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Finally - research that confirms teens aren't leaving Facebook in the groves that we have been hearing.  But do you know what other places your kids are hanging?   #digitalparenting  
We are constantly hearing headlines saying that our teens are leaving Facebook.  I know I am someone that has been debating that.  Not because I don’t believe they are leaving it, but because I think they may be using other social media sites in addition to Facebook. The fact is Facebook offers too many functions that …
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Sue Scheff

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STUDY: #Cyberbullying  continues since no intervenes the trolls online.
Administrators never rush to the aide of the victims. While, the sufferers seem to bear it and try to move-on, allowing cyber-bullies to continue their virtual aggression.
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The virtual world of social media is a dominant force in the lives of many teenagers. Nearly 40 percent of teens carry a smart phone, according to data released by Pew Research Center. But these days the online world is having dire effects on the way some girls are trying to navigate the real world.
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Sue Scheff

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It seems as if each week, we are exposed to a new way people have found to use their keystrokes to hurt and shame each other. #cyberbullying  +The Huffington Post 
It is not about simply ignoring it and rising above it. It is about being proactive as well as taking care of yourself....
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Excellent read by +Jacoba Urist via +The Atlantic  #education   #edchat   #students  
Some politicians want to get rid of the AP U.S.-history curriculum because it paints a cynical picture of the country's backstory.
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14 signs to clue you in if your teen is addicted to their #smartphone  via +Ten to Twenty Parenting  #digitalparenting  
In a world of technology and always being on, tech addiction is an actual concern. Here are signs your teen has had too much of their phone.
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Why offline #parenting   is just as important as online monitoring. Your teens need to have the common sense to make wise decisions in cyberspace.   #digitalparenting  
Beneath the sierra-filtered fall foliage and #skinnyarm besties lurks something much, much darker. 
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This is important for parents to hear, Sue. Thanks for adding back! 
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Great read!!!! #Kindness   #cyberbullying  via +The Huffington Post 
We are all on this life journey together. We all have a voice. I use mine to communicate, to understand others, and to make the world a kinder place to live in. By spewing your commentary, it makes me wonder what else you do in life that pushes us al...
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Let's create more upstanders... #bullying   #onlinebullying   #cyberbullying  
A recent study done by researchers at The Ohio State University shows that people who witness online bullying don't often do anything direct to stop it, but do respond indirectly later.
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It's not only our #kids  and #teens  addicted to their #smartphones   time for #parents  to confess... great quiz by +Katie Hurley 
Research shows we check our phones around 150 times per day. Take our quiz to find out if it's time to tune out your smartphone, and tune in to the real world.
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Author and Parent Advocate
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Author and Parent Advocate

Sue Scheff founded Parents’ Univeral Resource Experts (P.U.R.E) in 2001.  It was created to help educate parents in a loosely regulated industry called “teen help.”  After struggling with her own teenage daughter, she traveled down a road that was not only destructive to her - but put her daughter in harms way.

Sue Scheff is now a Parent Advocate and continues to help thousands of families with today’s teens.  During her crusade to help inform others, she became a victim, and now survivor, of Internet Defamation and Slander.  As with many people that have a voice to create change, you will have vocal enemies.  However, free speech does not condone defamation or slander.  After fighting back - a jury awarded Sue Scheff $11.3M verdict for damages.   

Sue Scheff has appeared on many media outlets including ABC News 20/20 i-Caught, CNN Anderson Cooper, The Rachael Ray Show, Lifetime Television,  CNN Headline News, Fox Morning News with Mike and Juliet, Fox News Tampabay, CBS News with Katie Couric, BBC, CBC Sunday News Magazine, Newsweek, Washington Post, Washington Times, USA Today, Miami Herald, Veja, Forbes, and many more both National and International.

Sue’s book - Wit’s End! is available at all book stores and online at Amazon. Published by Health Communications, Inc.

Google Bomb! is Sue's second book with co-author John Dozier and foreword by Michael Fertik. Published by Health Communications Inc.  When Revenge Becomes E-Venge - Take Cover with Google Bomb!

I currently am the co-chair for the Community Empowerment Series in in St. Johns County and also the Board of Advisors for CiviliNation.  I am also a contributor to the Huffington Post, GalTime, Stop Medicine Abuse, Parenting Today's Kids, School Family,, BeCyberWise and other publications.

Join me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

Sue Scheff Author and Advocate

Parents'  Universal Resource Experts (P.U.R.E.)

Learn more on LinkedIN.

Sue Scheff is a contributor for Huffington Post, Parenting Today's Kids, GalTime,, Dr., School Family, Examiner, A Platform for Good, and others.

She is the co-chair for The Community Empowerment Series and a Rotarian.

Bragging rights
For over a decade my organization has been helping families with at-risk teens. I also have been an advocate for many victims of Internet defamation, proving that there is a life after cyber-slander.
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