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Feel Good. Look Good.


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According to, post-exercise recovery meals should include protein, good fat, nutrient-rich produce and a healthy source of starch. #proteins #smoothie #postworkout

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These look delicious! #pulsepledge #eating

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Do you believe in giving yourself a resolution for the New Year?

I love them; it fits nicely with my goal-oriented personality and every year I challenge myself to better myself. I used to make the traditional style New Year Resolutions, like losing 20 pounds or exercise more but then I realized that these are activities that I will do throughout the year. Why waste an incredible time of the year where we can make a positive change happen on something I plan on doing anyway?

Last year, my New Year Resolutions was to read two books a month. I managed to read a total of twelve books for 2016. For 2017, I haven’t quite figured out what I want to accomplish. I was thinking of "not complaining" for 2017 but not feeling a connection with this goal. I have four days to come up with something!!

I thought this post about compassion for this time of year was a good fit to end 2016 and start a New Year!

What about you? Do you have any New Year Resolution for 2017?

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The Loaded Farmer Carries I probably do weekly with my grocery bags and trips to Costco. But seriously, strengthening the core is essential as we age.

Dear lovely members, You are welcomed to post, please note the important guidelines:

1. Written In English: All posts need to be in English. The only reason why we ask this is because we can review the quality of the content and to ensure that the posts are not flammatory.
2. Sensational Headline: Yes, we all want to get noticed but here is no room for sensational headlines in this community. We get enough of this head banging, forceful, look at me content everywhere else.
3. Sale Promotion: Sorry, but if you haven't provided quality content, you are not going to sell your wares. Overall, we just don't want this content.
4. Helpful Content: That's key to this community.

Thank you!

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I thought I was done with #smoothies  until I read the recipe that included instant pudding in the Recovery Done Right Smoothie from #KatieFerraro  contributor at #Acefitness   #Recipes  

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Mushrooms and Green Tea anyone?

This is a popular bitter #salad recipe at our home. It is from my mother and not sure where she got it from. 

half a bunch of mixed bitter greens, like dandelions, radicchio, Italian Parsley, chicory
One fresh tomato, chopped
Walnuts, broken
Small navel orange, sliced and placed in salad. Keep 1/4 of the orange for dressing

olive oil
Sherry wine vinegar
1/4 juice from Naval orange
sea salt and pepper

March is nutrition month! I think it would be fun for us to all participate. For this week, let's eat more bitter salads, which include chicory, scarole, radicchio and Italian parsley. I'll provide some recipes during the week. If you have any, let's hear from you!   

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Beauty Babble.

Home-Made Body Scrubs: Try adding nourishing oil or even honey to your glacial salts for a more moisturizing body scrub to restore skin’s damage from cold air. Gently scrub in circulation motion, once a week to beat the cold, open up pores, clear blemishes and moisturize the skin.
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