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odd little idea for a game to play at conferences:
Just had an odd little idea. Imagine you go off to a conference -- one of the ones where you wander around and look at stuff and talk to people in corridors and so on, not one of the ones where you si...
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This idea, I like it. Would the "Deaths" bit be what sticks out?
Sounds like a good ice breaker, although if alcohol is involved it may end up being "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Punch"
Winners could collect the initials of their victims on their cards..
Interesting idea, we might be able to try it at OggCamp later in the year if you wanted.
+Dan Lynch that'd be cool :)

+James Raymond There should be a bit along the long edge of the card which is coloured, say, red and says "conference warmonger" or something on it... the red bit pokes up above your badge so that people can see you're a player. I'll mock something up.
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