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Stuart Parr
UKIP parish councillor, blogger, English nationalist
UKIP parish councillor, blogger, English nationalist

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The UK's ambassador to the EU, Sir Tim Barrow, today hand delivered a letter to Donald Tusk informing him that we are leaving the EU.

Donald Tusk is the President of the European Council. He shouldn't be confused with the other six Presidents, Antonio Tajani who is President of the European Parliament, Joseph Muscat who is President of the Council of the EU (which is different to the European Council), Jean-Claude Juncker who is President of the European Commission, Koen Lenaerts who is President of the EU Court of Justice, Mario Draghi who is President of the European Central Bank or the impressively named Vitor Manuel da Silva Caldeira who is President of the European Court of Auditors (the body that have refused to sign off the EU's accounts for 21 years because of the level of fraud and incompetence). I'll save you counting - that's 7 presidents, all on the public payroll.

The letter triggers a process of negotiating an orderly exit from the EU and agreements on what our relationship with the EU will look like when we've left. This process can take up to two years but can be cut short by the UK unilaterally or extended with unanimous agreement of EU member states.

If no agreement is reached then we will revert to World Trade Organisation rules which is how most of the world does its trade with the EU. These rules won't, of course, apply to the 80% of our trade that is done with ourselves and will mean no change to the 9% or so of our trade that is done with the rest of the world.

The British government's plan is to adopt the entirety of EU law (known as the Aquis) into domestic law so they are free to amend and repeal it at will. They also plan to withdraw from the jurisdiction of the EU courts and restore parliamentary sovereignty. There is also an intention to agree reciprocal rights for EU citizens living in the UK and vice versa and to preserve the Common Travel Area with the Republic of Ireland which provided free movement between the UK and the Republic long before the EU existed.

There is too much opportunity for the British government to backslide and break its promise to deliver Brexit. With any agreements negotiated with the EU the devil will be in the detail and nobody is better at finding the devil in the detail than UKIP. This is why UKIP is more relevant than ever.

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Telford & Wrekin Council have scheduled in a clean up operation and a maintenance programme for the A442 Eastern Primary.

The spring clean will start on 2nd May and run for two weeks. This will involve single lane closures.

Road repairs and maintenance will take place between 3rd and 21st July and will involve overnight road closures.

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I haven't updated this blog for a while but it doesn't mean I haven't been busy!

For the last month I've been trying to get the burnt out wheelie bins cleared from Beaconsfield flats. I have passed on information received to the council for investigation but am yet to hear from the enforcement officer. The land between the flats and the road is - inexplicably - privately owned by someone from another part of Telford who has been instructed to clear the fly tip but hasn't.

I have been attempting to get incorrect signage changed outside Asda at the town centre. There are zebra crossing signs at the crossing point nearest the box road but no zebra crossing. The fact there is no zebra crossing painted on the road is a bit of a giveaway that the signage is wrong but that didn't stop someone walking in front of me deliberately a few weeks ago and then shouting abuse at me because there is a zebra crossing sign!

I have been reporting unauthorised roadside advertising for removal and enforcement (although no enforcement ever seems to take place) for paving companies which have started popping up again. These signs are attached to pallets and propped up against trees where they can be picked up and thrown into the road by kids, drunks or miscellaneous idiots. There are good reasons why roadside advertising is regulated by local authorities and safety is one of them.

I have reported a lot of fly tipping, primarily in Beaconsfield which is one of - if not the - worst places for fly tipping in the borough. As mentioned above I am waiting for the enforcement officer to make contact to talk about how the fly tipping problem can be addressed.

I have raised concerns about the use of the Lloyds between Coalport and Jackfield as a shortcut by large vans and HGVs. The road is narrow and winding, prone to subsidence and all roads leading from it have HGV restrictions so the drivers will be breaking the law if they continue their journey.

I have reported some more incorrect signage, this one at the roadworks around the council offices. A "one way" sign has been erected on Ironmasters Way opposite Boyd Close which is a cul-de-sac and Ironmasters Way is closed. If Ironmasters Way was one way it would be impossible to get to Boyd Close. Reporting this issue was interesting as Boyd Close doesn't appear on any maps and the Highways people sat in the council offices 200yds away didn't know it existed despite it having a council road sign on it!

Just today I have chased up the burnt out wheelie bin problem (again), reported a fly tip by the island, reported offensive graffiti (swastikas) spray painted on a bus stop in Aqueduct and then spent a couple of hours in a Community & Environment Committee meeting at the parish council this evening.

There are some other things that I have been working on that I can't really discuss at the moment but should be able to report on soon.

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I am strongly opposed to Telford & Wrekin Council taking on powers to carry out parking enforcement in the borough instead of the police.

The police do respond to complaints about illegal and inappropriate parking and use a common sense approach where they try to educate the drivers before resorting to prosecuting them. I have seen this first hand outside the Windmill School and by the Telford Park School where the police speak to drivers or leave warning letters explaining what they've done wrong and that they will return at a later date and will fine them if they repeat the offence. This approach seems to work as long as the police follow it up.

The council's proposal is to take that responsibility away from the police and hire private parking enforcement officers to fine people instead. The council would get to keep the money to cover costs as well as any profit. Enforcement officers will end up with targets to ensure they are raising enough money which will guarantee abuses of the powers and poor decision making to meet those targets. The police have a duty to enforce parking problems in Telford & Wrekin and that is what they should do.

I don't trust the council with these powers and have fed that back through their parish and town council consultation exercise (not that I expect it to make the slightest difference because the decision will have already been made).

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