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PowToons a great short presentation resource for online productions. Very well done. They have been asked for an offline capability. They have now created #Slides. Take a look. It's worthwhile.
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Stuart O'Neill

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I recommend this work and the artist Johnny Robles. His studio is filled with beautiful art. He is experimenting with some new forms and techniques. This is one of his newest works. I like it.
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Ok now that you are getting acclimated on The Plus can we get you into an informal Hangout?

The Old School Hangout community has them a few times a week. I could shoot over an invite once we're going. No one cares about style just interacting with each other. Can do? It's fun with friends from all over the world...literally. I love the Hangout feature.
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Live Broadcast Through Glass Into Livestream

This has the potential to make dramatic changes for citizen and professional journalists alike.  Seems to me that presenting it as a Hangout screenshare or through Zoom into a Hangout is the nrxt step. Our creative crowd on G+ will have it worked out.
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This will help those who are trying to have an impact with our posts. Knowing which time to post was a mystery.
Are you making the most out of your time spent marketing your business on social media? Find out with this fab infographic illustrating the optimal times to post your content to different social networks! #infographic #socialmedia #contentmarketing
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Bad Food America? Here's an article that may open eyes about the nutritional advice from our own government. Yesterday it was the potential of a "Holographic Reality". This might be called "Eating on Really Bad Advice"
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Think of where she could be in the world. What path is she following? She can help see our own path.

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Stuart O'Neill

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Heartbleed' this the first listwhere we must change our passwords including Gmail and YouTube I've seen. I must change PW's. Leave your sites that aren't listed by +Mashable to build a better list.

Heartbleed: A look at which companies have issued a security patch to fix the Heartbleed bug.
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This is stunning.

This photo blows my mind.  I've been in those storms but I've never seen one from a distance. This was near Dallas.

photo credit to Christophe Suarez @suarezphoto on Twitter, Identified with Google Search.
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Stuart O'Neill

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1600 Apply For 36 Jobs
A reality that many wish to ignore is buried
in the statistics of this post. Thousands applying for a relative few jobs are a negative sign for the economy and the simple morality of the American Dream. Please read far enough into the article to see exact examples of thousands applying for few jobs.

Read it and next time you hear someone saying that the unemployed are just loafers, quote back some of these examples.
Real Unemployment at 12.7%:

The official unemployment rate for March was 6.7 percent, unchanged from February, but real unemployment ticked up to 12.7 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced on Friday. That number counts workers forced to settle for part-time jobs and those unemployed for so long that they have given up looking for work. The Senate is expected to vote Monday to resurrect benefits that expired last Dec. 28 for the long-term jobless. “This will impact several million American workers who are at the end of their ropes financially,” Sanders said. Passing the bill is “the morally right thing to do” and “good economics,” the senator added, but he cautioned that the measure faces an uncertain fate in the Republican-run House.

This bill to extend long-term emergency unemployment benefits for 2.2 million Americans would restore benefits that expired nearly three months ago.The benefits, about $300 a week on average, help jobless workers fill up their gas tank to get to a job interview, feed their families, pay the rent and heat their homes.

Each  week that the Congress fails to act, an additional 72,000 Americans are losing their unemployment benefits. Today, about 4 million Americans who are currently looking for a job have been unemployed for more than 6 months. In the wake of a slow recovery from the recession that began in 2007, long-term unemployment is near a 60-year high.

House Speaker John Boehner and other Republicans today oppose extending the benefits, but when George W. Bush was President, Republicans, including Boehner, voted for emergency unemployment benefits five times  Now that Barack Obama is in the White House, many congressional Republicans oppose extending these benefits. Since 1958, Congress has never failed to pass emergency unemployment benefits when long-term unemployment has been as high as it is today. Today, there are nearly three job applicants for every one job opening.  There simply aren’t enough jobs out there for the more than 10 million Americans who are actively seeking work.

The long-term unemployment rate today is more than double what it’s been at any other time Congress has let emergency jobless assistance expire. For example, hundreds of people applied last month to work at a Sam’s Club in Oxford, Ala., that won’t be opening until August. In January, more than 5,000 people waited in line for just 1,500 jobs at an outlet mall in Palm Beach, Fla. That same month, 1,600 people in Hagerstown, Md., applied for just 36 job openings at a dairy farm to process milk and ice cream. Last December, 10,000 people applied for just 750 flight attendant jobs at Southwest Airlines and more than 23,000 Americans applied for just 600 jobs at Wal-Mart in Washington, DC.

If Congress fails to extend emergency unemployment benefits, 240,000 American workers will lose their jobs by the end of this year. The overall economy will be hurt because when people lose their unemployment benefits, they don’t go to the grocery store, they don’t buy clothes, they don’t go to the pharmacy.  Businesses lose customers, they lose money, and they fire even more people.
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Truth in that my friend, +Michael Tucker 
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<b> Living in a Holographic Reality</B> This article about the I-Ching , our computer systems and the foundation of our world view is fascinating. It posits the concept of reality as a dream. This isn't far from some work being done today by the researchers who delving even deeper than quantum physics. Of course, these ideas have been the work of mystics. For thousands of years from India to Europe;from Japan to the USA mystics have given us their concepts of what we might call a holographic reality.

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It was years ago that I enjoy Miss Dickinson's Museum with it's history and stories. The town of Amherst is a treat in itself but being able to visit this famous and unusual spot made it all the better. If you are anywhere near Northampton or Springfield, a little ways further south, drive a few miles north and enjoy Amherst. Northampton, home to Smith College, has many historical sites as well. The Hotel Northampton, if memory serves, was founded in the very late 1700's. Beautiful bar called the Oak Room. Worthy of the name with magnificent wood work.
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I've been eating at Los Primos since their first week in RSM. This the most authentic Mexican food you're going to get outside the barrio. Marinated carrots, peppers and onions as a free side dish are great. The food is very good if you like real Mexican food. There are a few things on the menu for the gringo (not a compliment) that has to have something that's familiar. For those that say it's terrible, it's like a reaction to the decor which is also veryauthentic. In other words, not great by any means. No one mentioned the outdoor tables either. Very nice to use. Plastic patio stuff but what the hell for the price. I like the place.
• • •
Food: Very goodDecor: Poor to fairService: Very good
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This was an suprize for me. I had no there was a fine musical instrument store RSM. The young man was obviously happy to be working there. I was looking for a a specific harmonica in the key of G from a specific maker. I didn't they would have it. They had 4. Amazing. GOOD SPOT
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I wanted to add that if youre in any restaurant on a jammed weekend overlooking the lake the service is different. *But* if you go when there isn't a stampede you will not only enjoy fine food but a presentation on the plate that is the best I've seen outside true gourmet restaurants.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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