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Stuart Keeble
Fan of ReadingFC and all things Google
Fan of ReadingFC and all things Google

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This is an hour and a half long but mind blowing.  

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What's more annoying than the person in front at a presentation recording everything on their camera phone?  The person recording everything on 2 phones at the same time...

Anyone got any success with the +STV  Player app on their Google TV? On my Sony NSZ-GS7 the menu and navigation displays fine, but in doesn't actually play any content :(

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2 very different sets of commandments for Typography - both have 10 so I guess we now have 20!

Frustrating G+ of course only lets me link one of them with a pretty link...

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For Heartbleed mitigation, apart from changing passwords on affected sites, one other thing you may want to do is enable your browser to check for certificate revocation.  

If someone's server was compromised they will have revoked their old certificate and issued a new one.  If someone grabbed the old one you will only know it is invalid if you check for revoked certificates.  In Chrome you do this under Settings, Advanced Settings, and check the box that says "Check for Certificate Revocation".  Note that this is disabled by default.   Other browsers will have similar settings somewhere.

Then check your browser is actively doing this at this site


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Morgan cars is a quirky British manufacturer of sports cars made of wood.  For sure they're an anachronism.  But I, and others like me, love them.  Here's why...

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Excellent science education website launched today by the BBC.   Even more interesting than the site itself is this blog post which tells how they are going about realising their ambition to do story telling using digital media.

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Well worth watching if you want to see a glimpse of the future of computing.  The semantic web is coming, and it will change everything...

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Isn't this the most beautiful process you ever saw...
This is an animation of DNA replication by DNA polymerase and accurately shows the function of all its subunits.


h/t: chemistrydoc
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Is it just me or are the logos in this new IBM PaaS offering ripped off from the Google Cloud Platform?
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