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# A Byline Required

As you may know from my last 2 posts here, I have created a web software that runs on localhost called Lobby.

## Definition

Lobby is a framework for running apps. It is built in PHP and can run on Apache localhost server.

It is not just made as a workspace but for personal use too. Just like how one uses an Android or iOS : both personal and work uses.

## Benefits

In general, we would have to create separate coded apps for separate OSs. A program/game written in Windows won't work with Linux etc.

But with Lobby, a developer would only need to create one app for all O.S. Apache & any browser (Chrome, Firefox) supports almost all O.S.
This means Lobby is supported in almost all platforms.

Lobby would make life easy for developers.

## Features

1. Auto update Lobby & Apps when a new version comes out
2. Lightweight - Lobby was created from scratch with performance in mind
3. Open Source & Licensed under Apache License v2
4. Lobby has a set of API which helps devs write shorter and better code
5. Modules - helps Lobby to be customized as you like.
6. Theming support

# For You

Can you please suggest a byline (short description) for Lobby considering all the features and definition provided above to be used in it's website : ?

Lobby is an Open Source multi-platform localhost Operating System (LOS) Lobby runs on any platform Linux, Windows, Mac, you name it ! All it requires is a localhost server. The Lobby Dashboard. The Diary App On Lobby. Installing An App is Super Easy !
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Subin Siby

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ur welcome subin
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Subin Siby

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I created a short film with my friends so that after 20 years, when I look back I know that my teenage life was not a waste...
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Subin Siby

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Hi Subin i need your help with one crawler i am doing with Simple Html Dom please
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We are 4 teenager friends who set out to do something this summer.

So, we made this short film :
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Subin Siby

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Please check out a short film we created
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