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Photography by +Sean Bagshaw feel free to plus and share.
"Wedge" - Of all the places we photographed in the Canadian Rockies, Wedge Pond is not the most dramatic (still plenty spectacular though) or remote, but light conditions and camera choices helped make this image for me. The light was fading and the clouds were streaming overhead with the last light on them, a perfect opportunity for a long exposure with a 10 stop ND filter. You'd think four photographers who claim to know what's up would be completely equipped, but somehow we only had one 77mm diameter filter (mine) and one 77mm diameter wide angle lens (Chip's) among us. I bracketed two exposures (90 seconds and 200 seconds) and then handed the lens/filter combo over to Chip. As the light faded his exposures quickly went over four minutes and Adrian never got his turn (sorry dude). Zack shoots a Sony, so he was out of luck from the start.

Fortunately, the entire time we were at the pond there was a guy on the far shore doing a photo shoot for what appeared to be home made, tie dye yoga pants. Two women and a rotating array of technicolor stretchy pants posed in trees, did head stands and performed synchronized jetés while he did his best Austin Powers impression (yeah, baby, yeah). We were entertained.

Canon 5D III, 16-35mm F/4 L, 10 stop ND, 16mm focal length, f/18, ISO 100, 90 and 200 seconds.

With +Chip Phillips +Adrian Klein +Zack Schnepf 
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+Alycia Cai Not too bad looks like you sent me one more post look's like the problem is fixed.
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Photography by +Grzegorz Piechowicz feel free to plus and share.

Glowing peaks of Monte Cristallo in the light of the setting sun seen here from the trail leading to wonderful Lago del Sorapis in the Italian Dolomites. Those few minutes are always brief but yet beautiful and sublime moments.

Inspired by 19th-century American art movement Luminism, the Hudson River School & Albert Bierstadt's style, my intention was to recreate similar atmosphere in my work. Luminism painting style is all about the depiction of light and appeals to human emotions using strong colours and contrasts of light and shade. Intriguing light hidden behind a huge peak emphasises magnificent mountain ranges and the vastness of sometimes unknown, unsettled territory. I was very lucky to capture the last rays of the sun in this way that accentuates the mood, splendour and sublime beauty of the mountains and draws the viewer into the essence of the photo.

I hope you like my latest work. Please feel free to leave your comment below and share it with your friends.

#Italy #Dolomites #Dolomiti #Cristallo #mountains
+Landscape Photography +Margaret Tompkins +Eric Drumm +AJ Lim #landscapephotography +BTP Landscape Pro +Photo Mania UK +Photo Mania Poland +ShowYourBestWork  #nikon 
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Glowing Peaks Of Monte Cristsllo In The Light Of The Setting Sun Seen Here From The Trail Leading To Wonderful Lago Del Sorapis In The Italian Dolomites. Those Few Moments Are Always Brief But Yet Beautiful And Sublime Moments. 
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Stunning Moment

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Photography by +Arild Heitmann feel free to plus and share.
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Such a lovely place 
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Photography by +Toby Harriman Like the photo? Feel free to plus and share.
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Photography by +Peter Eastway Like the photo? Feel free to plus and share.
Above San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Phase One 645DF, IQ180 back, 55mm Schneider lens, and lots of sand.

Qantas flyers may think they have seen this photograph before and they'd be correct. It featured in a photo essay on Chile late last year for the inflight magazine. It is also one of the images I've been using as I prepare for a presentation next weekend on designing and printing photo books (it's on at the Digital Show courtesy of Momento).

Where do ideas like this location come from? Answer: other travel photographers.

Is it okay to copy other photographers' locations? I mean, I ranted about plagiarism a few weeks ago, what's the difference here?

Plagiarism is when you copy the work of one photographer, inspiration is when you copy one hundred other photographers! Taking the idea of this location and then heading out to investigate it yourself is not plagiarism. In fact, when you're working professionally, I'd call it essential research.

I was staying at the Explora Hotel in San Pedro de Atacama and somewhere in their brochures I saw a photo taken looking out over this vista, with the Licancabur volcano in the distance.

It's also a popular vantage point for the horse riders (the hotel has its own stables), so when I mentioned the location to the guides at the hotel, getting me there wasn't a problem.

The biggest challenge on this particular afternoon was sand. Those beautiful foreground dunes didn't appear overnight, they are the result of hundreds, if not thousands of years of erosion, with the light sand from the plateau up above and behind me gradually accumulating into these massive sand dunes. Keeping the sand out of my cameras was challenging on a particularly windy afternoon.

Also challenging was the contrasty light. Perhaps a better time to shoot this location would be after sunset with just the skylight illuminating the landscape. I was kind of hoping this was going to happen, but cloud along the western horizon didn't permit the sky to light up as required. Still, I'm not complaining about the shot I have taken.

And there's always next time. In fact, I'm leading an exclusive trip there in August next year. If you're interested, check out my brochure by clicking the following link.
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Very beautiful capture 👍
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Photography by +Ian Plant feel free to plus and share.
Morning twilight illuminates Victoria Falls, Zambia. Canon 5DIII, Canon 16-35mm lens, ISO 100, f/8, 20 seconds. See my Best of 2015 on my blog:
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+Paul Kie
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Photography by +Patrick Di Fruscia feel free to plus and share.
Daily Friendly Reminder: If you have more than $10 in your pocket and access to high speed internet you are more fortunate than 80% of the people on our entire planet..Being born where we did wasn't a choice. Let's not take that for granted and always appreciate how fortunate we are. Wishing you all a beautiful week <3

Title: These Dreams
Location: Plitvice, Croatia
+Formatt-Hitech +LucrOit +Really Right Stuff

Thank you very much Daniel Cizmic from Plura Travel for being an awesome travel guide, showing me all these awesome locations and mostly for being such a patient kind man with me. Love you my friend ;)
‪#‎Photography‬ #Croatia ‪#‎Nature‬
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Photography by +Andy Yeung feel free to plus and share.
"Idyllic Lakeside Village"
Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is so dreamy and picturesque and the mist over the water makes it look even more fairytale like. Loving this place!

If you're interested in my work, feel free to drop me a line on my website


#hallstatt #austria #winter #travel #WorldHeritage #village #lake #landscape #architecture
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Great picture
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Stunning Moment

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Photography by +Elia Locardi Like the photo? Feel free to plus and share.
Dusty Dawn || Dubai 

While I was in Dubai a few weeks ago, I had a very interesting morning shooting in extremely high humidity and low patchy spots of clouds. In fact, it was so hot and muggy outside that my camera was literally dripping water from all the accumulating moisture. Every few minutes, I had to soak it all up with a towel and wipe the fog off the front of my lens. Though I can’t say it was a fun experience, the complicated conditions resulted in a very interesting atmosphere to photograph. If you look closely in the background, you can barely see a small piece of the Burj Khalifa as the rest of the monstrous structure has been totally engulfed by the fog. 

Speaking of Dubai, I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be teaching 3 different Photography Workshops at Gulf Photo Plus next February! 


#dubai   #travelphotography   #cityscape   #gpp2016   #panorama  
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Very exquisite....!!
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