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yay suspend and the mic now work perfectly on my U300s. I've been testing patches and scripts for people, so the fixes aren't in precise yet, but they will be soon. This is great news; well done Ubuntu team. :)
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This is wonderful news. My U300s is in transit.
In transit or in a dodgy Transit van?
Yay. Now I can look forward to a nice graduation present :)
I wish I've another +1 :) I'm waiting the fix impatiently..
So does that mean you've ironed out all of the problems? You have a 100% working ultrabook running Ubuntu? Please say yes...
+Tom Natt I do, yes. The fixes have not yet made it into Precise, though, so you'll want to either wait (the best option) or apply the workarounds and stay on top of the bugfixes to know when to remove them (the worst option, but what I'm doing in order that the bugfixes get into Precise and tested).
Sounds great. Any idea how long it will take for the fixes to make it through?
+Tom Natt I'm afraid I don't know; that's up to the developers working on it. They're working hard, though!
Is there a fix in the upcoming release for the mouse occasionally randomly moving when using the keyboard? I noticed someone pointed this out on your earlier post and you mentioned it was most likely the wrist hitting, but after a few weeks of using it, I don't think this is the case! Have you noticed this at all?
Pretty sure it's my wrist hitting the touchpad. No fix yet.
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