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You’re building your email list, right?

If you are, then you probably know that email is the top converting medium when it comes to turning leads into paying customers.

We know that social media and blogs are great for generating awareness. We also know that email is great for nurturing leads and turning them into customers. However, how do you get those prospects who find you on social media or through your blog on your email list?

For that, you need 2 things. A high converting landing page or form and a high converting lead magnet and in today’s post we’re going to cover the latter!

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Are you considering whether or not to embark on a Facebook advertising campaign?

Wondering if the rewards outweigh the costs?

The first thing to consider is why you are thinking about investing in Facebook Advertising. The three most common approaches are:

- To generate more likes to your Facebook page
- To generate wider reach for posts
- To generate more opt-ins on your website

This article strongly focuses on the first tactic: using Facebook Advertising to attract more fans to your Facebook page.

I have no idea why someone would prefer a Facebook Like or wider reach for one post over an email opt-in. With Facebook constantly lowering the visibility of status updates from pages to their fans, it is becoming less and less likely they will even be seen from those loyal fans wanting to see them.

An email opt-in from your website expresses genuine interest around your service offering. With the average internet user becoming more and more savvy and overwhelmed by all the various platforms and software, it’s becoming comparably harder to stand out from the crowd and attract targeted attention to your website.

And your website is usually the primary source of your online income stream. If it isn't, you should probably rethink your online marketing strategy.

When setting up Facebook ads, you are given various advertising objectives to choose from...

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Are you considering whether or not to embark on a Facebook advertising campaign? Wondering if the rewards outweigh the costs? Simply put, don't choose to...
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Have you decided that it’s time to get your business set up on Facebook?

Are you wondering exactly how to get started the right way?

Facebook now has over 25 million small business pages and it’s no coincidence that this number is so high. When used properly, businesses can craft a solid return on their Facebook investment.

A few regularly cited advantages to having your business set up on Facebook include brand awareness, brand positioning – being able to showcase your services to the right people in the right way – and customer loyalty.

Connecting with your customers on Facebook means you are essentially meeting them in their own personal networking spaces. When a sound marketing strategy is executed, this often alleviates the buyer perception of selling and promotion.

Here’s a few more statistics on why you should get your business set up on Facebook and if you haven’t already, stand up and take notice of it’s potential:

1.23 billion monthly active Facebook users...

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Hello +Mark Layder I am watching this for years now. And Facebook didn't get better as a marketing tool for businesses with budget limitations. As a matter of fact, it became much worse. Bottom line is, if you don't pay on Facebook, your visibility in limited at best.
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Stuart Davidson

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A lot of people still find it hard to use their Twitter Feed effectively to give this a read from @Red_Web_Design
Twitter can be a great platform to build relationships and generate interest in the products and services you offer. It can be quite daunting to some people at first, but don't quit without giving ...
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Social media analytics involves measuring, analysing and interpreting the interactions and associations between people, topics and ideas within social media domains.

Social media analytics can be a powerful tool for understanding how people react to different elements of a social marketing campaign, dispersed across countless online sources.

For brands and businesses across all industries, social media is no longer becoming a critical communication tool. It has without a doubt already cemented itself as a core aspect of any marketing and communication strategy. And for the social media managers and the related people behind powering the social media marketing campaigns, analytics are critical for building an in-depth understanding of how the social channels are performing.

In the past few years, businesses have often rushed setting up social media campaigns and often neglected sufficient research and planning.

About 94% of all companies now participate in some form of social media to promote their brand, engage with customers and complement their other marketing initiatives.

To be successful, businesses need to define their social media goals and know their online audience.

Check out this infographic by GoodData that highlights the fact that social media is a marathon, not a sprint...

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Marketing opportunities happen all the time. There might be occasions when you realise afterwards that you missed the boat on something that had potential. Most of the time though, it simply passes you by and you’re none the wiser.

Think about it like this. You’re studying a piece of art or a photograph for a few minutes, taking in all its beauty and creativity.

Then, a friend or colleague walks over and points out something that you’ve completely missed. And as soon as you see it, you cannot stop seeing it.

Spotting and effectively leveraging marketing opportunities is a little like this. As soon as you know what you’re looking for, you will always look for it.

And when it’s something that can dramatically increase your chances of success, or your entire livelihood for that matter, then it’s something to take very seriously indeed.

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Stuart Davidson

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YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn Drive The Most Engaged Social Referrals /by +Danny Wong
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Stuart Davidson

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I thought this was interesting.  It goes from 1969 with CompuServe and ends with G+ in 2011. 

The impact all of this has had on how we interact with each other, how we work, well, it's staggering isn't it?

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Admit it; colleagues value your leadership and expertise, and as a connoisseur of your craft you relish the idea of contributing to your company’s blog and being apart of a strategic blogging process. But crafting purposeful posts on a regular basis can seem like a monumental undertaking for a busy business owner.

These six steps will get you blogging for business, and set you on a path toward producing strategically targeted, high-converting blog posts that lead to increased profits and customer satisfaction.

1. Get Personal with Your Target Audience

Before you start writing, get clear on your strategic blogging intentions and objectives. What do you want people to come away with after reading your blog posts? How will your posts improve their lives AND support your business goals?

I’m sure you’ll agree that collecting the background information and demographic details necessary to develop accurate buyer persona’s is a powerful business practice. It forces business managers to select words that organically align with their brand’s identity. These are often keywords your target audience uses habitually, and will likely type into a search engine while looking for information relative to your industry.
Potential customers are always online searching for information about the types of products and services you offer. But what types of questions do they have? Who are they, and what’s important to them? Much of this information can be uncovered through social listening and will play a major part in your strategic blogging activities.

A clear understanding of exactly who your company’s target audience consists of will help you answer their questions, and speak directly to their motivations and concerns. It’s one of the best ways to develop a rich buyer persona awareness...

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A 6-step guide to master strategic blogging. A strategic blogging strategy will give your brand voice, attract quality leads and extend your targeted reach.
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Thanks for posting +Stuart Davidson!
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Stuart Davidson

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100 Top Bloggers To Follow On Triberr 2014
To enlarge image:

Ok, may be the first question is, what is Triberr?

+Triberr (lunched in 2011) is a social platform for bloggers that form communities known as "Tribes" to help grow each other's blog content and audience. These Tribes connect groups of people who write about similar topics, like business, online marketing, social media, blogging and many more to help build niche communities that support each other through social sharing which increases everyone's reach on site like Twitter.

Triberr also gives online marketers and writers the opportunities to make money, not a few bucks here and there with placing advertisement, but decent money that contributes towards becoming a professional blogger.

So now if you are motivated to join the like-minded bloggers and a supportive social sharing community, then start with this list compiled by our pals at +DashBurst.

Top 10:

1. +Berrie Pelser

2. +Jim Dougherty 

3. +Steven Hughes 

4. +Adam Connell

5. +Mike Allton 

6. +Daniel Sharkov 

7. +Jason Ramsey 

8. +DJ Thistle 

9. +Kenny Boykin 

10. +Shane Barker 

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#socialmedia #triberr #bloggers #top100  
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