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Read the story and know it all happened over a YouTube video promoted by that idiot 'Reverend' Terry Jones in Florida.

The embassy in libya issued a typical diplomatic statement condemning the video prior to the riots. Then all hell broke loose.

We need President Obama to come out right now in a major news conference and point at Reverend Terry Jones say " Thank you for helping start a riot that ended in the killing our ambassador to Libya "

Note to President Obama: It's time to start calling these bastards out by name. Whether it is "Rev" Terry Jones, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh or Paul Ryan caught in yet another lie.

You continue to try and play nice. You believe in the concept and process of concilation.

Your opposistion doesn't even believe in governmemt much less making it work Accept the fact that their most radical supporters, a minority, simply hate the fact that a black man's in the WH and will say or do anything to hurt you.

It's time for calling out those who misrepresent or lie by name every day. Have the proof at hand. But do it!

If you believe the Oval Office should stay above the ugly fight then take Biden off the lease! He waz called a "joyous attack dog" for nothing. Let Secrety Clinton attack the domestic souces, by name, that stir up international trouble.

As I've said for years take the fight to them by simply telling the truth.

Senior officials in Libya condemned the killing of the U.S. ambassador to the country and three other Americans by armed protesters in a furor over an anti-Muslim video.
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