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Stuart Williams
Canadian Photographer & Digital Dreamer
Canadian Photographer & Digital Dreamer

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Nice set and I would always rather see locals than tourists any day. 

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I am a memory, a glint of confusion at best. An image maker and photo taker, I've tried hard to be absent, but loneliness sets in and pixels start to call out my name begging for display. Those pesky pixels, always in the way of a successful failure. 

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I am a memory, a glint of confusion at best. An image maker and photo taker, I've tried hard to be absent, but loneliness sets in and pixels start to call out my name begging for display. Those pesky pixels, always in the way of a successful failure. 

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#selfie in a pigeons eye

During 1 year of trying to reflect my path, I've found myself living in a self destructive solitude, and quite comfortable.  What is Happiness?
I smile & laugh, joke 24/7,  love and am loved, eat well, no stress to speak of.  I just don't ever leave my 9th floor Apt anymore. Last time I stepped on the ground was October last year, and that was only for an hour after being inside since early May.  
This has been my guarded secret while trying to blend in with the outgoing people I used to be like for 90% of my life.  During all this time,  I've watched a few great people come forward openly with personal issues, and I admire their courage. I have failed myself recently, and HAVE to make a change soon before I fade out.  
Get out once a week to begin with, slipping through the people that hopefully don't even notice my existence.  Work at smiling at a stranger & exchange a few words.  
openly Share my experiences with images here
Quality won't be the best there is to offer because most of my equipment is technically outdated by industry standards, but I'm not going to look at that as an excuse.  It's the desire along with the understanding of how equipment functions, not the camera brand or lens type.
Of course, if anybody has a cheap Canon mount wide angle 10-20mm lens collecting dust, please let me know. (any brand for Canon mount)
What's your NORMAL?  Does anyone else feel out of place at times and want to finally say something?
I now embark on CHANGE, wish me luck

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Wordless Humor
(some BrainFood to start the day with)

Last week,  I had this vision and laughed.  After a few days I finally decided to put the vision to pixels using my PS.. 
This is what turned out. (and I still laugh)

Yes, I'm a bit quirky at times.... but,  that's just who I am.
Have a great Monday fellow Googs

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(Photoshop excites my mind)
Feel free to TAG, +1 or Share with Art groups

I love images, anything that tickles the eyes and makes the brain spark to life.  Sometimes I enjoy taking a break from tradition and dabbling in Total Fantasy Art. 
This is where I've been & this is what I do.

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A Fly in July... 
Just snapped this Fly shot about 15 minutes ago while I was out on the balcony enjoying the warm sunshine. This little guy? Dead as dead gets... I couldn't even begin to say how, but this is exactly as I found it on a leaf in my potted rose bush. 
For the macro photo buffs, it's like a gold strike. :o) 
90mm macro + 50mm reversed - f/27 / ISO 100/ shutter 180
Speedlite / LightChute (lights from above)
Successfully POSTED with one hand while eating toast and tomato soup,  YUM.

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A Day Late...
but such a great image for Canada Day.
Not my image, shared from fellow Canadian G+ user +Don Komarechka 
Happy Canada Day Everyone!

I'd like to share with you the image that started my career as a professional photographer. It was my first attempt at truly pre-visualizing an image, and working on the concept for months before finally ending up with what I had imagined: a collection of bright red maple leaves on a bed of snow in the shape of Canada's flag. Here's how this image came to be:

In the autumn of 2008 when the leaves were just beginning to change colour, I had the idea to do something creative with them. One of the first ideas was a Canada Flag arrangement, but I thought to myself "naw, that's been done before". Extensive online research revealed that I had an idea that wasn't fully explored by other artists (since then many people have imitated the idea, and I'm certainly flattered!). The idea didn't just include the leaves however, it needed them on a bed of snow... that's the trick!

Bright red leaves would almost never occur with a fresh snowfall, the seasons don't overlap enough for that. I needed to preserve the leaves, so I thought back to kindergarten and I understood how: iron the leaves between wax paper and they'll stay vibrant for months, if not longer. Good thing I was paying attention at the age of four! Off I went ironing the best crop of leaves between wax paper, which even made my parents raise an eyebrow to my activities. No intervention was made, so I continued preparing for my idea.

The next thing I needed was fresh snow. I needed a winter day after a fresh snowfall, coupled with bright sunshine and absolutely no wind. Even the slightest whisper of wind would blow the leaves around (extremely fragile and light after being preserved) and shatter them to pieces. I found the day I was looking for on January 11, 2009 in the heart of winter. I laid out the leaves and the image nearly made itself.

I used a polarizing filter to cut down on the glare created by the wax-covered leaves, and a small bit of Photoshop work to repair a broken leaf tip and shorten the center stem. I left imperfections in the center leaf though; I wanted it to appear "real", not "perfect". The image was then cropped to a 2:1 ratio, the true dimensions of the Canadian Flag.

I'm proud to be Canadian. This image embodies many aspects of Canada that I enjoy: beautiful nature, vibrant colours, and crisp winters. The connection goes far deeper, however. Balanced but imperfect, I think Canada is the best place in the world to live.

Happy 146th Birthday, Canada!

This image on my website:


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Drop on a Rose Leaf
(50mm reversed on 90mm macro lens)

This morning, I noticed the nice red lined rose leaves growing closeby, and fortunately had my trusty water spray bottle and 50mm ready for some Drop Action.
Some of my favorite macro shots I've taken in the past have been on the same leaf type,  bringing out some really cool greens and reds.
Have a great WEEKEND fellow Googs 

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Rockin Rhianna
(a little bit from the artistic side)

Along with nature, sport and macro photography, and all the video w/ editing,... I still really enjoy dabbling in the artistic side of editing.  Back in 2006-2009 I got into Photoshop quite heavy. Quickly finding out that there's also a niche viewing audience for such edits. Some people don't care for it at all. 
Me personally, I still enjoy creating fun images to pass the time and there's also nothing better than turning up the music loud while melting a vision into pixels on a screen.
Happy Monday 2 U
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