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Verizon is about to land a crazy plane. I'm still grandfathered on unlimited data. I don't know if I'll be able to take advantagebut I might need to update by Weds. this week. I need your help as a faithful Android user who loves root and strong flagship qualities. Imagine this is the phone I'd use for multiple years to come.  
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Lg G4
Note 4
Other (please explain in the comments)
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+Surinaamseboy90 That could be cool. I have a note 3 now and I love the size, and I don't use the Spen often but I do root and use pen window but the edge+ does look great.
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Stuart Strauzer

Pebble Apps  - 
I've been using #Musicboss  for a while now, is it really better than the stock #Pebblemusic  app? Is it better to use Music Boss with the stock music app?
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Music Boss
Stock Music
Music Boss ft that uses the stock app
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+Stuart Strauzer nope almost all of the features are generic. Pretty much only color and album art are for PT. Some advanced features do require purchase of additional expansion pack.
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Stuart Strauzer

General Discussion  - 
What's the best widget photo frame? The stock one cuts off some of my photos 
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Stuart Strauzer

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Not sure if it's the scary-looking lasso or the ass-kicking red boots, but a school on Mainstreet, USA banned this dangerous Wonder Woman lunchbox from campus. Said school sent a letter to the lunc...
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Stuart Strauzer

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Which is better?
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Rooted Note 3
Unrooted LG G4
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I have a note 3 and if you install a kernel, you can overclock it, or you can go aosp rom on the note. Also the note is dirt cheap and the s pen.
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Stuart Strauzer

Pebble Apps  - 
I have an old +Fitbit  One and I'm trying to decide if I still need it. It's very accurate but I'd love to scale down my wearables. What's the best fitness app for Pebble+Android: Function/Sync/Data/Accuracy?
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Other...Please explain below
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anyone using #LetsMuv  ?
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Ya I'm a nerd, learn it, live it, love it.
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Stuart Strauzer

Questions & Answers  - 
I have a watertight case that blocks the use of the spen. I was thinking about removing the spen permanently and finding some other way to attach it and see if I would use it more if it wasn't such a pain to get at. That being said I'm worried about battery drain for the Note 3 looking for the Spen and whether or not the Spen has a battery that will drain without being docked? Am I crazy? Is there a way to keep the Spen undocked and be sure that isn't impacting performance or battery drain? I see the notification in the status bar all the time. 
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+Stuart Strauzer defently comes in handy 
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