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Stuart Parr
UKIP parish councillor, blogger, English nationalist
UKIP parish councillor, blogger, English nationalist


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Work is starting today on reconstructing Castlefields Way in Aqueduct between the roundabout and Southall Road.

The work is expected to last 3 weeks and the diversion is via the Eastern Primary and round Brookside Avenue so expect an increase in traffic for a while.

The council found problems with the material under the road after I harassed them into sorting out the dip in the road at the traffic lights by Willow Bank a couple of years ago. There is a concrete slab under that section of the road which is obviously very heavy and prone to sinking over time. The rest of the road is prone to cracking caused by slippage of the substructure.

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A man was seriously assaulted outside his home in Blakemore on Saturday night and is in the Queen Elizabeth hospital.

The man sustained serious head injuries and was taken to the Birmingham hospital in a critical condition. There are unsubstantiated rumours that he was stabbed during the incident but this is not the case.

Clearly this is going to be a pretty traumatic time for his family and friends living nearby but despite this there have been reports of people turning up to the house to see what they can see now that the police have left the scene. Please don't do this.

A suspect is in custody but the police would still like to hear from you if you have any information. You can contact them on 03003333000 or 101 and quote reference 736s of August 5th. Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800555111 anonymously.

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Help get this Guide Dogs Lego set made by casting your vote.

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A 31 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of an attempted child abduction in Brookside yesterday.

The man reportedly tried to get two young boys to follow him from the shops but police say they were unharmed and no attempt was made to touch them. The suspect has been interviewed and released on bail pending further investigations.

If you have concerns about the safety of a child you can report your concerns on the Telford & Wrekin Safeguarding website.

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At last night's parish council meeting I opposed an application to build a three storey extension to the shop on Calcott in Stirchley to provide six 1 and 2 bed apartments.

The apartments would overlook the neighbours, the development would be out of character for the area, it would be an over-development in my opinion, the smaller proposed service yard would not be big enough for delivery vehicles and it would exacerbate the traffic and parking issues that already blight that area.

I am pleased to say that the council voted to oppose the application but unfortunately it will be Telford & Wrekin Council that make the decision. Hopefully they will take into account the objections of nearby residents and the parish council when making their decision and come to the sensible conclusion that this development should not be allowed.

A number of neighbours have been approached by the council for comments on the application as they are required to be consulted by law. However, you do not need to be asked for an opinion to provide one. Simply follow this link and click on the "Comment on this application" link to have your say. Before commenting, please read the other comments as a consistent message is more effective and simply commenting that you don't want more houses or similar is not a material consideration and won't count for anything.

It is worth remembering that the Tories have introduced presumed consent for planning applications in England which means that the council needs a very good reason to refuse planning consent or it can be dragged through expensive tribunals and landed with the bill for both sides' costs. Good reasons for refusing planning consent include the development not being in accordance with the council's local development plan and safety concerns.

It is also worth remembering that the decision for this planning application has been delegated to officers so your elected councillors won't be the ones who make the decision unless it is called in to the planning committee. You may therefore wish to contact Cllr Chris Turley who is both a borough councillor for the Nedge and a member of the planning committee to ask him to ensure the application gets proper scrutiny at the next planning committee meeting.

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Fly tipped mattress at the end of Bembridge near the community centre reported.

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A year ago today I had already been out for over an hour putting leaflets through doors encouraging people to go out and vote in the EU referendum. This was the culmination of months of campaigning - delivering thousands of leaflets, manning street stalls and talking to voters.

I was confident that Telford & Wrekin would vote to Leave the EU by a big margin but I was less sure about the national result. I expected a narrow win for Project Fear given that the entire machinery of the state was geared up to promote the EU.

I remember travelling round Telford picking up telling cards from the polling stations to get a feel for the turnout and hearing that every person who had pledged to vote Leave during canvassing had been out and voted. And of course I remember going to cast my own vote to Leave the EU - probably the most important vote I will ever take part in.

On the night of the 23rd I was at the referendum count in Wellington where we got to see the margin by which Telford & Wrekin voted to Leave - a massive majority on an exceptionally high turnout. It was at the count that my fellow Leave campaigners dared suggest that we might be successful. The Remain vote in English cities and in Scotland wasn't as big as expected, allowing the Leave vote to edge ahead.

It was while I was driving from Telford to Shrewsbury for the Shropshire Council count that the BBC called it for Leave and I knew that we had won. I called my wife (who was too excited to go to sleep and was watching the results) to tell her and she just said she knew we'd win, even when everyone was saying we wouldn't.

I was in the sports village at Shrewsbury when the result came in that tipped Leave over the 50% mark and meant the referendum was won. The Chairman of Shrewsbury & Atcham Conservatives verbally abused me for campaigning for Leave and I was in such a good mood I just laughed at him as I briefly explained my opinion of him.

A year on I still have vivid memories of that day and I don't think they will ever leave me. As a naive youngster I thought the EU was a good idea and then as I got older I came to see it for what it was. Completing that journey and helping to end our membership of the EU was a proud moment.

