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Su Wilcox
The half-witted, half-baked, half-mad ramblings of a widowed, thirty-something, earth-loving, commuter-cycling, runner-girl Christ follower.
The half-witted, half-baked, half-mad ramblings of a widowed, thirty-something, earth-loving, commuter-cycling, runner-girl Christ follower.

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Quietly Engaged
My word for 2017 is "creation," but I'm having a hard time applying that to Sunday mornings. As I've noted before, any church I find in Cincinnati is going to be Red River Junior in my mind for a while, and there's no displacing such an amazing group of bel...

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Slow Movers
Given that I was awakened yesterday by the fire alarm in my building, you'd think I'd steer clear of posts about hot appliances, but nope. Summer is coming (a bit slower for some of us than others, but coming nonetheless), and no one wants to heat up their ...

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The fire alarm went off in my apartment building in the wee hours this morning. (Okay, it was 5:40, so not exactly "wee," but still--today's not a running day so I was looking forward to sleeping for at least another hour.) Now, living on the ground floor f...

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The speaker in church on Sunday brought out a quote that was so close to a Terry Pratchett thing that I was in the act of tweeting my delight when he told us that it wasn't his quote and that it came from someone else (who was not Terry Pratchett). I stayed...

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#AtoZChallenge 2017: Theme Reveal Day
Normally, I share my A to Z Challenge theme on March 31, but this year the planners designated a reveal day. Which is, of course, today. So, here we go. The A to Z Challenge kicks off on Saturday, April 1, by which time I have high hopes that spring will ha...

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Righteous Anger
My poor coworkers had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they decided to be nice to me. But when I'm surrounded by people this amazing on a daily basis, it's hard not to tap into our great conversations when it's time to write a blog post. ...

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Again and Again and Again and Again
I had my Pandora set to one of my Irish stations at work yesterday and was singing along, as I do, when this song came up. I had to take a break because it came at the end of a long succession of sad songs--the bit about leaving a wife or sweetheart behind ...

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I did algebra this week. Voluntarily. And the world hasn't come to an end, which admittedly is a bit of a surprise. I do jokingly live in that dichotomy between words and numbers, the one that says you don't get to be good at both; you have to choose one. A...

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Above Average
Somewhere around 90 percent of drivers consider themselves to be better drivers than the average driver . At least, until they honestly compare their own driving behaviours to expert guidelines , when suddenly their self-assessment gets closer to reality. T...

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In the course of a recent Facebook conversation, I mentioned that when it comes to book recommendations, I have a list more or less called, "Burn at midnight any books recommended by these folks." (The conversation was technically about the current crop of ...
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