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Any of you run urxvt daemon and client setup. There is urxvtd which worked with sysvinit but there is no systemd service to start the daemon. Also I have three icons urxvt-client, urxvt and urxvt-tabbed.
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Was there a question in there?
How do you run rxvt-unicode in daemon-client mode?
I used urxvtd and all you have to do is just add urxvtd & to your ~/.xinitrc.
Thanks. I am using Gnome/gdm, so, instead of using xinitrc I am using Gnome startup manager with urxvtd.

What about the three launchers I have. I suppose now both urxvt and urxvt-client should open urxvt-client. And nothing happens when I click urxvt-tabbed; maybe because I haven't set up tab thing in Xresources.

Update:- I just checked the desktop files of all three entry


Is it fair to assume urxvtc is the client and other two are not? Or is running urxvtd at boot makes them all client?
Well urxvtc is the client for the daemon(urxvtd) and the others are actually just launching a new urxvt process instead of using the daemon.  Make sense? LoL
Thanks, lemme try urxvtd -q -o -f instead of urxvtd.
I did this service and saved it to /etc/systemd/system/ for rxvt-unicode.. Just change the user and group...
Description=RXVT-Unicode Daemon

User=<your user>
Group=<your group>
ExecStart=/usr/bin/urxvtd -q -f -o

+Daniel Sandman that's a really good idea.

An alternative to changing the username in the service file would be to call it something like urxvtd@.service and change the User line to User=%i. The group probably wouldn't need to be specified, but everyone's requirements are different.

Doing it that way would allow you to do "systemctl enable urxvtd@<your username>", which is pretty slick.
Yeah, that is a more proper way and necessary if you are more than one on the computer.
Once I create the systemd file, will the rxvt-unicode will be sufficient for client-daemon setup? Will I still need urxvtcd from AUR? Thanks guys.
pkgfile urxvtd

I suppose no.
If you have rxvt-unicode installed.. then that is all what you need. Instead of using 'urxvt' to launch you use 'urxvtc'.

You will first need to make that service file though and enable/start it.
And do what +Josh VanderLinden proposed.. Just remove the 'Group' line and change to 'User=%i". Save the file as 'urxvt@.service'. When you enable it add your user name to it. Ex. 'sudo systemctl enable urxvt@sudhir.service'.
Yup to what Josh linked above. I have urxvtd -q -o -f in .xinitrc as well.
Thank you all my daemon and client setup is up and running.
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