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Sweatbands, Health Bracelets, Accessories for Active People.
Sweatbands, Health Bracelets, Accessories for Active People.

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Well like my Grandpa says every year with the Cubbies, we’ll get em next year. Been hearing that since I’ve been born and now its looking bleak for all Sports in Chicago. Cubs had another horrible year as usual, The Bears started with a lot of promise but injuries plagued the team and that’s not looking good for them. And to topple the deck Derrick Rose goes down for the season crushing the Bulls and pretty much all of Chicago’s hopes, and dreams for Championship gold. Can it get any worst? Wait til next year right?

But its not over til its over right? If the Bears can pick it up and get the defense clicking to go along with what Josh McCown’s doing they have a chance. I honestly like the Bears chances with McCown over Cutler. As for the Bulls, if someone can step up and “shoot the J” maybe things can work out, they still have a great defense and a decent core. Still early in the season to give up hope. Where is Nate Robinson when you need em…? I’d almost push to drag Pippen and Jordan out of retirement at this point. Maybe the Cub’s I’ll spend some money and get some big names back at Wrigley again. If you build it we will come! I’d almost push to drag Pippen and Jordan out of retirement at this point.

On a bright note if anyone watches Hockey the Blackhawks are lookin great as usual! 17-4 at this point…





But there is still hope, where do you weigh in on this one?

How HIIT Workouts Can Improve Your Fitness Level

Have you heard about HIIT? High Intensity Interval Training is a workout style which has been creating a buzz in the fitness world for some time now, and takes an alternative approach to building endurance and burning fat.

What is HIIT?

As the name suggests, HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise, followed by a period of less intense exercise, known as recovery, then repeating this cycle several times for between ten and twenty minutes in total. HIIT can be done either indoors or outdoors, with the kit that is available  to you– in fact, virtually any type of aerobic exercise can be used for HIIT training, from running or cycling, to using a treadmill, jump-rope or elliptical trainer.

Why Is HIIT Different?

The main difference between HIIT and other forms of training which build endurance is that the same results can be achieved in less time.  Without getting too scientific, there are two forms of energy which our bodies use during bouts of physical activity. Anaerobic, meaning without oxygen, is the type of energy which is used during activity of up to one minute, and after, aerobic energy is produced through burning of carbohydrates and fats. In endurance training, which involves extended periods of exercise, only the aerobic energy system is used. When performed correctly HIIT uses both forms of energy. Anaerobic energy is used during the short “push yourself to the limit” section, while aerobic energy is used during the recovery. HIIT, then, offers a more rounded solution to building up these energy systems and your endurance.

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Who even has time to tie shoe laces anymore? Get your hands on a pair of these vibrant no-tie lock laces!

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Be stylish while you get your meditation on with one of these fabulously vibrant Manduka Yoga Mats. Be the envy of your next yoga class :)

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Get your 80's on with a pop of color on your wrists! Stand out from the crowd while you twist a move! :)

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Lady athletes, ready for quality headbands? Check out what Suddora has to offer!

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Whether you need one item or a 100, count on the high-quality products from Suddora! We have everything for the active person - from sports socks to sweatbands!
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