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As summer and fall vegetables started popping up in gardens around southeastern Connecticut, baskets started popping up in front yards with that day’s bounty and a small sign saying “Food is Free.”The boxes are part of Free Store Connecticut, a local manifestation of a greater movement to build community through sharing food.The “store” currently has 10 tables in six towns around New London County where people can take or leave food and other ite...

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American teenager Virginia Thrasher won the first gold medal of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Saturday

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I am sharing an article written by my client MarieAnna Dvorak, a Director/Writer, who lived through some harrowing times in the former Czechoslovakia in post war times. She has a movie project called "Rise of Dawn" based on her true story of these times. MarieAnna sent me this article yesterday because she was concerned about America not supporting NATO and coming to Europe's aid such they need it. She asked me to share the article on my social media sites.

MarieAnna Dvorak

NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It was created four years after the bloodiest war in history by the United States, Canada and several Western European countries for security against the Soviet Union. NATO is an alliance that consists of 28 independent member countries to protect each other from aggression and maintain peace. "One for all, all for one" is a central principal of the NATO alliance.

Recently there have been indications of a threat in Europe. Listening to the NATO Secretary General at the NATO summit on July 8th brought tears of appreciation to my eyes. It is a European problem, one would argue. But think hard! Even if we ignore that US is a member of NATO since its birth, we cannot ignore that this country exists because of Europeans. Their sacrifice and dedication to build a better future for their children and grandchildren are all around us. Many of them are your ancestors, which include most of America's presidents. Your roots are in Europe. Thus turning your back on Europe means turning your back on your own roots and history. Let me remind you of one of the President Roosevelt's most profound thoughts: "Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists."

Have you ever thought of what would have have happened to America if there was a selfish president during the Second World War? America was lucky to have such a great political leader who had a big heart and enough courage to stand against a tyrant who thought too big.

"Think big" are two powerful and encouraging words that mostly relate to the materialistic mind. It is true that big thoughts can lead to progress and prosperity, and who doesn't prefer Bugatti Veyron to beat up Ford? But thinking big can also lead to selfishness and possessiveness. It can even turn into delusion and cause great material loss as well as a great loss of human life. However, if you "think big" in the materialistic term, think as well of peace and being there for others. For it's true: "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." -- Sir Winston Churchill.

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My New Client:
Introducing Francis J. Thomas, Owner of JackyJac Productions – French Riviera

JackyJac Productions, a company primarily focused on producing photography and video was founded in 2008 in San Jose, California. Francis Thomas, the owner, is known for his unique style and personal touch that is often missing in today's world. His goal is to make your experience truly memorable.

JackyJac Productions is now based in Grasse near Cannes on the French Riviera, and continues its passion for producing images while collaborating with other professionals to deliver each specific competency needed for video and photography projects. To realize and enhance these productions our 2100 square feet facility includes a TV studio that can also be used for webinar and a fully equipped photo/video studio.

On the audiovisual pole we are producing reports, documentaries, interviews, events follow up, and many other video formats as well as broadcasting solutions.

The infrastructure of JackyJac Productions is extremely flexible and making the production of small, medium, and big projects possible. Our teams work with clients and their exigencies, in order to propose more solutions of services by adapting themselves to professional demands.

Our photographs shot in studio exhibit the value of products or services. Exigency and quality are our master words for the creation of your media through publications or videos.

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Director/Writer MarieAnna Dvorak

Truth of the novel THE ​UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING is revealed in RISE of DAWN motion picture.

"Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday."

