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How do you know your company is being disrupted?
Is Your Business Model Being Disrupted?

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What can #startups learn from David vs Goliath?

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Awesome link building resource and tools list.
#SEO #linkbuilding 

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Why Content Goes Viral: What Analyzing 100 Million Articles Taught Us: by noah kagan

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Excellent article on Google Hummingbird and Keyword cannibalization.

New Whiteboard Friday on Keyword Targeting

Today's WB Friday: features a bad hair day, alongside some best practices for dealing with keyword usage, and a revisit with our old friends keyword density (ugh, why won't it die?!) and keyword cannibalization (which I last wrote about many years ago).

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Scrapper report from Google 
Google Scraper Report form: Submit Scraper Sites That Outrank You on Google

Google today has released a new Scraper Report form where webmasters can submit scraper sites that has copied their own content by providing Google with the source URL, where the content was taken from, and the URL of the scraper site where the content is being republished or repurposed, and the keywords where the scraper site was ranking on.

You can find the form here:

Full story: +Search Engine Watch

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For all those who are trying to crack Google+ Marketing, here is an ebook. 
Get an A+ on G+: Helping You Make the Grade on G+
Too many businesses feel like they are failing on Google+. My hope is that this G+ guide will help them earn an A+ for their Google+ marketing efforts.


Here's How to Focus on Social Networks That Matter
These 3 steps will help business owners determine which social networks their competitors are using and which resources to focus on, when communicating their own branded message.

Avoid Being Discouraged By Failed Attempts at Social Media
To avoid the discouragement of repeated social media marketing failures, it is recommended that businesses focus their brand building and search engine marketing efforts, on satisfying these three principles of social media success.

Chapter 1: Google+ Basics

Explaining Google+ Circles to Square People
In the parlance of Jazz, a square was a person who failed to appreciate the medium. In more broad terms, it meant someone who was out of date, out of touch, or who clung to repressive, traditional ways of thinking. This reminds me of so many people who are apprehensive about Google+ and cling to Facebook.

Easy Strategies to Help Your Business Get the Most Out of G+
Businesses today need to think more like their consumers, instead of launching massive (intrusive) marketing campaigns to entrap a very small number of people.

4 Methods of Building a Meaningful Foundation For a G+ Strategy
Utilize the Google +1 button, Google Hangouts, cross-product integration and ( #myfavorite ) hash tags, to help others communicate your branded content.

Chapter 2: Hidden Advantages of Google+

Using a Google+ Brand Page as Your Website
There are a few methods of using a Google+ business or brand page, to act as a simple but very effective website for a small to medium-size business.

Let Google and Google+ Greet Consumers For You
When a Google+ profile is displayed in Google search results, it provides businesses/brands an opportunity to communicate a carefully sculpted message, to Google's search audience.

Optimizing Your Google+ Profile For Search Results
When it comes to optimizing your Google+ profile, the name you select, the description you provide and the content you post, all have an undeniable effect on how your G+ content is indexed by Google; and other search engines.

Chapter 3: Engaging The Google+ Community

A Good Time to Formally Introduce Yourself and Your Brand
When someone adds you on Google+, you have been given a valuable brand building opportunity. Take a moment to respond with a branded message that is both informative and inviting.

Analyze Trends Within G+ Circles and Monitor User Engagement
Businesses should focus on recruiting loyal followers and constantly work toward improving audience engagement.

Google+ Community Posting Etiquette
A few quick tips and reminders for proper posting etiquette in Google+ Communities.

Chapter 4: Creating The Best Google+ Posts

It Takes Effort to Create The Perfect Google+ Post
You can expect that the effort you put into researching your topic and the time spent generating your post's content, will be rewarded by meaningful engagement from your audience.

A Checklist For Creating The Perfect Google+ Post
Step by step guide to create perfect Google+ posts, including choosing a topic, mentioning sources, placing a link, using hash tags and images.

A Google+ Linkbuilding Strategy
Many of the the fundamental linkbuilding strategies can be applied to Google+ posts, to increase their visibility in Google search results.

Chapter 5: Get Extra Value From Google+

Google+ Feed Snippet: A 200 Character Sales Pitch
The first 200 characters of a G+ post are the most important, because they offer a chance to effectively communicate a branded message in a busy feed.

The 1st 100 Characters of a Google+ Post are Vital
Although the 200 character cap is good to be mindful of, the 50 character title and the following 50 characters are super-important when you consider what the post will look like when it is shared by others.

+1s Can Indirectly Cause Search Results to Improve
With all things considered, did the correlating number of +1s on a post cause the webpages to appear more favorably in search results? Yes, IMO I believe they did ... indirectly.

After Thoughts:

Dream it + Believe it + Plan it = Achieve it
I believe that this is a great Formula For Success. I recommend using this approach to address challenges you face or to achieve goals you have set.

Maddyssen's 5 Principles of Great Client Relationships
My daughter Maddyssen exercises my customer service skills daily, and in doing so, teaches me the fundamentals of maintaining strong client relationships.

Links, Likes and +1s Should be a True Testament to Your Business
Regardless of whether they are links or Likes, they must be earned honestly and should be a testament to the integrity of your business and brand.


I have come up with somewhat of a “novel” idea. [pun intended]

I have decided to write my Google+ marketing book on G+ and make it available only on Google+. So, not only is the book ON Google+ (topic), it is written ON Google+ (medium) and seen only ON Google+ (availability).

So now when anyone asks about my Internet marketing [using fingers to make quotation marks] book, I can respond by saying: “its on Google+.”

As well, I choose this approach because I wanted the book to be a constant work in progress that could be updated and revised to reflect the changes in Google+, and marketing on Google+. Too many books that are published become outdated and less useful as time progresses. My hope is that this body of work will be an ongoing project that will evolve with the industry and remain as relevant in 5 or 10 years, as it is today.

I would also like to take a moment to thank some of the people who have in some way made a meaningful contribution to the writing of this book and/or my journey on Google+. In no particular order:

+Andrij Harasewych, +Mark Traphagen, +Dustin W. Stout, +Kim Beasley, +Eric Enge, +Marilyn Moore, +Kay Kulkarni, +Ryan Crowe, +Andy Beal, +David Kutcher and the entire Social Media Strategy Community.

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iOS has iMessage. Blackberry has BBM. Now FB has WhatsApp. How come Google doesn't have a great msg app? Hangouts is good for video not for quick and fast messaging.

#iOS, #Google, #Facebook #Whatsapp 
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