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Is your business active on social media? Are you getting a return on investment from your social media marketing strategy?

It’s very common nowadays that businesses are active on social media. It’s even more common for businesses to not integrate social media into their companies marketing strategy, treating it in isolation.

Social media provides an open channel of communication between all users, both business and personal. Harnessing this opportunity and leveraging the potential it offers comes down to strategy and implementation.

There are many resources freely available online that provide frameworks for creating a social marketing strategy. My article summarises the best guidelines that you can follow…
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Did you know that one of the easiest ways to increase business sales is to add guarantees to your products or services?

It’s a simple and easy strategy to implement. By offering a guarantee, you’re providing assurance to your customers and reducing the risk they have to take in making a purchase.

So what’s the reservation?

It’s simple. Fear.

Businesses fear that they will get a high level of returns, wasting their time and effort. This is an obvious concern, but one that is easy to alleviate.

Even with a much higher level of returns, cancellations, or whatever your guarantee would provide, there will still be a bigger increase in business sales than if the guarantee was not present.

Think about it like this: if adding a guarantee increase business sales by 40%, of which 15% of sales requested a refund, you have still increased sales by 25%.

How would a 25% increase in sales affect your business?

If your value of services, margins, customer retention rates or lifetime value of clients is high, then this can be a very profitable marketing strategy to implement...

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Do you have a strategic marketing process in place?

If you don’t think strategically about your marketing process, it’s likely that it won’t continue to meet customers needs and expectations over a sustainable period of time.

A well defined and feasibly written marketing strategy should set the foundations for achieving your businesses goals and aspirations.

In marketing, process refers to the procedures or processes that are developed to ensure the customer has a positive and memorable experience when purchasing and/or using your product or service.

The marketing planning phase should analyse your internal strengths and weaknesses, your competition, changes in technology and industry, while providing an overall picture of the current state of your business.

You should be familiar with different approaches that outline various steps to take in your marketing process planning. These are typically summarised into the following phases...

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Looking for some thought-provoking social marketing quotes to share across your social media profiles?

If you can’t find the right social media-related quote in this article, then chances are you won’t find it! I’ve scored the internet to put together the 50 best social marketing quotes that I could find.

Famous quotes are shared often across all social media platforms. They’re a nice way to break up the type of content you’re sharing, as well as letting people know what elevates and motivates you.

You might also like: 25 Marketing Quotes To Inspire And Amaze

On Facebook, the best social marketing quotes are image-based. A picture can say a thousand words, but it can also set the mood and appropriately convey emotion. Twitter recently made an update with enhanced image posting features. Perfect timing – these social marketing quotes will certainly make your timeline much more colourful.

Have you already got a favourite social marketing quote in mind? Has one of your favourite marketing influencers said something memorable that has always stuck in your head?

Take a look at these 50 social marketing quotes below and let me know what you think are the best in the comments section at the end of the article.
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Is your website converting visitors into paying customers?

If not, then you’re business is leaving money on the table. Website conversion should be a marketing priority because it’s usually the point of contact where most your sales will be made.

If you’re business is solely conducted online, then this principle intensifies dramatically. Even if you’re in a service led business with a longer time frame on your sales process, where typically customers require face-to-face meetings or consultations before any transactions, your website should still be your first marketing priority.

Why? Because it’s where most of your prospects will go first, before deciding whether or not to do business with you.

Your first impression counts. But your website conversion success counts even more...

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#cro #websiteconversion #marketingpriority
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Stuart Davidson commented on a post on Blogger.
Great piece and thanks for linking to my article on the quality of business content :)
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A little while back, Brandwatch conducted a Twitter Influencer study and decided to print some neat Top Trump cards of the 40 influencers included.

Shortly after, Ruxandra from Brandwatch and I decided that it would provide some valuable insight for you guys if we asked the top marketing influencers a few questions.

I asked: "What do you predict will be the next "Big Thing" in Marketing over the next year?"

Have a read of the article using the link below to see what the top marketing influencers had to say about the next big marketing development....

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Do you know what your most effective sales or marketing tactic is?

If it was life or death that you had to find a new customer TODAY, then do you already know what you would do?

This is effectively the gun to the head approach and you can use it to streamline marketing success and focus on driving results.

The gun to the head approach is a mindset technique that allows you to be results focused. Imagine you had a gun pointed at your head and were told you must generate a result. What would you do?

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Are you looking to win more customers?

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to win more customers is to improve on your existing conversion resources?

Use conversion rate optimisation to find weaknesses and increase the effectiveness of resources. Every increase will ultimately mean winning more customers and business profits, so it's a practice that you should look to implement immediately.

Think about your current marketing and sales processes and how you can improve your efforts of converting interest to win more customers.

It might be that your able to increase the conversion rates of your landing pages by lots of small amounts by measuring, testing and improving different on-page elements.

It could also be that your checkout process in your online store has holes where visitors tend to drop out and not complete the purchase, perhaps through a lack of information, design inefficiencies or poor user experience...

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Watch the video:

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