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Stuart Graves
UoP - Google Apps Service Manager
UoP - Google Apps Service Manager


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+Roger Slade has shared with me this fantastic new Chrome App.

Google Cast for Education could be the answer to loads of issues currently, hopefully this would allow our Nurses to share their Chromebooks with the teacher with no additional hardware of software requirements :-)

+Mick Harper +Lucy Bailey 

Hey +Richard Heath this would be worth checking out.

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this is something that we should keep an eye on, especially those using Chromebooks. I assume this will be the final nail in the coffin for Flash so webservices will have to adapt.

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UoP people. I have a 65" Clevertouch Pro interactive touchscreen in my office that is on trial until Friday if anyone would like to come and have a look.

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UoP (St Andrews Court area)

If you have been having problems sending and receiving texts in St Andrews Court area. There is an O2 mast having problems. 

Go to the status link and type in PO1 2PR.

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So what Chromebook would people advise for education (14-19 and Higher Ed)

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Nice article by the Efficiency Exchange on the Portsmouth Schools Cost Sharing group project we did last year.

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If you are leaving the organisation and need to take an archive of all of your Google data (emails, drive etc).

You need to be logged in to your Google account first :-)

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Brilliant addition
Gmail will now display broken lock icon if recipients service does not support encryption !!!

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