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A free, vendor independent scuba diving log
A free, vendor independent scuba diving log

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We are proud to announce the release of Subsurface 4.7.8.
Over the last two months we've fixed a few bugs, added a couple of features and added support for a few dive computers. Over all I'd consider this the next step in our promised series of more frequent releases to make sure bug fixes and enhancements reach our users in a timely manner.

Details about the new version can be found in the announcement below - as usual, binaries for Windows, Mac, and various Linux flavors are available, as are, of course, the full sources.

Here are the highlights of what's new:
- Add Tags column in dive list view
- Revert change that inadvertently broke applying GPS coordinates to dives
- Fix format of CSV export for dive list and dive profile
- Change strategy when to allow to delete a cylinder
- Format numbers according to selected Subsurface language
- combo box with fresh, sea water and EN 13319 in dive planner
- Changed “salinity” to “water type” at dive planner and dive info
- try to match the zoom level in Google Maps
- improve context menu texts
- Don’t load whole file for parsing EXIF data
- Add imperial support for UDCF import
New dive computers supported:
- Heinrichs Weikamp OSTC 2 TR
- Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix, Aladin Square
- Seac Jack
- Shearwater Nerd 2
- Suunto EON Core
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We are proud to announce the release of Subsurface 4.7.7.

This version brings a number of small bug-fixes and a couple of new features.

Some of the changes in Subsurface 4.7.7:

- Desktop: Fix bug that alters manually entered dive durations
- Dekstop: fix instability crashes in reverse geo lookup function
- Desktop: automatically sync with cloud when going online
- Desktop: fix missing icon when doing reverse geo lookup
- Desktop: fix bug about progress bars not resizing
- Desktop: fix a bug about dive list auto group when importing dives
- Desktop: clear tags when creating a new logbook
- Planner: implement ICD calculations in planner output
- Planner: recreational dives are now limited to 6 hours
- Planner: initialize cylinder start pressure with working pressure
- Planner: save the last manually-entered point of a dive plan
- Planner: fix bug in cylinder pressure lines
- Profile: fix garbled profiles after visiting the planner
- Profile: warn in case of isobaric counter diffusion if N2 increase is more than 20% of He decrease
- Cloud-storage: automatically sync with cloud when going online
- Cloud-storage: support non-https:// repositories for saving
- Cloud-storage: fix small memory leaks
- Cloud-storage: enter offline mode if sync with cloud failed
- Import: support parsing of DL7 dives
- Uemis: fix possible stall when doing dive sync
- Uemis: speed up synchronization of same dive sites
- Bluetooth: fix a bug when using remembered BT/BLE addresses in the dive computer download dialog
- Bluetooth: do not add duplicate BT/BLE items
- Fix potential download problem with Shearwater Predator
- Add support for Seac Jack
- Add support for Mares Quad Air

For download information, please visit the link below!
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Double release day for Subsurface today!

First, we are thrilled to announce Subsurface-mobile 2.0.1 for both Android and iOS. WIth this, the iOS version is at feature parity with Android. GPS tracking is now supported, as are the new UI and downloading from some dive computers.

Platform limitations on iOS restrict the ability to download directly from dive computers to Bluetooth LE devices like the Shearwater Petrel AI or the Suunto EON Steel. Android devices can also talk to classic Bluetooth dive computers as well as to some dive computers that use FTDI based serial cables.

The apps are available in the respective app stores (please search for Subsurface-mobile).

The second release today is that of Subsurface 4.7.5. Simply our (by now reasonably regular) update to the 4.7 series of Subsurface for laptop and desktop computers. Quite a few fixes and updates, details can be found in the announcement below
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Announcing Subsurface 4.7.4

The big news for Linux users is that with Subsurface 4.7.4 the AppImage is back.

Some of the other changes since Subsurface 4.7.2:
- SmallUI fixes
- Improvement to oxygen breaks code in planner
- Write log messages into files when not started from a console on Windows
- Improved detection of OpenGL versions (prevents potential crash on more operating systems with ancient gfx drivers)
- Improve the map widget editing behavior. Allow updating the location of a marker that is being edited by entering new coordinates in the text field in “real-time”. Also, don’t place new markers at the 0,0 coordinate and instead place them at the current map center.

Binaries are available for Windows, Mac, and an AppImage for x86-64 Linux (plus distribution specific binaries for a number of Linux flavors including Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, Fedora, and openSUSE).

For those playing along, yes, because of a small maintainer-error we went from 4.7.2 straight to 4.7.4. The only difference from 4.7.3 to 4.7.4 is that 4.7.3 forgot to update to the latest translations.
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Announcing Subsurface 4.7.2

The Subsurface development team proudly announces the release 4.7.2 of Subsurface, an open source dive log and dive planning program for Windows, Mac and Linux.

