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Thoughts & Prayers to the People of Nepal

With now more than 3,300 people confirmed dead in Nepal following the devastating earthquake who knows how many more fatalities will ultimately be recorded especially in the more remote regions of Nepal like here. This scene shows a train of yaks making their way down the Everest Trail into Tengboche with a stunning view of Mount Everest in the background. Let's hope the beautiful Tengboche Monastery and the people of Tengboche have survived this cruel catastrophe. With numerous deaths at Everest Base Camp further up this trail who knows what the real impact has been on these remote villages along the Everest trail that we walked 2 years ago.

‪#‎earthquake‬ ‪#‎disaster‬ ‪#‎Nepal‬ ‪#‎Everest‬
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To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of The Kelpies here is an image I took last year under a very heavy and thundery sky making for a dramatic setting. #kelpies #scotland #art
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Love those clouds! Great capture of the texture.
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Stuart Taylor

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Chinese Calligraphy in Space

This was an interesting old Chinese calligraphy artist I met at the Longevity Bridge in the ancient town of Daxuzhen, near Guilin, China. We could not communicate but he showed me a magazine picture depicting a group of Chinese astronauts and he kept pointing to his picture and name on the page - I eventually realised he was not an astronaut but he was the calligraphy artist who had won a calligraphy competition for the design of the Chinese space mission logo.
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Stuart Taylor

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Visions of Nepal
An old lady at the holy Buddhist site of Boudhanath, Kathmandu, Nepal.
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Stuart Taylor

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La Cure Gourmande

Biscuitier, Chocolatier, Sucrecruitier ......... Produits Artisanaux
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Stuart Taylor

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Jig Pump

A stark portrait of an AllenWest auxiliary jig pump on board the Last Tin Dredge TT5 at Chenderoh, south of Ipoh, Malaysia. It kinda looks like a one-eyed bug monster. I love all the detail that can be brought out in the corroded and crumbling machinery.

See more photos of the last Tin Dredge TT5 here :
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I want to go there one day
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Our thoughts go out to all those in Nepal who are suffering with the recent 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit close to Kathmandu and is the worst earthquake in that region for 80 years. With close to 900 already reported dead and 1700 injured I'm sure we will see this number rise as events unfold. There have been many historical buildings in Kathmandu destroyed and the Government have declared a state of emergency. There has also been a related avalanche at Mount Everest which has severely damaged the Base Camp there.
The photograph here is the famous landmark Durbar Square in Kathmandu which has many unique and historical buildings and which have suffered damage due to this earthquake.

#earthquake   #Nepal   #Kathmandu  
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+Gary Ray R Yes sure! You have compiled very useful links. All my friends have appreciated it, and people to whom they forwarded the message also appreciated it. Thanks very much. Yes indeed in these troubled times it's the least we can do. Thanks very much for your kind effort!👍
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Blue Light 'Til Dawn

Early morning tai chi at the beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou, China.
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Stuart Taylor

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Joss Stick Maker

Lee Beng Chuan is one of the last joss stick makers in Malaysia. His handmade joss sticks are made from powdered sandalwood and he makes a large variety of these joss sticks from his pre-War shophouse in the middle of Georgetown in Penang.
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Stuart Taylor

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Remembering Pudu Prison .........
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Sad I missed the opportunity to take some shots. I come back every year but sometimes don't know about the ops
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Local transport in Siem Reap, Cambodia
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Stuart Taylor

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Temple of Doom

Visiting the remote Koh Ker temple in north Cambodia was like walking into the film set for "Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom". As we walked through the woodland we suddenly came out into a clearing with this magnificent step pyramid shaped structure rising before us.

There was no one else around but strangely as we circled the structure this local girl appeared and followed us for some time, just staring at us and not speaking. This photograph of her with the temple behind captures this weird moment perfectly.

"Temple of Doom"
by John Williams 
Soundtrack from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
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Have him in circles
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Our small party of 4 did a 4 day golf tour, 1 day at Thai Country Club in Bangkok, then 3 days in Hua Hin covering Imperial Lakeview Resort, Banyan and Black Mountain. Golf Asian did a 1st class job of all the arrangements including golf bookings, hotels and transportation. Their service is highly recommended and at a reasonable cost. Well done to all the staff at Golf Asian tour company. We will be back.
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