In a long-ago time, in the youth of the main character of the Rise of Dawn story, the writer of The Unbearable Lightness of Being was inspired by her article "Odyssey of Home-comer." It was her first and the only confession of mistrust for the totalitarian regime that culminated in years of living under a strict surveillance from the secret police behind the Iron Curtain. The accusation of conducting espionage for the USA was false, but fear from political prison and
​experience of machine-guns pointing at the heads of her children have remained as real as if it all happened just yesterday. So, I am now coming out with the true story, for I am certain that millions of people who read the book and saw the movie would appreciate knowing the true destiny of one's life that is documented in the historical facts.
The​ story vividly portrays life in the regimes of contradictions ​that have existed since the beginning of civilization. ​And there is no saying how dangerous these differences are to the whole world​​ today and tomorrow. ​There couldn't be a better time for this ​movie​ than right now when the world is dealing with related issues​. It will be filmed in the major European film studio​ that enables our production to produce a film of exceptional quality at the lower cost that can compete in appeal with high-budget films of the same genre. The creators of the film project are now seeking investors.
Dvorak Productions
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Introducing Author and Songwriter
Michelle McCann McDaniel

Born in Los Angeles, Michelle McCann-McDaniel was on the shy side and spent a lot of time alone with her imagination. Around twelve years of age she started writing about her feelings in poetic prose. In her thirties she started writing articles for a small community newspaper in California, wrote a short story in Women's World Magazine, and an article in the Swiss newsletter “New Roots”. She loves music and has written over 30 songs.

Michelle has written several children's books including Adopted - A Dog's Tale: As told by Baby and Sara The Nice Snake. Michelle has just released a novel for adults entitled A Time Like This: Providence, Destiny, or Fate?

A Time Like This: Providence, Destiny, or Fate?

A Time Like This takes place during the biblical events of Esther and Nehemiah. Sura, the main character, begins her story by telling her granddaughter about her years as a servant to Queen Esther. The book then picks up with her present life and her families' journey to Jerusalem with Nehemiah. Sura's family help with the rebuilding of the wall around the city amid many threats from surrounding enemies. The story will keep you turning the page to find out what happens next

“Mordecai stood up and started pacing. "You tell the queen there is no other way. If she thinks she will escape destruction being in the king's palace any more than the others, she is mistaken. She must see that perhaps this is the reason she has been chosen as Queen...for such a time like this."

Each step of Sura's journey is full of intrigue, keeping you guessing what will happen next. Sura sees the providence of God throughout the course of her life, "...for such a time like this."

Adopted A Dog’s Tale (As Told by Baby)

Baby the dog tells her story from the time she is adopted from an animal shelter in Arkansas, to her move across the country to Arizona.
While living in Arizona Baby meets her best friend, Beejay. Beejay is a big, lovable dog who loves adventures just as much as Baby. They have a blast kayaking, paddle boarding, at a pool party, and they have many more fun times together.

Baby and her human parents make a trip out to California where she meets a German Shepherd at Dog Beach. The German Shepherd teaches her a few words in German and a quick little geography lesson. Baby asks, "Germany? Is that close to Arizona or California?“

Sara The Nice Snake

Your children will love this whimsical tale of a misunderstood snake who simply wants to be everyone's friend and not be judged by her appearance. Colorful artwork and a touching story which teaches a lesson about kindness, combine to entertain and educate your children. Ages 2-5

These books are now available on Amazon.

Sue Phillips

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Life Is Like A Raindrop
Director/Writer MarieAnna Dvorak

I grew up on the lap of a catholic priest, who was not different from priests in America. It was during the time of postwar wounds when the whole country suffered confusion after going from democracy to Nazism and then to communism within 9 short years. A child doesn't understand what is happening, but its instinct tells him that there is something wrong in the air. Maybe that's why I have never forgotten my priest's statement: "Traitors and informers are the worst villains in the world." It was the time when brother betrayed brother for a better chunk of meat. It was the dirty tactic of the communist regime.

Being educated by religious psychology, which was totally against the communist regime, led me to seek a free country. I reached that country many years ago. But have I ever felt free?