It’s only been a little over a week, but we fixed a few annoying issues with Subsurface 4.7.1 and wanted to get this into people’s hands as quickly as possible. Some of the changes since Subsurface 4.7.1:

- Fix potential crash when running with French localization and downloading dives from a dive computer
- Fallback to old behavior if Facebook album creation fails
- Fix UI issue when adding dives to trip below
- Fix UI issue when closing filters
- Add small behavior changes to the map widget
- Change to a more consistent way to show errors in Subsurface
- Solve several potential issues with the cloud account authentication flow
- Fix a potential problem when saving data that was loaded from a git repository into cloud storage
- Fix error where newly created cloud accounts failed to create the remote repository on Windows
- Detect and try to work around the fact that the map module requires at least OpenGL 2.1 (previously Subsurface would crash when OpenGL was too old -- often on old Win32 versions)

For more details, please see the full announcement below
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Announcing Subsurface 4.7.1
The Subsurface development team proudly announces the release 4.7.1 of Subsurface, an open source dive log and dive planning program for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Some of the changes since Subsurface 4.6.4:
- User interface changes
- New map widget. No more rotating globe, but much better support for the underlying widget -- so overall an improvement.
- Many small bug fixes and tweaks.
- Better support for importing dive data from Shearwater desktop, DL7, Datatrak and other 3rd party formats.
- Dive planner
- Improved and more user friendly cylinder handling
- Print delta pressure for minimum gas calculation in results
- Identify overlapping dives when calculating dive plan
- Compute plan variations: How does decompression time change when changing the bottom time by one minute or the depth by one meter?
- Faster planning for long decompression times
- Dive computer support
- Early and limited support for Bluetooth LE dive computers. Currently BLE isn’t supported at all on Windows due to lack of support for Windows in the underlying toolkit that we use. BLE appears to work reasonably well on Mac and works on Linux if Subsurface is built against Qt 5.9.2 or newer.
- Support for multiple tank sensors reporting pressure at the same time. We now correctly download these data from the dive computers that support it, store and retrieve the pressure data, and visualize multiple tank pressure readings at the same time.
- Add support for the following dive computers:
- Aqualung i200
- Cochran Commander II, Commander TM
- Dive Systems/Ratio iDive2 Deep, iDive2 Easy, iDive2 Free, iDive2 Tech+, iX3M Deep, iX3M Easy, iX3M Pro Deep, iX3M Pro Easy, iX3M Pro Tech+, iX3M Reb, iX3M Tech+
- Heinrichs Weikamp OSTC+
- Shearwater Perdix AI (only available where BLE is supported)
- Suunto D4f
- Add support for OSTC 4 configuration.
For more details, please see the full announcement
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Subsurface-mobile 2.0 - first Android Beta

After quite a bit of teasing and promising, here we go. The first beta version that supports download from some dive computers on an Android device is available for people who are part of our beta test group. Details on how to join that group and a lot more information on the beta can be found in my post

Bluetooth and a few Bluetooth LE dive computers (including the Shearwater Perdix AI that many have asked about) are well supported.
On a few phones and tablets we also support USB OTG downloads from FTDI based dive computers - but sadly this doesn't work on Pixel or Nexus phones (and many others) where the recently tightened SELinux rules prevent us from accessing the serial port - we're still trying to find a workaround.

But if you have a Shearwater dive computer, a Suunto EON Steel, a Scubapro G2, or a Heinrich Weikamps OSTC with BT support, you should now be able to download your dives from your Android device.

As you can see from the screen shots, the UI has received a much needed makeover and looks quite a bit more polished and consistent. There's still plenty of room for improvement, but this is an open source project run by volunteers...

iOS will only ever support BLE devices - and we haven't gotten around creating a working build for that on iOS, but this will happen eventually (we have about 10x more Android users than iOS users).
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We are happy to announce the release of our latest update, Subsurface 4.6.4.

In the two months since our last release, we added a feature that a lot of users asked us about: the ability to quickly manually enter new dives with just depth and duration, without using the very nice, but sometimes a bit too time consuming graphical profile editor. We heard you - let us know what you think.

We also fixed quite a few bugs, improved the dive planner, improved import both from dive computers as well as other dive logs formats and dealt with minor issues here and there.
For all the details, please take a look at the full announcement below.

As always, binaries for Windows, Mac, generic Linux and a number of specific Linux distributions are available from
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The Subsurface development team proudly announces the release 4.6.2 of Subsurface. This update fixes a number of bugs and updates many of the translations. Details in the announcement below.
It's amazing to watch the work that our volunteer translators are doing - but we continue to look for more people who'd be willing to help out. If you run Subsurface in a language other than English and find things that are not translated (or incorrectly translated), why don't you reach out to us? The translations happen on a really easy to use website, and there is no commitment - whatever you'd like to translate helps.
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