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Labbaði loksins upp að steini
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Frábær ferð á Skarðshyrnu og Heiðarhorn í einstöku veðri - útsýnið alveg einstakt.
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Your feedback is needed

As many of you know, I'm working for a start-up company called Remby and since last week we are in Public Beta with a brand new platform. I'm not going to go into details on what it does and why we are building this thing, but what I want from you is to test it for a while and give us your feedback.

So visit the site ( and don't hesitate to use the feedback form to submit your suggestions and problems that most likely you're going to discover via

Keep the feedback coming or just comment on this post :)

Whats up with the new look on G+?? I hate it.. I want the timeline back

Fucking bus broke down

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On my way to work. Wish we had two cars...

new job...

Packing. Container will be here in 4 days

My last day at Heidelberg today. Thinking if I should go around and hug everybody just a little bit to long before I leave
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