It's a shame UKIP failed to capitalise on the referendum result because it has allowed Theresa May to backslide on Brexit, The government have already caved in on the EU's outrageous demands for more money before they'll start negotiations and they are ready to accept unlimited EU immigration and the jurisdiction of the EU courts to be tied into the protectionist single market.

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Telford & Wrekin Council are claiming that their NuPlace social landlord company made a pre-tax profit of £274k last year which has been put into front line services. They must have got Diane Abbott in to do the books because the numbers just don't add up.

NuPlace spent millions on building work last year and has just 136 properties rented out and generating an income. Their gross "profit" is a claimed £438k which is £3,220 per house. The average rent is about £630 per month ("affordable" rent) which means the council are claiming a gross profit margin of about 42.5%!

After paying interest on the council's loans they claim to have made a £274k pre-tax profit which the council says has been put into front line services. But that leaves an unspecified tax bill to pay so there isn't £274k "profit" to put into services. How much is the tax bill? They don't say but corporation tax is 19% and if there's a VAT bill to pay as well that's 5% for energy efficiency materials and 20% for everything else. A good £100k of that £274k could end up being spent on tax.

NuPlace are only paying the interest on loans that Telford & Wrekin Council took out for them so the "profit" doesn't exist. If they were paying their loans they would make a huge loss. But they aren't paying their loans off, they and the council are gambling on being able to make enough money by selling off all their houses to pay off the loans when the banks want their money back.

No matter how creative they get with their accounting, NuPlace is a loss-making operation which exposes the council to tens of millions of pounds of risk. The money that is being siphoned off and branded "profit" is money that should be paying down debts to reduce the risk to taxpayers.

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As an electric car owner I'm clearly going to have some bias but I genuinely think electric vehicle charging points are a worthwhile investment for local councils.

Yesterday we went for a family day out to the seaside. We ended up going to the north coast of Wales and that decision was based purely on the availability of electric charging points for my car. We were initially looking at Barmouth - the usual destination of Shropshire day trippers - but dismissed it because there aren't enough fast chargers on the way.

Now, there aren't that many electric cars on the road (but more than you think) but the number is increasing and will continue to increase exponentially as UK and EU legislation drives the change from petrol/diesel vehicles to electric. Towns that are accessible to owners of electric vehicles will benefit from tourists and shoppers who make the switch. Asda have installed charging stations at many of their stores to attract shoppers and Lidl recently announced that they will be doing the same. Ikea have charging stations at most - if not all - of their stores. Clearly the cost of installing these charging points and in many cases paying for the electricity consumed is outweighed by the number of shoppers is attracts.

We have a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the borough which attracts well over half a million visitors to the Ironbridge Gorge museums. Telford is well connected to the road network and there is a fast charger at the motorway services at Shifnal which makes a trip to Ironbridge and Telford possible for an electric car owner but our town of 165k people with its world famous tourist attraction and one of the country's largest shopping centres has facilities to fast charge just two cars at a time. The other chargers in the town are too slow to be of use to visitors and the risk of a fault on those two chargers leaving a driver stranded will put many prospective electric car driving visitors off.

There is, I think, a clear economic benefit to be gained by Telford & Wrekin Council incentivising the installation of electric charging infrastructure by SMEs in the borough through business rate relief and filling in the gaps itself. There are lots of incentives to be had at the moment whilst the industry is in its infancy and Telford & Wrekin could be in an excellent position to capitalise on the opportunity whilst other towns and cities in the region are caught on the back foot.

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The UK's ambassador to the EU, Sir Tim Barrow, today hand delivered a letter to Donald Tusk informing him that we are leaving the EU.

Donald Tusk is the President of the European Council. He shouldn't be confused with the other six Presidents, Antonio Tajani who is President of the European Parliament, Joseph Muscat who is President of the Council of the EU (which is different to the European Council), Jean-Claude Juncker who is President of the European Commission, Koen Lenaerts who is President of the EU Court of Justice, Mario Draghi who is President of the European Central Bank or the impressively named Vitor Manuel da Silva Caldeira who is President of the European Court of Auditors (the body that have refused to sign off the EU's accounts for 21 years because of the level of fraud and incompetence). I'll save you counting - that's 7 presidents, all on the public payroll.

The letter triggers a process of negotiating an orderly exit from the EU and agreements on what our relationship with the EU will look like when we've left. This process can take up to two years but can be cut short by the UK unilaterally or extended with unanimous agreement of EU member states.

If no agreement is reached then we will revert to World Trade Organisation rules which is how most of the world does its trade with the EU. These rules won't, of course, apply to the 80% of our trade that is done with ourselves and will mean no change to the 9% or so of our trade that is done with the rest of the world.

The British government's plan is to adopt the entirety of EU law (known as the Aquis) into domestic law so they are free to amend and repeal it at will. They also plan to withdraw from the jurisdiction of the EU courts and restore parliamentary sovereignty. There is also an intention to agree reciprocal rights for EU citizens living in the UK and vice versa and to preserve the Common Travel Area with the Republic of Ireland which provided free movement between the UK and the Republic long before the EU existed.

There is too much opportunity for the British government to backslide and break its promise to deliver Brexit. With any agreements negotiated with the EU the devil will be in the detail and nobody is better at finding the devil in the detail than UKIP. This is why UKIP is more relevant than ever.
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