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The Post it Note Strategy for Avoiding Information Overload and Getting Ahead of your To Do List - Has this ever happened to you? You sit down at your computer to get a few things done and you jump over to Facebook to just spend a couple of minutes seeing what’s going on in Facebook land. The next thing you know, you’ve clicked on an article that has a link to another article. You also signed up for a webinar that you’re sure is going to teach you exactly what you need to get ahead. You also clicked on an article showing the twenty celebrities you didn’t know had facelifts. Within that article you’ve watched an intriguing video and lo and behold, you’ve spent an hour of your time going down the internet wormhole. If you are actually trying to get some things done for your business this type of information overload can clog the wheels of your mind and leave you dazed and confused. It’s tough staying focused as it is in this fast paced world, but having ads and posts and stories of animal rescue jump at you from nearly every angle online, it’s almost impossible to ge

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When you need a little inspiration, watch a TED Talk!.

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For all you techies out there, here are some easy tech hacks to keep your gadgets organized. Like this one, use a binder clip to keep your earbuds neat at your desk. Click here for the rest!
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