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Version 4.2.2

New Square InstaPic update with new feature: Emoji stickers.
Enjoy hundreds of cool emojis. 😍 😎 🎉
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It has been pretty quiet here and I apologize for that, but today I have great news.

Few weeks ago I received email from Google Play Apps Editorial Board and they informed me that my app Square InstaPic has been nominated for featuring in the Google Play Store. I had to fix some things and I'm happy to announce that starting from today, in many countries, Square InstaPic is featured on Play Store home page.

It's no secret that in fact Studio 8 Apps is one man " team ". I don't have big developer team and therefore this is quite big milestone for me, especially because 3 years ago I have no knowledge on Android development at all. I definitely will not stop at this point as I have many other improvement / app ideas and being noticed by Google Play Apps Editorial Board gives me even more courage to continue. I've learned a lot in these 3 years, but there still are a lot of things to learn.

I want to say big thanks to all my users, because without you it couldn't be possible!

" Anything is possible as long as you have the passion " - Guy Forget
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Square InstaPic Version 4.0.9

🔘 Added new feature: Blurred background (unfortunately not available on all devices),
🔘 Other improvements and bug fixes
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Square InstaPic Version 4.0.0

🎨 Full support for Android 5.0 Lollipop with new Material Design. Also available on pre Lollipop devices,
📷 Added option to enable high quality picture processing. IMPORTANT: by default this options is disabled because it takes much longer time (depending on image size and device power) to save picture,
↔ Added option to flip image horizontally,
👍 Improved image quality when multiple filters/adjustments are used,
💉 Fixed problem with wrong text orientation on saved images,
🔩 Many other bug fixes and improvements.

Coming soon to all users!
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Version 3.1.1

After almost 3 months since last update I finally had free time to finish new features. I hope that it was worth to wait.

Full changelog:
- added 20+ high quality filters and more coming soon,
- added image adjustment feature (Contrast, Brightness, Saturation etc.) and more coming soon
- some UI changes because of new added features,
- bug fixes,
- performance optimization.
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Square InstaPic version 3.0.3 released. Now you can use Eyedropper tool to easily select your own background color from picture.

Always improving, hope everyone will enjoys the update when it hits Google Play in a few hours!

Full changelog:
- Added Eyedropper tool. Now you can choose your own background color from picture,
- Fixed critical bug which led to that the exported images wasn't centered (affected was only small screen devices),
- Removed automatic background color change (many users was annoyed by that) Now suggested colors are shown as slide out menu,
- Removed old and added complete new background patterns,
- Other small improvements and bug fixes.
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To join the Square InstaPic beta testing, all you need to do is join this group and then follow this link to opt into the testing and you’ll be able to download the latest beta version!

Happy debugging!

Note: There may not always be a beta version available for download. Like everyone else I have only 24h in a day and sometimes I need break ;)
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