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Happy Friday the 13th
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Your 'happy face'?
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For those of you who don’t know me, I started Autcraft, a Minecraft server just for children (and adults) with autism where they can play the game safely, free from the bullying that they fou…
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On Wednesday night it looked like Autcraft was hacked and all the data destroyed. The kids were quite upset, naturally.

It turns out that they had only hijacked the IP address somehow to direct everyone to one of their servers and made it look like they had hacked us.

They demanded that we pay $1000 or they'd keep doing it. They told kids that autistics didn't deserve to live, that they should kill themselves. They told me that I'd never figure out what they did and could never stop them. 45 minutes later, we stopped them.

Being sore losers, they've been DDOS attacking the server ever since. Today I went to a charity marathon server to offer my support... those trolls followed me and DDOS attacked the charity server too. No one was able to play there frown emoticon

The guys as have been beyond amazing at getting Autcraft secured, moved and then even more secured in record time.

Still though, in a world where politicians are passing laws to prevent gay people from having any sense of being equal to anyone else, here we can see total monsters out there who see autistics as a blemish on humanity that needs to be removed.

This is why Autcraft exists. This is why I work so hard at this.
Unfortunately this hurts more than just what's been done because moving forward it means that I'm going to have to pay more for anti-ddos services, more extensive setups and more. This is going to cost me more than just the time I've had to put into it.

All that said, I am exhausted. Tired, stressed and exhausted.

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You all know that April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day but did you know that since I started Autcraft, I've been reaching out to the Minecraft community each year to get them to help me stop the bullying of autistic children?

See, I started my server to give them a safe place to play but that's not good enough. Children, with or without autism, should be allowed to play their favourite games anywhere that any other child can.
This year, I'll be hosting a 24 hour live stream from midnight to midnight, April 2nd.

While others attempt to raise awareness in general, I choose to focus on autism, bullying and the Minecraft community.

Please join me and pledge your support by visiting

The first Minecraft server specifically for children with autism and their family
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I don't like to get into politics, especially when not even in my own country but this felt like something I had to say. It's an important message.
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Well said, unfortunately :/
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A one-hour drama about a family with a young child who has just been diagnosed with autism is headed to television.
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Me to my son: "Go to sleep."
My son: "I can't. I have too much... eyebrows."

I was like...

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Feel Good Fridays from Inside Gaming talking about Autcraft!
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Je kent dit +Wiepie Friso?
It's because your autism awareness post ....
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I am very honoured to be included in the latest issue of New Scientist magazine. It's really wonderful of them to tell +Autcraft's story.
Minecraft is helping children with autism make new friends:
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This April 2nd, I will be hosting a 24 hour live stream to make a plea challenge to the Minecraft community to stand up to bullies.

My server was created as a result of how much autistic children are bullied on the servers that they try to play on... I can't just stand by and let it happen.

Gameband has sponsored this year's live stream and will be allowing me to give away 2 of their devices during the stream.

Please spread the word, please join along. I'd love to see you there!
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This year, April 2nd, will be the 3rd annual "Plea to the Minecraft Community" where I ask them to be more aware of autistics in the community and to help put a stop to the bullying that lead to the creation of my server, Autcraft.

I'm immensely proud of Autcraft and all that we've done but the truth is, I wish it was never needed in the first place.

So each since starting it, I've reached out for help from Minecrafters to help put a stop to the bullying that happens on servers and let kids play the game they love anywhere they want to.

This April 2nd, I'll be doing a 24 hour live stream and maybe even have some special guests.
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It was a nice day for a walk.
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Nice :-)
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aka AutismFather - Upgrading Autism Awareness to Autism Understanding and Acceptance
First and foremost, I am a father. 

Beyond that, I'm also a web developer, a former radio broadcaster and most notably, I'm an autism advocate.

My son was diagnosed in 2007 on the autism spectrum and I have since dedicated a portion of my life (not all because the majority is for my family) towards raising autism awareness.

I don't want to just raise awareness though, I push for Autism Understanding and Acceptance around the world.

Children, teenagers and adults with autism around the world need to be accepted for who they are, helped as much as possible and relieved of the barriers that prevent an independent and happy life.

Research, treatments and hard work will only get us part of the way... the rest is up to us to understand and to accept.

Involved in the autism community? Please introduce yourself:
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Worked with several autism charities around the world to promote autism understanding and acceptance.
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    The first Minecraft server for children with autism and their families.
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