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These Best Friends Respond to Body-Shamers With Inspiring Instagram -- Model, 21-year-old Georgia Gibbs posted a photo of herself and her best friend, 22-year-old Katie Wasley having a giggle at Sydney Harbour two months ago. She captioned the pic 'Love you unconditionally', to celebrate the pair's enduring friendship. Unfortunately, though, the comments didn't reflect her message of positivity. The comments have since been deleted, but according to Instagram, they said she was a bad friend for even standing by her friend, since she was obviously doing it to make herself look slimmer.

"We posted this picture online, just as best friends going out on the weekend, it got reposted a lot and the controversy started. You have photoshopped yourself thinner or your friend bigger, what kind of friend are you? Was one of the comments, it broke my heart because Kate and I are best friends why would I do that? The fact that a simple picture of two people together went so viral purely because of their body types shocked me... and @any.body_co was created because no one should have to deal with that and it shouldn't even be acknowledged, all I see here is two women... not one "skinny" woman and one "curvy" woman, stop comparing everyone to each other and accept every person as beautiful in their own right."

Instead of responding negatively, or wallowing, the girls decided to clap-back in an innovative way.

This inspired the two models to start up a joint Instagram account called Any Body in an attempt to send a positive message out there about women of different sizes being equally healthy, happy and beautiful. They caption the beautiful images with inspirational captions, like,

"In reality bodies are just bodies, what's powerful is seeing two very different but individually perfect bodies next to each other & embracing that, well that's totally 100% normal and okay... We're best friends we walk next to each other every day and love each other for who we are and for so much more than our appearances, size 6 or 16 WHO CARES, health & happiness over size! They encourage their followers to add their own pictures with the tag #LOVEanyBody."

The pair spoke to Daily Mail Australia about their mission. Wasley told them;

"It's not often that a healthy body is marketed to us in all different shapes and sizes. We want girls and women to stop comparing themselves to others because we are all so uniquely beautiful in our own way. Health is more important than size and healthy bodies come in many different shapes and sizes...We all have imperfections and things we are insecure about but we are all human and these things are normal and beautiful. They make us who we are. The Body Positive movement of Instagram shows no sign of stopping, and as long as we assume beautiful women like this are in competition with each other, opposed to supporting each other, it looks like we need it.”

#bodypositive #endbodyshaming #diversebeauty #LOVEanyBody #perfectlyimperfect #friendship #empoweredwomen #confidencecoach #stylecoaching

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The 27 Most Beautifully Diverse Fashion And Beauty Campaigns Of Last Year -- 2016 was a year of peaks and valleys for diversity in fashion (and pretty much everything else, too). Inclusivity rose at Fashion Week, but an alarming number of magazines failed to use a single model of colour on covers the whole year. Ashley Graham starred on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, but some designers flat out refused to send clothing for her groundbreaking cover of British Vogue. So now more than ever, it feels necessary to take a look back at the beautiful, inspired, forward-thinking campaigns and imagery that did show up in our social media feeds, on YouTube and across the internet this year. See 29 of our favorites here...

#diversefashion #beautycampaigns #realbeauty #diversebeauty #positivebeauty

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Self Magazine Ends Its Print Run On A Body-Positive High Note -- Self magazine’s print edition is going out on a hopeful, inspiring, beautiful note. The glossy will go digital-only after the release of its February 2017 issue, and chose curvy model and body activist Iskra Lawrence for its last cover ―further committing itself to showing that health is not one-size-fits-all. 

2016 was a big year for Lawrence. She became an Aerie “Role Model” and landed an exclusive swim and lingerie deal with the brand, walked in her first runway show and continued, as usual, to spread her message of body positivity to 2.9 million loyal Instagram followers. A major catalyst in Lawrence’s success is her honesty and relatable approach to just about everything, including her struggles with body image, battles with trolls and a recent experience that will likely resonate with anyone who has gone shopping, ever. 

