follow the person/page or not.

Again, this is a nuanced kind of following.


But let's move on to collecting, because you'll likely want to make your own. Again, if you don't nuance how you share by using collections, people can't nuance how they follow you. With collections, you can build up multiple audiences, both for brand and profiles.

- Make an album of similar posts. Here is my Start Coding with JavaScript collection, in which you can find a couple posts dedicated to that page: (by placing these in a specific collection, people can unfollow just this one while still follow me, or do the reverse and follow this one but not follow me or any of my other collections).

- Make a to-read list: make a private collection only visible to you. Share your favorite posts from others into it. Weeks later, when the posts are really far down your profile, you can access them quickly from the collections tab in your profile.

- Make a family album that only people in your family circle can see. Sharing into that collection means sharing only to them, and also gives them easy access to all other posts in that collection.

- Make a spammy post collection. Hang on to followers. As a convenience, post all your cat .gif, food posts and super-diamond-engagement circle share posts into a collection so that people don't unfollow you but instead unfollow just that group of posts. Please do so now. It is a convenience.

- Make a songlist by sharing your SoundCloud songs.

- Make collections to target audiences. Communities have categories for patrons to more easily navigatenavigate and interact on the basis of topics. We do this as well using hashtags. Now, pages and profiles themselves can allow for more topic based interaction.

- Make a collection of all your reshares to highlight others, easily accessible from the collection tab on your profile.

Ways of Viewing Collections

Think of collections this way. Labels are to Gmail emails what circles are to Google+ profiles. Each email and each profile can be in multiple labels or circles, respectively. We aren't talking multiple copies.

Collections, on the other hand, are to posts what albums are to images. Images on Google+ can't be in more than one album, and post can only (currently) be in one collection. To put something in a collection, it has to be a post. A collection is an album of posts.

Think of it as a personal hashtag. If you hashtag a post, clicking on that hashtag will take you to all posts by all people using that tag. However, collections are like a hashtag that, when you click on it, only takes you to that "tag" by that one person.

This allows you to aggregate, collect, organize, categorize your posts.

There are many many other ways to use the feature. It is a major change in how we interact.

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Understandable... I'm not doing it for any other categories of posts....

Sue Travers

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This is an interesting article on faux news, media manipulation and the sad state of the US.

via +Matt Uebel 
>“Tell me why you’re angry,” Vittert began.

“I’m angry because of everything we go through,” Watson said, “You killed my man Freddie. … You really dragged my man who was already out. You’re shooting people out here for nothing. ... We got a mayor who don’t do shit about it.”

Vittert admonished, “We have to watch the language,” and then Watson translated it, Airplane-like, directly from “jive.” “We have a mayor who isn’t doing anything about it.”

“You’ve obviously had a run-in with the police?” Vittert ask-accused. Sure, Watson said. “They hit me with three bean bags.”

Back in the studio, Megyn Kelly was either incredulous or titillated: “Let’s see the injuries.”

And so, Watson lifted up his shirt to reveal three different bloody wounds, with Vittert’s disembodied and ghostly-white hand pointing helpfully into the frame.

“Oh, wow. There you go, Megyn.”
In its coverage of Baltimore, the Fair and Balanced network had its world turned upside down.
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So it turns out that outside the echo chamber doesn't echo what's said inside the echo chamber?

Sue Travers

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Who needs world class internet and access? Apparently not Australia.

the affordability of digital access was ranked 49th - more expensive than the vast majority of developing economies .

Australia's internet speeds are also well behind international leaders which is headed by South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan

See page 21 of the report for info on cyber security -  also as it relates to children 
p 25 on the NBN
p 26 there's a brief bit on privacy

Is anyone in the government listening?

h/t +Sridhar Dhanapalan 
#nbn   #fraudband   #internet  
Australia lagging behind in digital maturity due to slow internet speeds; lack of infrastructure, report finds
Australia lags behind other countries in digital maturity and is at significant risk of falling further behind, a new report warns.
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Ahh! Now I understand +Emlyn O'Regan  thanks!

We have strong winds down here atm, and when that happens our connection is poor. But that doesn't matter to the gubment, because it's not as if people are trying to run internet based businesses :(

Sue Travers

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(Haven't listened yet - posting so I don't lose it)

h/t +David Furphy 
#privacy   #surveillance  
"If your not doing anything wrong, you've got nothing to hide"

We're constantly hearing this refrain, from leaders in government, from law officers, from tech industry figures, from media commentators and also in casual conversations with friends and family.

Glen Greenwald, the reporter who broke the Edward Snowden story, clearly explains why this notion is not only wrong, but an insidious threat to our free society.
Glenn Greenwald was one of the first reporters to see — and write about — the Edward Snowden files, with their revelations about the United States' extensive surveillance of private citizens. In this searing talk, Greenwald makes the case for why you need to care about privacy, even if you’re “not doing anything you need to hide."
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Very interesting stuff.
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