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How many woodworkers out there wish they had a better guide rail system on their table saw? Make you own!
Here's what's involved with making own guide rail system. Whether it's for your table saw, band saw or router table, it's much easier that you think!
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Sue Rostvold

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One other question. Doesn't look like there is much activity on this community page. Should I assume that you are all using Capsule and having no problems? Or have you moved on to something else? - Just curious
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Just that the community is quiet, which says more about Google plus than Capsule.
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Sue Rostvold

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I'm searching for a CRM. I like the way Capsule looks. I just signed up to try it out and I have a question. In the blog it shows a screenshot of a contact profile that has all the social media buttons/links. Google plus, Flickr, Facebook, etc... But when I create a contact I only see Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook as social options to enter.  -   Does Capsule really allow you to have links within your contact's profile to their social media accounts?
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Both correct.
If you authorise and connect your account to LinkedIn etc, it will suggest social addresses.
But you can manually add them anyway, any time.
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Sue Rostvold

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Papi had a blast out in the "wild" today. He tried hard to blend in. Can you spot him?
 #Austin #Nature
Sue and Papi and I took a hike into the Barton Creek Greenbelt. It was chilly and Papi was sporting his red fleece jacket. Looking good Papi! #chiweenie #dog #austintexas #bartoncreek  
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Sue Rostvold

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I have verified websites on two pages for my clients, but I can't figure out how to get their brand name verified? (In addition I have linked their Google plus pages and YouTube channels successfully as well)

Does getting a verified name have something to do with how many followers and/or how long the page has been on Google+ maybe? I'm talking about the little verified check mark next to the brand name like many company pages have; Starbucks, Dell, Walgreens, etc...

-  I didn't think you had to be a huge company to have a verified name.

Please advise.
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Yes, thanks again +Mark Traphagen . And to recap,  personally, I was only wondering about brand name verification for business pages and you basically said "it's hard to say", I get it now. I have a couple clients that wanted to know if there was a magic number of followers required. I'll tell them not  to worry about it and to focus on content and online relationships instead of verification. :)
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Sue Rostvold

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Sharing an image from the Google+ Facebook page. Ha! #googleplus #facebook  
GooglePLUS posted this photo on 2013-05-05. 140 likes. 42 comments. 25 shares.
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Sue Rostvold

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RE: Searching the discussions relating to "Pages" on this page.

So, before I ask a question here, what's the most efficient way for me to look and see if someone else has already asked?

? How do you search within a community to see if a topic has already been discussed and resolved?
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Oh my. The content overfloweth. I must step away from the computer and start searching for my dachshunds right now. :)  - Thanks for the great feedback/answers you guys.
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Sue Rostvold

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I've been there and jumped off that diving board many times. Such a cool place, not many people seem to know about it. Nice video Alec!

Sue Rostvold

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Congrats on your new motor!

Sue Rostvold

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." ~ Nelson Mandela

What an amazing life and amazing force he was. Rest in Peace.   #nelsonmandela #education  
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Sue Rostvold

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Took this photos at +Cheryl Finfrock studio. The art matches the candy!
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Sue Rostvold

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Great information (via +MichaelCurrey) about sizing photos before posting on Facebook. What size is optimal?  Article here: #facebooktips #facebookmarketing #facebook  
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No, that's not what I mean. I understand everything you said, but I think there is a mistake. I will post on Google plus what I'm talking about since I don't have your email. I can delete it later. (Did you see my FB attachment?)
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Social Media Therapist - Google Profile Consultant - Mrs. AskWoodMan
Introduction    512-670-8101

I help people develop an online presence using social media in order to land a new job, enhance their career, market their business, or just have fun connecting with family and friends.

 I am a New Media Enthusiastic, Social Media Consultant and a bit of a geek as well. 

Many people feel frustrated online and/or technically intimidated. I talk people down and help them transform their internet experience so that it's productive and fun. Social Media doesn't have to be hard, but it is time consuming. My experience is that everyone can use a Social Media Therapist to help them wade through the information. 

I enjoy working one-on-one to coach, train, and educate others and share what I know and the new things I learn every day. 

 also specialize in Google Places, Google Plus and Google Profile development. As a Google consultant I help explain the basics. Not only how search engine optimization works, but what's going on with Google lately. Embrace change. Carpe Diem!
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Have flown a Cessna 152, crashed in a hot air balloon, and survived class 5 rapids in the Royal Gorge.
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    Photography major within the Fine Arts department.
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Verysupercool Sue, Mrs. AskWoodMan
Social Media Marketing, Linkedin Consultant, Digital Imaging Specialist, Photographer and Animal Lover
Photoshop, iMovie, Wordpress websites (WooThemes Canvas), SEO training, blogging/writing coach and a few other things. ;)
    owner, 2007 - present
    I work as a social media consultant, coach and trainer at Social Media Therapy. I help my husband edit and market his educational YouTube channel AskWoodMan.TV and I am co-owner of
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