Lawrence told Self about experiencing a moment in a dressing room when the largest pair of pants sold in the store didn’t fit. “In that split second I returned to my 15-year-old self, like, ‘What’s wrong with my legs ― are they huge?’ Then I was like, ‘Whoa, wait a second: This fabric here is going to make me have an internal battle? Are you kidding me?’ At some point in my life, that would have been the end of the world. But now my self-worth isn’t defined by it.”

Lawrence, who told the mag it’s been three years since she wanted to change anything about her physical self, is the picture of a healthy, positive and realistic body image ―  and that will forever be the enduring image of Self magazine now, too.

Head to Self to see the entire interview...

#bodypositive #bodyimage #selfmagazine #fashionmagazine #selfworth #stylecoach #morethanaprettyface #curvywomen #plussizefashion

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4 Rules To Follow If You’re Starting A Fashion Career -- Whether you’re looking to launch a brand, blog or styling career, chances are you have a plethora of questions. Brand Assembly, a company that seeks to guide emerging brands through the turbulent waters of launching a small business, is a great resource. Offering support with everything from infrastructure to mentors, they recently coordinated a panel in LA during their seasonal trade show. The panelists were LA fashion leaders including Clare Vivier, stylist Penny Lovell, lifestyle brand founder Jen Gotch of and influencer Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior who sat down with the editorial director pf 'The Zoe Report' to share their tips for people starting out on their own. Here, our favourite takeaways...

#personalstylingcareer #fashioncareer #personalshopper #stylecoach #fashionleaders #startbiz

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Vision of Loveliness: What It Takes to Have Real Style, By Leona Godin -- "I've always enjoyed putting together dramatic, even outrageous, outfits in a style that's half renaissance, half punk rock. When I was younger, I spent long hours gazing at images in fashion magazines for inspiration. I just couldn't read the articles: Due to a degenerative eye disease, I've been going blind since I was 10.

Mine is a slow-moving calamity. Instead of hitting me all at once, it would startle me every few years, requiring me to adapt: going from reading regular print to large print to relying on audiobooks, from moving through the world without assistance to needing a cane, from seeing normally to distinguishing only light and shadow. Through all these challenges, I've always loved fashion. Where choosing outfits is concerned, I can no longer tell whether a shirt is white or black, so I distinguish pieces by touching their intricate lace or plush velvet textures, or by details like tiny Victorian buttons or flapper fringe. (Because some of my clothes feel similar, my boyfriend occasionally has to straighten me out.) And once I discovered sewing needles specially created for the blind, I started transforming items I'd gathered over decades with and without sight—from aunties' hand-me-downs to impulse buys that never fit quite right—into pieces I love.

Wearing what I've made feels incredibly powerful. Though I can't check myself out in the mirror, when I walk down the street in my blue leather jacket, big lace-up boots, deconstructed 18th-century gown or '70s brocade vest—sporting my white cane and mirrored sunglasses—I can see myself in my mind's eye, and I like the way I look. Now fashion is the emblem by which I say to the world, "I may be blind, but I still have vision." ”

If you believe that real style is not just about following fashion trends, but instead about connecting with your clothes as a form of personal expression, then head on over to to find out how you can become a #personalstylist, #personalshopper, #imageconsultant and so much more as a certified #stylecoach

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How to Always Look Pulled Together in 5 Minutes -- When it comes to mornings we're usually rushing out the door, so over the years, Louise and Emma from A Style Album have honed a five-minute makeup routine you can rely on. Both of them are into the natural look when it comes to their makeup and they like their skin to look and feel fresh. Neither has much patience when it comes to applying their morning makeup, so their daily routine has to be minimal and fast, using products that are easy to apply with good coverage and staying power. Over the years, working on shoots with some of the best makeup artists in the business, they’ve picked up a few tips on what products we should be using. When a product works for us they stay loyal to it, all the products they mention below are the ones they use daily, have used and loved or come highly recommended and are on their list to try. Keep scrolling for their simple yet effective five-minute makeup routine...

