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Stuart Mumford
Solar Physics PhD student, core SunPy developer.
Solar Physics PhD student, core SunPy developer.


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A new version of matplotlib!

Includes a small contribution from me. :)
We are pleased to finally announce the release of matplotlib 1.5.0!  It has been over a year since the last feature release and we have had over 230 people contribute to this cycle.
This release of matplotlib has several major new features including 

 - Auto-redraw using the object-oriented API in interactive mode.
 - Most plotting functions now support labeled data API [Jan Schulz].
 - Color cycling has extended to all style properties [Ben Root].
 - Four new perceptually uniform color maps, including the soon-to-be default 'viridis'. [Stefan van der Walt and Nathaniel Smith].
 - More included style sheets.
 - Many small plotting improvements.
 - Proposed new framework for managing the GUI toolbar and tools.
 - Pixel-value on mouse over for imshow [Steven Silvester]

For demos of some of these features in action see this notebook:

which is version of the talk I presented at scipy, pydata Seattle and pygotham this summer.  There will be more in-depth demos of the new features coming.

This release has a new required dependency,  cycler , for composing complex style cycles.

In 1.5.0 we have dropped official support for python 2.6 and 3.3. 

The next matplotlib release will be the 2.0 default-style-only release, planned for 1-2 months from now.
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Baldrick: "What I want to know, Sir, is, before there was a Euro there were lots of different types of money that different people used. And now there's only one type of money that the foreign people use. And what I want to know is, how did we get from one state of affairs to the other state of affairs"
Blackadder: "Baldrick. Do you mean, how did the Euro start?"
Baldrick: "Yes Sir"
Blackadder: "Well, you see Baldrick, back in the 1980s there were many different countries all running their own finances and using different types of money. On one side you had the major economies of France , Belgium , Holland and Germany , and on the other, the weaker nations of Spain , Greece , Ireland , Italy and Portugal . They got together and decided that it would be much easier for everyone if they could all use the same money, have one Central Bank, and belong to one large club where everyone would be happy. This meant that there could never be a situation whereby financial meltdown would lead to social unrest, wars and crises".
Baldrick: "But this is sort of a crisis, isn't it, Sir?".
Blackadder: "That's right Baldrick. You see, there was only one slight flaw in the plan".
Baldrick: "What was that then, Sir?"
Blackadder: "It was bollocks".
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We are pleased to announce the latest release of SunPy - 0.6.0 "Thesis".

The major changes in this release are:

* Most functions throughout the SunPy code base now expect Astropy Quantity objects, and return Astropy Quantity objects.

* Python 2.6 support has ended, we do not expect this release to work under Python 2.6.

* Sample data has been removed from SunPy but helpers for downloading sample data have been added to

* TimeRange has a new property based API, e.g. start and end are now properties.

* SunPy colormaps are now registered with matplotlib, allowing their use from imshow and similar functions after the import of

* Solar rotation calculation functionality has been added, along with functionality to de-rotate MapCubes.
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Have a cup of coffee Philae, there is science to be done!
The European Space Agency (Esa) says its comet lander, Philae, has woken up and contacted Earth.
Philae, the first spacecraft to land on a comet, was dropped on to the surface of Comet 67P by its mothership, Rosetta, last November.

It worked for 60 hours before its solar-powered battery ran flat. The comet has since moved nearer to the sun and Philae has enough power to work again, says the BBC's science correspondent Jonathan Amos.

The probe tweeted the message, "Hello Earth! Can you hear me?"

Jean-Yves Le Gall, the president of France's CNES space agency, told AFP that Philae had sent signals for a period of two minutes "as well as 40 seconds worth of data".

Philae is designed to analyse ice and rock on the comet.

The Rosetta probe took 10 years to reach the comet, and the lander - about the size of a washing-machine - bounced at least a kilometre when it touched down.

_Its exact location on the comet has since been a mystery.
However, Esa said on Thursday that it might have located it from images and other data from the mothership._

via +Max Madonia
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Now that's a very nicely blended composite.
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#OnePlus #InsanityWeek is almost over and it is going out with a bang! For Day 5 we’re giving 72 OnePlus Ones to our wonderful fans. There’s never been a crazier way for you to win one of our 64GB flagship killers.

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The contest for Day 5 starts now and will close on Saturday, October 18 at 1.00 pm GMT (7.00 am CST). More info about this contest:
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