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RGNN Ticker goes to Hangouts

The Telegram Channel RGNN, where common information about the Shards (and other Ingress related News) are spread, is now ready to read via Hangouts.

The news will be forwarded to a central Hangout. Every Community can add their HO-Bot there and pass on via Plugin the messages and pictures to their local hangouts.

All is fast done, more Infos here:

Many thanks to +Jakob Ackerman​

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Dear +Niantic +Niantic Project +NIA Ops

Do you have anyone actually looking through emails and support claims that have been logged, or is it all just automated?
I have been unable to do anything with my account since Saturday because what the Ingress community has determined is a 'soft ban' of y account, and there has been no communication from Niantic Support other than a generic email telling me absolutely no information of use as to why my account has been soft banned.

Currently, I can not Deploy new resonators on portals, I can not deploy any Mods, if I hack a portal, I get no items and no AP from hacking. If I try recharging a portal, my XM bar gets depleted, but no energy goes to the actual portal and I gain no AP for the recharge.
I can't pick up any dropped items nearby, and if I drop an item for someone else, it just disappears into the aether. Same with any resonator or Mod that I try to deploy on portals. They just disappear into thin air.

I sent a reply to the generic email I received from Niantic Support, but even 4 days later, I've heard nothing back.
The generic email stated that unofficial tools were prohibited for use, but I've not been given any information of what the supposed unofficial tool I have been deemed to be using, and I asked for information so that I can look to have it remedied.

The complete lack of communication and information in a case like this seems to be a very good way for one of two things to happen:

1, The agent banned without information or reason (me in this case) decides that if random bans are doled out without rhyme or reason and there's no way of getting information on why a ban has been issued, there's no use playing the game anymore, and you lose an agent.

2. The agent banned decides that if random bans are issued for players, even if they aren't breaking any rules, and then not getting any feedback on it, then it might just be easier to stop playing with the banned account and create a new one, because there are loads of tales about people multi accounting without any action being taken against them.

Now, I'm NOT a cheater, so starting a new account is not something I would do, but being shown the cold shoulder and being given the silent treatment even when trying to do the right thing and figure out what the reason is for the ban makes me question whether or not playing the game is any fun anymore.

All I want is an answer to the question:
What did I do to get banned and what can I do to get unbanned again?

Kind regards,
Christian Olsson
Agent KuReshtin

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So Ingress has taken me to some really beautiful places over the last month and a half thought I would share a small collection of the photos. Love how Ingress challenges me to travel about so much. Hopefully next year I can get to see a lot more of Europe when playing Ingress. #realingamegraphics 
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Amazing Ingress missioning day. Great fun and very sore feet 
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Most of Paisley lost after a fun Sunday morning drive #Losttowns  

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Edinburgh Abaddon Swag Store

G'day folks!

Following the tremendous success of our "Abaddon After Dark" badge on Kickstarter, we've been able to fund production of delicious "Abaddon Ouroboros" badges featuring our game-day logo. They're available now on our swag store, along with patches, t-shirts, hoodies and more!

Get along to

Money raised will pay for venue hire and such, but any excess profits are going straight to the excellent people at Cancer Research UK.

There's free pickup available if you're coming to Edinburgh for the Anomaly, but we can also ship anywhere in the world (but not until after the event, we're a bit busy!).

We hope you see something you like.

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We are currently planning to run a FS event in Glasgow. This will be September as we don't have time to arrange for August. The event invite link is

I am looking for someone that can assist me I on the day and a bit of help with planning.

If you feel you would like to do this please drop me a Private HO. 

We are planning a Cross Faction Meet to discuss this next week either Monday or Tuesday.

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Finally got there 200000 ap grind this morning paid off
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