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Photography by  +Ian Plant
I took this yesterday inside a sandstone cave on the shore of Lake Superior. I kayaked several miles to an island with a number of caves, and spent most of my time working inside this particular cave trying to optimize this composition. I used the sandstone striations as my foreground, and tried several different shots as waves came in and out of the cave, until I had some wave action that complemented the shapes of the composition. Canon 5DIII, Canon 11-24mm f/4L lens, ISO 400, f/11, 0.4 seconds.
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wow beautiful
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Stunning Moment

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Photography by +Ivan Slade Like the photo? Feel free to plus and share.
Zillie Falls, Queensland Australia

About an hour or so south west of Cairns is a region called the Atherton Tablelands. Seems to be a place that is not particularly well known but is truly beautiful.

We spent a few days touring around this area which is full of beautiful rolling landscapes, extinct volcanoes, amazing waterfalls and super clear skies. A photographer's dream!

This shot is of Zillie Falls, taken after a very slippery slide down a dirt track and hanging off the edge of a rock face to capture the falls with some nice framing.

If you get a chance to visit this region make sure you do it is amazing!

#waterfall   #waterfallphotography   #longexposure   #nature   #naturephotos   #queensland   #amazingaustralia  

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Photography by +Adam Gibbs Like the photo? Feel free to plus and share.
I'm excited to announce that nature photographer Peter Cairns and I will be hosting a Canadian Rockies photo tour and workshop in the fall of 2016. Included in the itinerary is a trip in to the spectacular Tonquin Valley. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime trip. For more details you can  either contact me via email or visit
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wonderful landscape and reflections
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Stunning Moment

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Photography by +Artur Stanisz Like the photo? Feel free to plus and share.

It was one of those afternoons when I reached the end of the trail and decided to spend there the rest of the day. After I found my favourite composition, I sat down and kept enjoying the view. The landscape that I captured on this photo was on the constant move. The extraordinary light that was offering a colorful display was changing the sky from bright and quiet to dark and stormy. The strong wind was pushing the iceberg across the lake. From time to time big pieces of ice were splashing into the water. This was putting the iceberg into some sort of a flipping motion.

The constantly changing light conditions and the movement of clouds made me think about the change in general. I started to analyze how my perception of nature has changed over the passing years and how my personal development as a landscape photographer evolved.  The continuous landscape metamorphosis as seen on this photo is very similar to my personal transformation in the way I create my landscape photography. It is never a finished process and it will probably last forever.
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Stunning Moment

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Photography by  +Artur Stanisz Like the photo? Feel free to plus and share.
"Cosmic Burst"
Here is another photo from my most recent trip to the Baffin Island. It is a little bit different. I used this unique viewpoint to showcase natural elements of glaciered Arctic landscape. On the second day of my stay on Turner Glacier, the weather started to put on a show. The combination of slowly moving clouds, mild snowstorm and the low hanging sun, peaking through the clouds once in a while created surreal effects. All this gave me an opportunity to capture few rather unique photos. This is one of them.
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Stunning Moment

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Photography by +Jerry Blank Like the photo? Feel free to plus and share.
Panoramic view of Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park, MT, captured as clouds begin to envelop Bearhat Mountain and the mountains of the Continental Divide. For a larger panoramic view of this image, visit:
Enjoy! – Jerry

TAGS: #MontanaLandscape  #StunningMoment +Stunning Moment
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wonderful capture! :-))
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Photography by +Terje Nilssen Via Google+ user +moilec vailea  Like the photo? Feel free to plus and share.
Trolls waterfall

Ogndalen, Norway

Had to freeclimb down to get there, kinda scary!
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Photography by +philippe MANGUIN Like the photo? Feel free to plus and share.
Brocéliande Old king
L'un des vieux hêtre de la fôret ...

#bretagne   #arbre   #photo   #hetre   #broceliande   #photo   #tree  

©Philippe MANGUIN
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Photography by +Jimmy McIntyre Like the photo? Feel free to plus and share.
A Long Way Down!
After 5 attempts, I finally made it to the rooftop of one of the massive Zenith towers in Busan, and it was absolutely worth the wait :D