"If you don't ask, you don't get" wasn't my problem. One day I asked, and that was the day I opened my eyes. The answer was, "You are foreign and we invest in U.S. movies only." This answer was given to me by a Jewish woman 10 years ago in Los Angeles. I came from an area highly populated by Jews. I was born 60 km from Sigmund Freud's birthplace and my father was a Jew. The film project I was pursuing was a Disney kind of picture based on an European legend, as are most Disney PG movies. That was the first time I felt prejudice. Not because of my project, as there was nothing foreign in it, but because I was a foreigner. Parents of this woman could have very well come to America from the same area as I did. But a few decades before me. What is the difference between us? And when is the prejudice going to end?

Just recently I received an email from a funding company that also sees my project as a foreign one. Not because it speaks about the contradiction in political ideologies during the Cold War era, but because I am a foreigner. Was Casablanca a foreign film? Or Doctor Zhivago? How about the recent Spielberg's film Bridge of Spies? I could name hundreds of U.S. films of international genre. The Cold War era is essential part of our history, which can easily return in the near future and effect the whole world. After all, Marxism-Leninism ideology hasn't died with the fall of the Iron Curtain. For Ideology, whether political or religious, can be hardly defeated.

I decided to turn to you people with this subject, as it doesn't touch only my feelings, but also feelings of many other people speaking with accent, such as Khizr Khan and his wife, as well as Melania Trump. Just think about the paradox. Isn't there a little piece in your hearts that could accept a person being born in another country equal to you? You were lucky that your ancestors came to America some years earlier. Is that what gives you the right to feel superior? I must remind you again that this country was built by your ancestors: Europeans.

America is full of paradoxes at this time. And it doesn't involve just Hispanics, African-Americans or Muslims. It involves people of the world. People of all kinds of skin colors with all kinds of cultural background and languages. The rich and the poor. America will fall apart in the future if Americans of all variety do not unite and respect each other. No one is taking your business from you. In my case, your film. I just breath your air, as your breath mine. You are born and will die, just like me. And human life is so short, like a raindrop.

Dvorak Productions

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JackyJac Productions
South of France

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Bury the Yesteryears? Director/Writer MarieAnna Dvorak
No. But move on, yes. Some memories stubbornly sit in our subconscious minds all our lives and surface against our will. But who wouldn't embrace a memory that brings a smile to our face, even though the situation in reality wasn't a bit funny. 
It seems like yesterday when I finished shooting my last film and returned from European woods and castles to the dark room in Burbank, California, that looked like a dungeon filled with strange machinery. It was the vintage editing equipment already defeated by a digital technology, and the dungeon was my future home, together with a dear friend of mine--an editor for Universal Studios. Viewing my creation on the same KEM as did many great filmmakers before me gave me a tremendous thrill. The last one was Sandra Bullock. Operating Moviola used to be every editor's secret. But not anymore. And so, I became the assistant of an editor to whom I looked up as the most significant author of my film as well as the greatest teacher I have ever had.  His eagle eyes caught every insignificant mistake I made in the woods and wasn't aware of. He even recognized the morning time when the camera started rolling. "What were you doing all the morning," he would ask. I had to admit that my crew saw the Castle Bouzov in the air after rejoicing at night.  
 For three months the projection of immense length of film footage and millions of frames in the miniature window of Moviola ran silently back and force in front of our eyes, day after day. In my case, also night after night. I forgot to ask my friend back then how many frames he lost in his nightmares. Well, it's too late now. For we both moved on as quickly as did the editing technology.  
But the wonderful memory of him losing footage in daytime will stay with me forever. His Italian blood suddenly rose, and like a lion in his kingdom, he roared in his editing jungle, "Where's the piece of the moon footage!" Alas! the situation was really tense before he discovered the piece hanging around his neck and his strong laughter echoed  throughout Burbank followed by his favorite song: "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore." 
Editing with Moviola was a crazy job. Unbearable sometimes. Yet in the dark room, in the maze of film footage, the filmmaker got a chance to learn the real art of motion pictures. These were my uneasy yesteryears that I will always remember with a smile. 

Director/Writer MarieAnna Dvorak
Dvorak Productions
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