#beautybible #bestbeautyproducts #beautytips #effortlessstyle #makeuptips #makeupcourses #beautyexpert

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It's inevitable that with the change of seasons, you will be adding some choice new pieces to your wardrobe. Keep it all in balance by cleaning out your closet first. We've rounded up the best sites to consign on and help fill up your gift fund. Warning: some may cause more desire to shop than sell!

#personalshopping #declutter #personalstylist #shoppingsites #harpersbazaar #stylecoach

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How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe That Will Last a Lifetime -- Not so long ago, the fashion world was buzzing about the concept of a capsule wardrobe. Perhaps because the economic downturn was ramping up at the same time that a furious decade of fast-fashion shopping was taking its toll on the capacity of our closets, the capsule wardrobe appeared to be the solution to everyone's fashion woes. Around that time in 2014, Caroline Rector, a Texan fashion lover who'd had enough of the chaos, began to whittle down her closet to a mere 37 pieces, documenting the process on her brilliant website, Unfancy. Everyone paid attention to her method. Three years on, and we thought it time to catch up with the capsule wardrobe guru for a refresher course. Times change, trends move on, and so do these tidy solutions. "Before I started my capsule, I'd noticed that I had a bad habit of going shopping when I needed to jolt myself out of a bad mood. Hard day at work? Shopping! Not feeling very pretty today? Shopping! Frustrated with my family? Shopping!" explains Caroline, who has since curbed her emotional spending habits, created enforced shopping "fasts," and focused her attentions on seeking out top-quality, long-lasting pieces. These factors have meant that all the while she's really found her style. "I'm much better at dressing for the life I have, rather than a fantasy life," she says. "My closet matches my lifestyle now." Does that sound like a stylish setup you'd like for yourself? Then read on to get Caroline's top capsule wardrobe building tips…

#capsulewardrobe #personalshopper #wardrobestylist #fashionstylist #personaltylist #stylecoach

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Why Princess Diana Will Always Be London's #1 Style Icon -- Princess Diana's style has been scrutinised endlessly, but the obsession with her clothes shows no sign of slowing down. Many of her most memorable outfits, including that velvet dress she wore to dance with John Travolta, are currently on display at Kensington Palace until 2018 as part of the exhibition Diana: Her Fashion Story. But you'll also spot Princess Di's style signatures all over the high street, as it seems like a number of designers and street style stars have been (just like us) looking at vintage Di pictures. 
If you look at any Princess Diana style gallery or Instagram account (there are dozens, and yes, you should follow them all), you'll spot many of 2017's biggest trends again and again, from pink-and-red colour-blocking to heritage check blazers to gingham cropped trousers. The Vetements look might seem so modern, but we even found a picture of Diana in a boxy check blazer, sweatshirt and baseball cap combo that looks like it is the work of Demna Gvasalia.
Scroll through the gallery below to see how Princess Diana is influencing another generation, and shop her eight style signatures to invest in now...

#styleicon #princessdiana #fashionicon #styleinspiration #personalstyling #imagematters

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50 Simple Pieces for Building a Classic Wardrobe -- If you’re not the kind of person who cares to follow seasonal trends and instead strives for some sort of continuity from year to year, you might gravitate toward a simple, classic wardrobe. We do roundups of great basics a few times a year, but for this edition, we thought we’d try to pinpoint the 50 classic closet pieces that can get you through almost any occasion: perfect white shirts, the exact shoes you need, and the one luxury bag to save up for, to name a few. As you reassess your wardrobe for spring, now’s the time to make sure you have foolproof classics like a denim jacket, a basic trench, and a silk square scarf. Click on to see our picks:

#classicstyle #simplestyle #keepitsimple #wardrobestylist #fashionstyling #personalshopping #personalstyling
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