This is a handheld image, from two exposures. To see a workflow explanation and a before/after comparison, please see today's blog post:
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beautiful work
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Photography by +Patrick Di Fruscia Like the photo? Feel free to plus and share.
Wondering why your passion is not happening? A friend of mine is presently going thru major questioning about his passion and direction with life. This made me think.. why are we always prone to imagine the worst in a situation instead of dreaming big and imagining how big and fulfilling our life can get. Usually we don't want to mess things up by doing it wrong so instead we make sure we really mess things up by not doing anything at all. We waste months/years waiting for the perfect time to act and the more we wait the more we get scared to act..The more meaningful this passion is ...the more we tend to only imagine failure. There is a reason why this has became your passion. And that reason is.. you acted upon it and found that it truly made you feel alive. That feeling became like a drug and you needed it more and more. We did not learn what our true passion was by remaining inactive. So we have to make sure to keep that same spirit at all times...specially when we are trying to live out of it. We need to keep moving, not worry if this is in the right direction..keep moving and realign yourself if you need to but never stay inactive waiting for the right moment. This is when you can easily turn into that zombie again. If you see that something is not working, don't keep doing it for years hoping for a different outcome, change it around. Take some time to think..really think. Turn off all phones, TVs, distraction and take at least one night per week with a pen a paper to write down different ideas that could help you achieve your goals (sending an email to someone, trying a different approach, teaming up with a friend etc..)...don't judge what pops into your head..just write it down. You never know what other great ideas it might bring in the future. Let's face it, we are all waiting for Superman to come and save us, or that holy voice to tells us exactly what to do. I am here to tell you, this so called saviour is already inside of us. It constantly tries to guide us in the right direction but we prefer to look the other way, the same way most of us do when we pass an homeless man on the sidewalk. The easiest approach is definitely..Let's pretend he's not there so I can go on with with normal little life. I strongly believe we were all born with what I call our own "Natural Navigation System" (GPS if you prefer) Once we have determined what our true passion is, it will automatically start guiding us in the right direction. Imagine this for a sec, what would happen if every-time your GPS tells you to turn one direction, you completely ignore it and turn the other way?? Well you would never get to your desired location. Why do most of us, do that with our lives? Bottom line is, There are no excuses that will bring you the life you want..Only matter how small they are. If you truly want to live a fulfilling life that is full of passion, what are you doing to make it happen? The power only lies in your hands. Act now before it's too late. (If my friend reads this and knows this was meant for him...Love you bro..I truly believe in you :)
Title: I Still Have a Soul
Location: Bow Lake, Crowfoot Mountain, +Travel Alberta  Canada
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wow beautiful work
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Photography by +Jon Cornforth  Like the photo? Feel free to plus and share.
This past June, I traveled to Iceland for the third time in my photography career. +Tony Wu  my good friend and photo tour business partner, joined me for two weeks of driving around in a van, sleeping in obscure locations, eating whatever happened to be left in our non-functioning refrigerator, and chasing photographic opportunities. We had a great time together before co-leading our first sailing expedition in Norway's Svalbard. I'll share more about that incredible trip soon.

The weather in Iceland is always extreme, but I found it to be especially difficult during this trip. Before leaving home, I vowed not to drive from one end of Iceland to the other as I had done during my previous visits because the distances and roads often require 6-10 hours to drive between locations. However, once the weather continued to be uncooperative, I spent a lot of time checking the forecast for various parts of the island and adjusted our plans to chase the light no matter how much driving was involved.

One of the locations that we abruptly made a decision to drive to was the iconic Kirkjufellfoss waterfall located across from the witch-hat summit of Kirkjufell mountain. I was vaguely familiar with photos of this beautiful setting and only knew that it was located on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Since I was driving around in the middle of the night with limited internet access, we initially drove to the end of the peninsula thinking that the famous name-sake volcano must be the the correct location before realizing that we had to turn around and drive back in the opposite direction.

Fortunately, the light this far north and lack of tourists on the road at 1am made it easy for us to find it, park, and stroll up to the falls in plenty of time to set up for this dramatic sunrise. I had expected to have to scrum with other tripod-toters to shoot this composition, but was pleasantly surprised to have this beautiful setting all to ourselves. As the colors in the sky started to explode, I coached Tony on how to use his filters and in general how to photograph a landscape, since he is usually underwater when he pushes the shutter release button. I have been intentionally avoiding photo "hot-spots" the last few years, but I am pleased that I allowed myself to indulge in photographing this graceful scene. I created this image using my 36MP Sony a7R camera body with a Metabones Canon lens adapter, and my new Canon 16-35mm f4 IS lens, and Singh-Ray 4-stop Soft Graduated Neutral Density filter. I processed the RAW file using Adobe Lightroom 6 and Photoshop CC 2015, and Nik Software’s Color Efex 4‘s White Neutralizer filter.

Purchase a print of this image at

View more of my photography at

If you like this image, please share it with your friends.

#Iceland #icelandphotography #landscapephotography #Kirkjufell #Kirkjufellfoss #waterfallphotography  
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geeta s
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